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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Incineration campaigns spread around the country like wildfire

26-12-2005 22:24

Links to incinerator campaign groups across the UK.

Campaign groups against incineration and landfill have started all over the country, including Sheffield, where a new incinerator being build urged campaign group R.A.B.I.D. ('Residents Against Bernard Road Incinerator Damage') to get into action, with local politicians [1] [2] stating the new facility will 'put the publics health at risk'. Also, the massive enlargement of the Parkwood Landfill site, with an increase from 266,000 tonnes to 1 million tonnes a year, urged local residents to step up their campaigns. Their ongoing investigation into the proposals is raising more questions than answers. Residents are beginning to see a possible link emerging between the new massive incinerator in Sheffield, which is nearing completion, and the proposals for the enlargement of the landfill site. The expansion of the landfill site, proposed by owners Viridor Waste Management, would enable the ash from the new Bernard Roads incinerator to be dumped there. See photos.

Nottingham has recently seen an uprising by local residents in the area of Sneinton to stop the local incinerator from expanding and to demand better recycling facilities. Last year the campaign group NAIL (Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill) was set up to stop the incinerator burning waste in the middle of the city. When owners Waste Recycling Group (WRG) submitted an application for expansion, the campainers stepped up their campaign. Last Monday over 30 people took action against the local Environment Agency. On Saturday artists and residents in Sneinton organised the 'Rubbish Day Out'. A well attended event, organised to raise awareness of the incinerator expansion and to promote recycling through interactive workshops.

A campaign group has also been set up in Mansfield, just north of Nottingham, where there are plans to build a new mixed waste burning unit at the Crown Farm Industrial Estate in the Forest Town area. Campaign group MAIN (Mansfield Against Incineration) has held several well attended public meetings since early summer. Mansfield MP Alan Meale gave his support to the group. Both NAIL and MAIN are supported by Greenpeace, Notts Friends of the Earth, Nottingham Green Party and CABS (Clean Air for Bakersfield and Sneinton).

See report and photos: 1 | 2

Previous actions: include a demonstration in Nottingham city centre, a banner drop (which is still going on), a protest at the WRG promotional exhibition, and a public meeting back in September. Nottinghamshire Indymedia has been working on a short film about the campaign which will be online soon.

Links: Nottinghamshire Indymedia | Sheffield Indymedia | NAIL website | R.A.B.I.D website | View planning application for expansion Nott'm incinerator | Previous feature articles on Nott'm Indymedia: [1] [2] [3] | UK Indymedia articles on incineration | Wikipedia on incineration | Links to other campaign groups in the UK.

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Action on Climate Change planned for 7th January

26-12-2005 16:04

Action against climate change

In light of the growth in avaiation pollution and its detrimental effects on the climate, the Nottingham Dissent group invites you to a demo against flying on Sat 7th January 2006. Meet outside the council house at 12 noon. We have flyers, but would welcome people to bring banners, cotumes, improvised street theatre. We will be having a tour of the local travel operators and their clients to convince them that flying is not the best way to get to your holiday destination unless you want to totally screw the planets atmosphere.

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corporal punishment in singapore

24-12-2005 06:00

video of corporal punishment in malaysia and singapore(warning:not for the faint-hearted)

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The Real Face of Terror

23-12-2005 10:39

Masking the truth
Balaclava-clad figures move about in sinister silence as they work towards their goal of completing Oxford University’s new ‘research’ facility. If completed, will see thousands of animals blinded, drugged, brain damaged, mutilated and ultimately killed.

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European film crew visits Spodden Valley.

22-12-2005 21:56

The birthplace of the asbestos industry...
Producer Hendrik Verbeure and Cameraman Mark Schellingerhout are Belgian based filmmakers who have just visited the Spodden Valley. They came to Rochdale to film the former Turners Brothers Asbestos site. This visit is central to their 2 hour documentary on asbestos and the diseases caused by exposure to the dust and fibre.

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Bayer´s Nexavar: FDA Embarks on Fast Track Cancer Drug Approval

21-12-2005 21:02

The report about new drug processing policies being adopted by the FDA, is accompanied by portraits of Dr. Janet Woodcock, FDA's chief operating officer, and Dr. Scott Gottlieb, deputy commissioner. The report comes on the heels of FDA's "quick approval" on Tuesday of Nexavar, a cancer drug that European regulators will not approve until the clinical trials are completed.

