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UK Health Newswire Archive

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The Naked Truth Exposed This Thursday

12-04-2006 14:13

“World Naked Bike Ride” (35 min, UK 2006) plus more naked films at Rampart’s Free Community Film Night, Thursday 13th. A special free preview screening of the documentary film of the London ride in 2005 (narrated by Jon Snow of C4 News).

15 rampart street, london E1 2LA

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NGOs warn of high infant mortality in Basra

12-04-2006 13:09

As a result of water-borne diseases and a lack of medical supplies, infants born in the southern city of Basra are subject to abnormally high mortality rates, say officials of an international NGO devoted to child health issues.

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Palestinian Medical Teams denied access to those in need of help

11-04-2006 15:56

Listen to an interview with Dr Ghassan Hamdan of the PMRS as he tries to gain acess to two families of 15 people imprisoned and held captive by the Israeli army as they use their home for a sniper base.

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Nanoparticle based spray recalled after 80 made ill

11-04-2006 12:03

Concerns raised over tens of nanoparticle based products already on the market as nano cleaning spray pulled from the shelves

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No M1 widening visit Kegworth

09-04-2006 10:06

the no widening M1 campaign was taken to Kegworth to counteract the highways agency exhibition.

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Tsunami aid money in World Bank while people live in rotting tents

08-04-2006 12:08

250,000 people died in the Tsunami but millions of Tsunami victims have received little aid and much of it is being held by the World Bank, UN bodies and charities. Agencies like Red Cross were critical of other charities vying for money and Britain is asking for a return policy. Personally I note that Medicins San Frontiere refused to take money for the Tsunami after a while but charities like Oxfam, Save The Children and others continued.

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Stage-managed drill re: bird flu - important news!

07-04-2006 18:12

Stage managed drill re bird flue - a must read!

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Medic Trainings in London and Leeds

07-04-2006 17:17

Would you know how to help someone if:
* They collapsed at a demo?
* They were hit by a police baton?
* They were suffering from the cold on a protest site?

Would you like to know?


April 21/22/23 London
May 19/20/21 Leeds
June 2/3/4 London

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Make (Energy) Poverty History

07-04-2006 11:18

The aims of Make Poverty History and climate change campaigners may seem different, but there is a direct and blindingly obvious link between the two. This short article shows this link and how it can be turned into positive action.

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English Partnerships Invited To Support Evicted Family’s Social Justice Campaign

06-04-2006 22:34

Stamp Duty On Selected Homes Crest Nicholson A Whole New Meaning
English Partnerships has appointed John Callcutt as their new Chief Executive Officer, former Deputy Chair and Chief Executive Officer, of Crest Nicholson Plc. By way of ‘open letter’, the Shalom Family has invited English Partnerships to join with them in their Family Campaign for Social Justice.

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Say NO to Enforced Mass Medication

06-04-2006 16:40

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) wants to have all bread compulsorily "fortified" with folic acid - this would be enforced mass medication.

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Lyme Disease Cover-up

06-04-2006 16:19

Lyme disease is a sensitive matter for the US (and associated governments') military. They would prefer the public to believe that the illness is "hard-to-catch", "easy-to-cure" and totally unsuitable as a neurological incapacitating agent. This is a lie.
Now a simple microscopy technique might help many patients confirm what the government-backed health agencies deny.

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BAN POULTRY, Bird FLu&scapegoating wild birds

06-04-2006 13:17

Poultry industry is a major cause of Bird flu H5N1 & eating poultry is definetely not safe, preparation is how its been caught in many cases in Eurasia
Eat healthily,take vitamin c, avoid foods, avoid foods with harmful acids like most meat&junk food & eat more alkaline more fruit & veg,drink plenty of water,eat garlic crushed within one hour

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North Staffs NHS-SOS Needs Your Help!

06-04-2006 09:40

Upcoming events in the campaign against jobs cuts at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire.

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Spodden Valley - green gateway opens for walkers, wheelchair users and cyclists

06-04-2006 08:02

Spodden Valley- 'green gateway' to Healey Dell and the Pennine Moors...
Glorious spring weather greeted dozens of well wishers to the official opening of the lower Spodden pathway improvements and community artwork at Spotland Bridge.

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11 April - Eastcroft Incinerator Proposed Expansion Public Debate

05-04-2006 22:16

NAIL (Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill)are joining BBC Radio Nottingham in a Groundswell debate on the proposed expansion of Eastcroft incinerator in Nottingham City.

This is YOUR opportunity to put your questions to NAIL, the Environment Agency and the City Council.

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Join the protest against airport expansion at the last event of the Nottingham East Midlands Airport Roadshow on April 7th

05-04-2006 18:52

On Friday the 7th April (at 12 noon until 5pm) Nottingham East Midlands Airport are having their final Airport Master Plan Roadshow at the Harborough District Council Office Reception area in Adam and Eve Street, Market Harborough. So far the Airport has got away lightly with low numbers at the other roadshow events they have held accross the three counties and certainly with no organised opposition.

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Newbury / Reading court Kindness Hearing

05-04-2006 00:47

Further transformations occurred at Reading magistrates court today as two planters attended court to seek closure / resolution to an imposed restitution penalty of £201, following sentencing earlier in the year (09/02/2006 - Newbury) for a radical conviction for planting fig and vine trees at the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston.

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Closure of Clapham Pool

04-04-2006 14:54

Please help to fight closure of our swimming pool!

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Aspartame Causes blood Disorders

03-04-2006 18:57

As Europe's largest aspartame manufacturer, Holland Sweetener, reports it is ceasing production of this toxin, more breaking news on the diseases it causes. The aspartame documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World tells how Don Rumsfeld got it approved when FDA said no.
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