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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Crest Nicholson Plc Evicted Houseboat Family Open Letter of Appeal

21-10-2005 20:51

M V Picton Our Safe Home for 14 Years
On October 28th 2005 the Shalom Family will commemorate the second anniversary of being evicted from their own property and Houseboat Home of 14 years. Reproduced is an open letter from the Family of five children, to Crest Nicholson investors and associations.

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Smoking Bans: Liabilty Dodge By Big Cig...and Pesticides etc

20-10-2005 01:19

"Smoking" bans are presented as "wholesome" and "concerned" about health. They are nothing of the sort. They put blame and burdens of law on victims of the broad cigarette cartel...including many pesticide firms etc and all their insurers and investors and gov't allies.

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The ill childhood of Ari Vatanen's son at UK's boarding school

19-10-2005 19:55

Today's YP writes about reveals Kim Vatanen's - the son of Ari Vatanen - ill childhood based on nature writer Juha Jormanen's book "Hell Isle - Kim Vatanen's seven years in Boarding School [Helvetinsaari - Kim Vatasen seitsemän vuotta sisäoppilaitoksessa (Gummerus)]". Article also reveals how Kim Vatanen had to use therapy improving his mental health.

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Protests & free food outside McDeath

17-10-2005 19:31

Every year on the 16th October, thousands of campaigners across the globe, stage protests outside their local McDonalds stores due to their promotion of junk food, animal cruelty, damage to the environment, the unethical targeting of children, exploitation of workers, and the global domination of corporations over our lives.

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Spodden Valley asbestos - what is going on? ...

17-10-2005 12:08

Rochdale Council meeting agenda and missing paragraphs from official answers:
• Urgent ‘secret’ council meeting to curb public rights to speak?
• The public deadline to ask council a question missed by a minute?
• Missing paragraphs in official answers?
• Still no ‘joined-up’ thinking?

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Manchester McD-Day update

15-10-2005 12:25

updates from Manchester's anti-McDonalds weekend: critical mass and stink-bombs

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Schwarzenegger Signs California Legislation - Kids & Teachers Are NOT Lab Rats!

15-10-2005 07:40


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Food not Bombs: International Day of Action against McDonalds

14-10-2005 17:10

For Sunday October 16th International Day of Action Against McDonalds, Birmingham Food Not Bombs will be serving free vegeburgers outside McDonalds near Pigeon Park/Rackhams as part of the actions on the day. It should be an action packed day as there are other demos/actions taking place.

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Bird Flu at the Door

14-10-2005 13:42

Bird Flu - Coming in from the cold

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13-10-2005 15:35

Only one in five MEPs in the UK have signed the “Safer Chemicals Pledge” - and none of the Conservatives, Labour or UKIP MEPs in the South-West or indeed the UK signed. Greens across Europe are urging MEPs to vote for strong legislation on 16th November to protect consumers and the environment.

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12-10-2005 16:25

The TSSSSS, The Topless Society of Sociopathic Sexually Selacious Sirens which is a very serious campaign organisation proclaiming the right for women to be topless in everyday situations in the same way that men are able to, we believe in self love, naturalness, topless organic gardening and the power of the breast to bring about radical social change, for the best. Last night in Borders Bookshop, Oxford we received Louis Theroux's seal of approval as he signed out breasts.

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Worldwide Day of Action against McDonalds - Sunday 16th October

11-10-2005 19:49

A demo in Birmingham a few weeks ago
Sunday 16th October is Global Day of Action against McDeath, to mark World Food Day. Protests will be held all round the globe on this day, to highlight their unhealthy food, pollution, exploitation of workers/children, depriving the third world of food and of course the mass murder of billions of animals every year.

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Spodden Valley asbestos- a ‘hot potato’ that nobody wants to hold?

11-10-2005 09:47

The HSE, Env. Agency or the Council don't seem to know where these bags went to
There is still confusion over which government and council agencies have powers and responsibilities over the site of what was the world’s largest asbestos textile factory. A consortium headed by Countryside Properties wants to build 600 homes and a children’s nursery there.

Was the public’s chance to question the council- ‘Gone in 60 seconds’...?

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Halifax (Bank of Scotland) and Lloyds TSB Bank Targeted at Guildford

09-10-2005 09:36

Welcome To Historic Guildford
On Friday 7th October, two protests were conducted by one man at High Street, Guildford, Surrey. The Halifax and Lloyds TSB Bank received representation from the Shalom Family, evicted from their own Home and property in Wales, by Surrey based property developer, Crest Nicholson Plc.

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Indymedia - growing pains or symptoms of decay

08-10-2005 14:52

Over the last couple of weeks a battle has been raging and opening fissures that threaten to drive apart the United Kollectives of Indymedia on this island. Unless you subscribe to the Sheffield IMC mailing list you are likely to be unaware about the arguments over claims of lack of communication, transparency and the existence of hidden hierarchies within the network.

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To test or not to test?

07-10-2005 09:48

On 13 and 14 October the Ethical Platform of the Council of Europe will meet to finish they work on recommendations regarding drug prevention in school. One of the most important questions they have is to if the instrument of drug tests should be done in schools or not.

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Cooperation with BAYER – Open Letter to Pittsburgh Filmmakers

06-10-2005 16:38

Dear Pittsburgh Filmmakers,

We read about the Environmental Film Festival you are organizing in cooperation with Bayer Corporation. We believe Bayer is not a good choice to partner with when pursuing environmental goals.

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The Sky is Falling!

06-10-2005 11:20

Security fears as flu virus that killed 50 million is recreated

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Veggie Food Extravaganza Comes to Redditch

05-10-2005 09:48

Redditch`s first ever Free Veggie Food Fair will take place this coming Saturday, 8th October, between 10.30am - 3pm at St Stephens Church(Redditch Town Centre). The event is being organised by the recently formed Redditch Vegetarians & Vegans(RVV) group. There will be a huge range of delicious, mouthwatering food to sample and all of it will be FREE. This is an ideal opportunity for anyone seeking a healthier, more ethical, eco-friendly lifestyle to taste food that they have perhaps never tried before.
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