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It was beautiful

20-12-2005 14:33

saturday club got together during dosummats anti over consumption month to say you cant buy beauty...

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Right to Ban Neurotoxic Aspartame in New Mexico and UK

18-12-2005 23:14

Efforts are being made in New Mexico, the UK, the Falkland Islands and other areas to ban aspartame (E951/Canderel/NutraSweet/Equal, etc.). Activists all over the world with Mission Possible Intl are alerting consumers aspartame is a chemical poison.

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Tornado News Update reveals Brum City Council’s astounding negligence

18-12-2005 20:13

What follows is an update on the tornado that ripped through South Birmingham in July 2005. The update reveals gross incompetence on the part of Birmingham City Council and the fact that resident’s concerns about numerous issues were indeed true. Not only will residents bear the cost of the tornado’s damage through higher council tax rates passed onto them by Birmingham City Council, but it looks like the costs will be far higher than expected because of the council’s negligence in handling the situation and it’s failure to secure support from the governments Bellwin Scheme. The report also reveals that Birmingham City Council failed to insure it’s own properties and downplayed an asbestos scare.

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AIDS and budgetary policy

18-12-2005 13:18

AIDS and budgetary policy
I know that many would prefer to begin otherwise, but I would not like to hide the truth, and the truth is that at the moment, more than forty million people in the World so many are infected by the virus of human immunodeficiency —almost as the total population from Spain—, On global, single scale in 2005 , five million new infections have taken place and in addition, five hundred seventy thousand children will die directly by causes related to the syndrome of inmuno acquired deficiency.

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16-12-2005 02:26

Aspartame Battle in NM shifts from Boards to Attorney General's Opinion on how an FDA approved product and neurotoxic food and medicine additive can be
challenged despite industry claims of federal preemption.

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Member of Parliament Calls for Ban on Aspartame

15-12-2005 18:49

Italian peer reviewed study shows aspartame (marketed as an artificial sweetener) to be a multi-potential carcinogen. Click on the link below to hear how Donald Rumsfeld used politics instead of science to get aspartame approved when the FDA said NO!

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MP discredits Aspartame

15-12-2005 10:54

Pushed through legislation, this sweetner is in many products if only you looked at the list of ingredients! "potentially" unsafe for you!

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Official: Photographing toxic clouds is real bad for you

14-12-2005 22:43

No cause for concern they said, just stay indoors and close your windows. Everything is going to be fine.

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Dalai Lama becomes vegetarian again!

14-12-2005 18:35

“Lately I have turned to a vegetarian diet. Today’s youth, particularly the ones who have come from Tibet and have a refugee status must inculcate these principles for their own development and to have peace of mind. The message from mahakaruna [Sanskrit: ‘great compassion’] has clearly asked us to follow and preach love and compassion for all living beings.”

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Word on the Street: Benefit gig for the homeless

13-12-2005 18:56

From 8pm - late on Friday 23rd December @ The 5 Lamps Pub in Derby WORD ON THE STREETS shall be showcasing an eclectic cast of live music in order to raise money for the homeless. Please come down and show some support as well as having a jolly good festive knees up.

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D.E.D.S.A.M.S: How Play Betters a Community's Health

13-12-2005 12:03

Participatory performance methodology getting people to 'go to the clinic!' Kenyan community health workers facilitate health workshops with youth theatre practitioners. An M&E facility enables rural clinics to practice preventative care policy. Great potential for tackling diseases, HIV/AIDS formost.

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Midnight Mass (a poem for the homeless)

11-12-2005 23:58

Below is a poem that I've written to try to make people a little more aware of the plight of the homeless at this time of year, why, is it only at this time of year thar we feel we should do something to help those less fortunate than ourselves and not for the rest of the year? Guilt or what? You tell me?

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Big demonstration to protect NHS in Huddersfield

11-12-2005 20:09

Protection of the National Health Service, in Huddersfield and nationally. Opposal to closures, privatisation, redundancies.
Oodles of people marched in Huddersfield on Saturday 11th December, so many I couldn't see the end of the column, and everyone cheered us on.

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MI6 torture by proxy

11-12-2005 14:26

Get the morrocans to do it.
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