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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Petition against Pool Closure / Unwanted Change

14-05-2006 10:30

Save Temple Cowley Swimming Pool!

Oxford City Council is planning to close Temple Cowley Swimming Pool, Gym and sauna suite, the only facility in the Oxford area with capacity for holding swimming galas.

This petition is sponsored by an ever-increasing group of residents who object to the proposed changes to their local swimming pool.

The views expressed in this petition are solely those of the petition's sponsor and do not in any way reflect the views of iPetitions. iPetitions is solely a provider of technical services to the petition sponsor and cannot be held liable for any damages or injury or other harm arising from this petition. In the event no adequate sponsor is named, iPetitions will consider the individual account holder with which the petition was created as the lawful sponsor.

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save our local swimming pool and gym

14-05-2006 09:57

City Council threatening to close or dramatically change our local pool againgt the wishes of the pool users.

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RMIT=Brain Tumour Factory!

13-05-2006 22:45

Brain-tumour-causing mobile phone towers
I have been astounded by the story of the RMIT Business campus and the brain-tumour-causing mobile phone towers. The most shocking thing has been the stampede by 'experts' to deny linkage b/w towers and cancers. Throw away your mobile phones immediately! They are addictive and deadly!

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Size matters - public opinion doesn't

12-05-2006 21:16

In whose interests?
The transformative power of the new nanotechnologies signals that it is time for us to take the democratisation of science seriously. Over the past 200 years, scientists have altered our world as much, if not more than elected officials, yet they are accountable to nobody save the corporations that increasingly fund them. We need a new way of thinking about science and technology that allows the development of technology to be shaped by the needs of the community and the environment — not the other way around. Just as scientists are exploring uncharted territory through the emerging nanotechnologies, so must we also explore uncharted territory in terms of how these technologies are managed — and crucially, in whose interests. The development of a nanotechnology strategy for Australia deserves far more public involvement and scrutiny than it is currently being given.

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Business In The Community Annual Conference London – Picket For Help HBOS PLC

11-05-2006 22:29

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre Logo Venue For BITC Annual Conference
On 9th May 2006, Vince Shalom of the Shalom Family Campaign for Social Justice made a public and peaceful appeal for help at the Business In The Community (BITC) Annual Conference. Held at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, London, HBOS PLC was the ‘target’.

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Struggle Is a School: The Rise of a Shack Dwellers’

11-05-2006 22:03

6 Thousand People Have to Use 6 Toilets
The next day the national tabloid, the Citizen, led with a banner headline screaming “6 Thousand People Have to Use 6 Toilets,” and the Durban morning newspaper, the Mercury, led with the march and reported that the chair of the Kennedy Road Development Committee, S’bu Zikode, had affirmed that “if there was no progress soon the protests would be intensified.

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Colnbrook's despair - able young men driven to suicide

11-05-2006 15:20

We are still unsure of Tariq's condition. We urge all concerned individuals and organisations to contact the Home Office and Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre and ask for clarification of his condition and furthermore put pressure on them to end to the barbaric practice of detention and deportation of refugees.

- Serco (For Colnbrook), Press Office: 01344 386 300
- Home Office Press Office: 020 7035 3535

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The Amazing (freak show) human body exhibition

11-05-2006 07:33

Human body exhibition?
It is hard these days to get upset about any one subject, because there are so many things happening both locally and overseas that just should not be happening. Prioritising or ignoring has become an individual choice. The list is quite endless, but for everyone crime against humanity must come close to the top of the list.

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Fig & Vine Planter conviction returns to Court for ‘mercy hearing' - Reading, UK

10-05-2006 01:55

Person with a Fig and Vine Planter conviction returns to Court for a ‘mercy hearing’ (see 4).

Shakespeare wrote: “The quality of mercy is not strain'd”.
(I’ve wondered about the meaning of this phrase and the way I see it, it means it’s stretchy but never breaks/snaps. Wow! Now I see sadly, it can be also blocked).

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Media bias on animal rights as usual

09-05-2006 18:55

Channel 4 is showing a documentary called 'Mad About Animals'. It is doubtful that with it's corporate sponsorship from companies like Glaxco Smith Kline and Proctor and Gamble it will be a biased account.

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(video) Never trust on Ronald McDonald's. (by Latuff)

09-05-2006 11:51

"Never trust on Ronald McDonald's" video
Copyleft video by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Time to make your voice heard on nanotech regulation

08-05-2006 21:23

The issues around nanotechnology closely resemble those of GM crops, a powerful new technology being rushed on to the market by profit driven corporations before even basic safety concerns can be addressed. The dangers of getting it wrong with nanotech are far greater and wider ranging than they ever were with genetic modification.

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Green Thumbs give Food Bank a hand

08-05-2006 16:42

school children feed the poor

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marches in 200 cities worldwide demand legalisation of cannabis

06-05-2006 21:23

Today is the begining of 'global cannabis action' month, and there are events in 200 cities world wide.

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Help - Developers on the rampage

05-05-2006 17:37

Not a article a ssuch, more a plea for help to support individual under the cosh from developers in the East End vis-a-vis "The Olympics".

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English Partnerships – A Request To Consider Negligence And Vandalism At The Top

05-05-2006 14:15

English Partnerships Logo Corporate Head Quarters London
Tuesday 2nd May 2006, English Partnerships installed a new Chief Executive Officer at Corporate Headquarters in London. A Crest Nicholson-evicted houseboat Family of 7 from Wales, hand-delivered an urgent letter of appeal for ‘help’, to Mrs Margaret Ford – Chair, and The Board of Directors.

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NHS Data Base

04-05-2006 14:29

As the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) begins to roll out its patient records database, one of the centerpiece projects in the massive £6 billion (US$11.4 billion) IT infrastructure upgrade, concerns are being raised about security aspects involved in the retention and distribution of sensitive personal medical information.

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Nottingham's April Critical Mass and Bike About :: The Pictures

03-05-2006 21:10

Nottingham's April Critical Mass and Bike About :: The Pictures

Setting out from the usual meeting place [Outside the Savoy Cinema on Derby Road, meet at 5.30pm]

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Government’s new proposals for mental health law

03-05-2006 21:10

The Government has decided to keep the present Mental Health Act 1983, making a raft of new changes by asking Parliament to amend the Act.

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volunteer medics, conflict, wellbeing/trauma & legal peeps & food growers needed

02-05-2006 13:57


The Safety and Wellbeing group would be really happy if you would
like to volunteer for any of the following at the Climate Camp:
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