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UK Health Newswire Archive

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media featuring a garden work health project ignore ill-treatment there.

22-04-2013 15:54

Why has Indymedia Scotland not made publicly available, any more than a Sunday paper there has, an exposee of hidden abuse, at a social work backed health project in Edinburgh? Redhall Walled Garden, after that Sunday paper did a positive story on it? These facts are backed up by the record of a complaint process.

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Bayer, Monsanto, Syngenta, BASF, Dow: Biggest Bee Killers

19-04-2013 20:52

One of Trillions of Victims Of Major Corporations
Suggested action to take to ban insecticides which kill bees, 'the world's largest labor

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Hero, Actor James Cromwell, Arrested In Animal Rights Action

16-04-2013 20:07

In the U.S., actor James Cromwell, star of Babe and many other movies, has been
arrested at the University of Wisconsin for speaking out against cat torture there.
The University of Wisconsin has also been involved in primate torture, tasering of pigs for the US Justice Department, and furthering the enslaving of cows for their milk.

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The roll-out of tasers will make minority groups targets once again

15-04-2013 23:17

PUBLIC MEETING: to discuss new 24hr Taser patrols in every London borough. There has been no consultation and evidence shows they are disproportionately used against ethnic minorities, people with mental ill health and young people. Join us at 7pm on April 22, at Chats Palace, 42-44 Brooksby Walk, Homerton, E9 6DF

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BAYER Shareholder Meeting on April 26 in Cologne: Coalition introduces Countermo

11-04-2013 22:03

Hazardous drugs, pesticides, GM rice and election campaign donations under fire..

The Coalition against BAYER Dangers has introduced countermotions to BAYER´s Annual Shareholder Meeting on April 26. Environmental and social justice organizations announced to discuss the proposals within the meeting in Cologne. About 4,000 shareholders are expected to attend.

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US Governors Shred Freedom Of Speech Re Filming Animal Slaughter

10-04-2013 18:28

Another astronaut study?
US government and 3 states have criminalized exposing slaughterhouse, factory farm and laboratory torture.

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Mad Cow In Brazil, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, US, Canada Etc.

30-03-2013 20:29

The mammon-controlled major media continue to muzzle the truth about Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Chicken etc.

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the icarus project in Bristol

30-03-2013 19:01


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Unhealthy influence: The rise of the NHS Partners Network

30-03-2013 09:39

The transformation of a small private healthcare trade association into a powerful and influential lobby group provides a clear indication of the direction the NHS has taken. Today the NHS Partners Network has some of the most powerful private healthcare companies as members and is a trustee on the NHS Confederation board. Social Investigations examines the development of one of the best-connected and most persuasive privatisation cheerleaders.

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29-03-2013 14:43

We are calling on all #Anons and activists to flood the DWP with Freedom of Information requests, it's quite simple.

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150th anniversary / Countermotions to shareholder meeting BAYER: Company History

21-03-2013 18:15

BAYER is staging costly celebrations to mark its 150th birthday, yet the company´s numerous crimes are not mentioned at all in the commemorative publications. Instead of acknowledging responsibility for forced labor, poison gas and fatal pharmaceutical products, the company's history is wholly ignored.
The Coalition against Bayer Dangers has introduced countermotions to the upcoming Bayer shareholder meeting to highlight the dark side of BAYER’s past

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Whittington board plans rejected by thousands

17-03-2013 19:09

IHOOPs at the march
Public say no to plans by the north London, Whittington Hospital's board to sell-off £17m of its buildings and sack around half of its staff.

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Food Lovers set to besiege Vale of Evesham Vegan Fair, Sat 23 March

07-03-2013 13:28

Leaflet for the Vale of Evesham Vegan Fair
The Vale of Evesham Vegan Fair on Saturday 23rd March is expected to attract hundreds of local residents and people from across the region. With lots of delicious FREE food, 20 stalls, talks and cookery demos, this is the biggest vegan event ever staged in Worcestershire!!
At Evesham Town Hall, 10.30am - 4pm. FREE admission, all welcome!

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India: “Bayer’s Tonic“ still on the Market

05-03-2013 17:14

India: “Bayer’s Tonic“ still on the Market

The company BAYER continues to sell its disputed strengthener “Bayer’s Tonic” in India. The tonic contains a mixture of liver fraction, yeast extract, flavoured syrup and 10% alcohol.This has been proven by test purchases conducted by the Coalition against Bayer Dangers.

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OSARCC is recruitment helpline and email support volunteers

05-03-2013 15:07

We are currently looking for new volunteers to staff our telephone and email helplines.

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Tuberculosis Outbreak U.S. Civil Detention Plan No Longer Secret

05-03-2013 06:29

Tuberculosis Health Police Detaining Los Angeles Homeless TB Victims
These government agencies have already budgeted funds since 2011 for 'civil detention' using 'correctional facility housing units' and 'commandeered motels' to 'house and treat' Tuberculosis infected people throughout southern California, but that's not all.

Corporate America McDonald's fast-food coupons are even budgeted by the government into Tuberculosis patient diets while being housed in these 'correctional housing units'.

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UG#620 - Sex And Drugs And Mental Health (Sex 'Addiction' and Broken Brains)

03-03-2013 05:35

We hear three different perspectives on the Mental Health of the US population - and indeed upon the American concept of 'mental health. Is it a matter of fixing broken brains with carefully targeted drugs? Our speakers agree that the US public have been profitably misinformed by professional experts full of ideas about how they should and shouldn't behave.

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The WREXHAM-STAR.......... Phoenix from the Ashes !

02-03-2013 10:58

Established 1934 ~ Re-established 2013

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Packed meeting calls for a halt to Whittington sell off

14-02-2013 17:58

Packed meeting rejected Whittington Hospital board claims
Mass meeting rejects Whittington Hospital, Islington, board plan to raise money by selling up around one third of its property and business.

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UG#613 - Economic Disposal of The Worthless (Hidden History of Eugenics in USA)

11-02-2013 02:56

This show examines the history of eugenics in USA. Robert Whitaker tells how WASPish business magnates took up the idea of racial purity and aggressively promoted eugenics, leading directly to forced sterilizations and lobotomies across USA, and indirectly to Nazi Germany's Final Solution.
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