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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Brum: Photos and report from Action Against ATOS

01-10-2011 20:11

15 people joined a demonstration in Birmingham on Friday as a part of a national day of action against ATOS, called by Benefit Claimants Fight Back, and supported by a host of disability and welfare campaign and support groups.

In Birmingham, DPAC, Birmingham Against the Cuts, Right to Work and Enable joined together for a lunchtime demonstration outside the building that ATOS use for the Work Capability Assessments (WCAs).

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Unum & the DWP? Conflicts of Interest & Insider Trading?

01-10-2011 09:53

Unum Insurance
Does the spectre of Unum launching a massive media campaign advertising their income protection insurance policies in the UK while having been advisors to the UK government for almost 2 decades on welfare reform raise the odour of a major conflict of interest and insider trading?

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What Passing Bells

30-09-2011 09:16

A new novel by a British Veteran talks about his experiences with life after war.

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Online Protest Against the Atos Enablers – they’re all in it together!

29-09-2011 12:05

As part of the next National Day of Action Against disability deniers Atos, being held on Friday 30th September, join in the online protest to inform people doing business with Atos exactly where the money’s coming from.

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Please help to promote the W. Mids Vegan Festival

29-09-2011 02:10

Please display a web banner
This year's West Midlands Vegan Festival on Saturday 29th October will be bigger and better than ever, but we need your help to spread the word. Please help by distributing leaflets, displaying posters, online promotion and invite all your friends, via Facebook etc!

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Open Letter on Atos ‘Healthcare’ to the BMJ and RCN

28-09-2011 19:16

Over 100 groups and individuals have signed a letter to the British Medical Association (BMJ) and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) urging them to stop giving disability deniers Atos credibility by advertising their vacancies and allowing them to attend their events.

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NHS child heart unit Vandalism

28-09-2011 17:32

Please act NOW to stop NHS closures killing British people

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Scope to shut down DIAL UK, make all staff redundant

28-09-2011 14:21

Scope a National charity plan to shut down a smaller charity DIAL UK and make the DIAL UK staff redundant following a recent merger. This will impact on Disabled People's Advice Services.

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150th Birthday: IG Farben founder Carl Duisberg "a criminal genius"

28-09-2011 11:29

This Thursday (29) sees the 150th anniversary of the birth of Carl Duisberg, who was chief executive of Bayer AG for many years and intellectual father of IG Farben. The chemist carried significant responsibility for the global rise of the company.
... the former Bayer chief executive / Responsible for use of poison gas and forced labour / Coalition demands renaming of streets and removal of honorary citizenship

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National Day of Action Against Atos - Latest Round Up

27-09-2011 11:34

Cities around the UK are mobilising for the next National Day of Action Against Poverty Pimps Atos taking place on Friday 30th September.

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USA: thrill killings in Afghanistan

25-09-2011 09:13

USA: thrill killings in Afghanistan
American soldier admits to thrill kill in Afghanistan .... An US soldier admitted to a judge yesterday that it was a “bad decision” to fire a machine gun at an unarmed teenager while serving in Afghanistan in 2010. Private Andrew Holmes, 21, pled guilty to the murder of a civilian yesterday, a year after initially proclaiming his innocence. Speaking in a military courtroom outside of Seattle, Washington on Thursday, Holmes took responsibility for the killing and also admitted to drug use and keeping a finger from the victim as a souvenir.

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National treasures 'under the hammer' as campaigners auction off public services

23-09-2011 15:21

Protest against the government's plans to sell off ALL our public services. Meet outside Westminster tube station (opposite Big Ben) in London at 1pm this Saturday 24 September. (Ring Cat Hobbs for more information or to join the protest 07817 885 131.)

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West Midlands Vegan Festival - Sat 29 Oct 2011

21-09-2011 13:34

Please display a web banner on your site (see below)
There's only one place to be on Sat 29th October 2011 - Wolverhampton Civic Hall for the biggest vegan extravaganza ever staged anywhere north of London!

Featuring: 80 stalls, 20 talks/workshops, 5 cookery demos, all vegan bar, live entertainment all day, free food samples galore, press-up competition, Vegan Society Awards presentation, Best Vegan Cupcake Competition, after party till midnight and so much more...!!

All welcome, admission is just £1 (under 16's free).

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Help to stop fish pedicures in Worcestershire

19-09-2011 16:01

Malvern Spa is using Garra Rufa fish for pedicures. They are kept in completely barren tanks and people put their feet in with them so that they can eat the dead skin off them. They have to be kept hungry otherwise they don't do the work - they'd obviously rather have proper food.

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Lib Dem Conference - Convergence and Crash Spaces

13-09-2011 11:55

The national campaign against fees and cuts is organising convergence (and crash) space for anti-Lib Dem conference action which has already been reclaimed. The Birmingham Social Centre is ready to be a base for the start of another autumn of anti-austerity direct action by students and workers.

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Boycott Fred and Friends,Selfridges for mocking mentally ill people

12-09-2011 07:20

A product is being sold by Fred and Friends mocking people with OCD. Among other places, its on sale in UK department store Selfridges.

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First Aid training London 12/9/11

11-09-2011 20:51

UK Action Medics training.

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Updated ! Solidarity Action for a comrade detained in Norway

09-09-2011 18:03

action needed urgently
Andre is a Norwegian comrade, our loyal and good friend who had the
misfortune to experience psychological repression. whilst fearing for his life and liberty

Andre moved to Tromsø (north of Norway) in August 2010. Since then, he has
been almost totally socially isolated.

Andre has a long history of bad treatment and social exclusion. These
issues go back to his childhood days where he experienced sexual abuse
which was not considered execrable by his surrounding environment.

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Welfare/ATOS & Harrington's indifference

08-09-2011 16:29

Professor Harrington- WCA/ATOS says Test will continue regardless while he refuses to comment whilst 'reviewing'....

How many more have to suffer and/or die before this iniquitous 'Test' is dropped and ' silent' Harrington forced to resign in disgrace..????

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National Day of Action Against Atos - 30th September

08-09-2011 13:44

Take Action Against Atos Origin and the Poverty Pimps on the 30th September 2011.

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