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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Depleted-Uranium, Nuclear War and the politics of Radiation: Read and act NOW

01-12-2007 04:44

For Indymedia readers, friends and comrades in struggle worldwide against war, militarism, colonialism and nuclear industry: a brief review about “Depleted” Uranium, nuclear war and radioactive genocide-ecocide

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Iraq: Looking Back: 'Internationally Sponsored Genocide'

28-11-2007 17:55

As you know, when I was here in April/May 1992, I thought things could get no worse. Yet in July this year, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations note in a Report: '..with deep regret', all the: 'pre-famine indicators being in place'. Further that an appreciable proportion of the population now had less calorific intake than the most famine stricken parts of Africa.

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Branded from birth - baby milk monitoring report reveals latest marketing trends

28-11-2007 17:38

Nestle brands babies from birth in China
A new monitoring reports shows Nestlé continues systematic violations of the baby food marketing requirements and that regulation of the industry is essential. The Philippines recently introduced strong measures.

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The 4th East Midlands Vegan Festival, 8th December 2007

27-11-2007 09:24

The 2007 event returns to the Council House on Nottingham's Old Market Square where, in 2005, we welcomed over 2000 visitors from across the region! The doors open at 11am, but we welcome help setting up from 9am (and in advance).

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Leeds support sacked nurse

25-11-2007 15:07

Leeds Keep Our NHS Public, Leeds UNISON, CWU and NUT members allturned out in support yesterday for Karen Reissman In Manchester. Karen has been victimised and sacked from her job as a Community Psychiatric Nurse for speaking out against cuts and closures. Her colleagues are now on all out strike for her reinstatement and need solidarity and support.

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Midsummer House – Fighting Back for the Animals!

24-11-2007 22:43

A low food hygiene rating, supporting cruelty and the site of regular demos, Midsummer House isn’t the sort of place for a nice Christmas meal!

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Act Now to Defend NHS Homeopathy

24-11-2007 11:40

Protest to stop cuts to funding of Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (RLHH)
NEXT WEEK - Protests at the Camden Primary Care Trust meeting - on Monday 26th November, 4pm in the Conference Hall, Ground Floor, West Wing, St Pancras Hospital, 4 St Pancras Way, London NW1) or at the Islington PCT meeting, on Thursday 29th November, 9.30am, 338-346 Goswell Rd , Clerkenwell EC1.

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Failing Senior Care System Burdening Families

23-11-2007 15:19

The war is still the number one issue in the U.S. 2008 Elections, but even as we work to bring this war to an end, it is essential that the country look at real solutions rather than illusory for-profit “solutions” to our basic problems: the crisis facing an aging working class, poverty, homelessness, the cost of living, low wages, inflation, the recession, and many other issues on the American agenda of things-to-do.

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Fluoride Toxicity:

23-11-2007 11:31

Toxic Fluoride! Read aboutHexafluorosilicic Acid on the NPWA website.
Please read the article:

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pandemics flu's crossover from the meat industry

23-11-2007 10:58

This has got to be the issue that really makes the public think seriously about the health benefits of not eating meat & hopefully stop the subsidy of meat industry & to support health & the environment

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Happiness and the Self-Growing Seed

22-11-2007 14:28

My theme is long-term happiness, a happiness that remains despite blows of fate, a happiness that survives the ups and downs of life. Jesus describes God's new world or happiness as an interaction event. Happiness arises in our trust that what we do will find an echo.

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Health Select Committee (NZ) Request Aspartame (951) Submission

19-11-2007 23:00

Finally in New Zealand they are listening to the horror stories on aspartame (951) and have requested an oral submission on 11/21/2007.

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Buses To Karen Reissman Demo In Manchester

14-11-2007 03:26

Merseyside TUC has booked a double decker bus which holds 77 people
for the above demo. Tickets are only £1 return from Lime Street to
St Peters Square Manchester. (Leaving from the Empire Theatre Lime
Street at 11.30.a.m. and leaving Manchester at 4.30.p.m.

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Fresno, CA- Veteran Needs Food and Shelter

13-11-2007 15:09

Socialist Party USA and Peace and Freedom Party have been sharply critical of the Democrats and Republicans, due to their failure to make ending homelessness a national priority. As a result of this failure, the nation’s homeless population may experience sharp increases within the next two years due to the recession and inflation. Federal assistance is now imperative.

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Quay Marinas Ltd - "Meet Your Moral Responsibility Head On!”

12-11-2007 22:37

Penarth Marina in Cardiff Bay Wales is 20 years old. It is run by Quay Marina Ltd. The major directors are former Crest Nicholson staff. Saturday 10th November the company celebrated with a champagne dinner at Penarth Yacht and Rowing Club. Preceded by an open letter, the Shalom Family, evicted with their own houseboat home 4 years ago, on a jumped up charge of trespass, presented themselves too!

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"What is Choice?" A report from Pro Choice Oxford

12-11-2007 13:38

The stall, jam-packed with information!
On Saturday 10th November, the Pro Choice Oxford group held a one day conference asking: "What is Choice?". It featured: a talk from the Abortion Rights campaign group, a discussion on 'sexuality on display' by a pole dancer, a self-defence taster session, scrumptious vegan food, and a debate led by the wonderfully outspoken Kat Stark, NUS Women's Officer.

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Free food criminals

11-11-2007 15:38

You might of heard about a recent proposed changes to legislation which would make the distribution of free food an offense. If it goes ahead it will make soup runs illegal and also add to the crimes committed each week by Food not Bombs activists. It might also make giving that last Rolo to your sweetheart a big no no.

Check out:
"distribution of free refreshments" on page 14...

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Reclaim Your Health

11-11-2007 14:57

Your health is your business but all to often it seems to be out of your hands. Super bugs, dirty wards, waiting lists, lack of funding, poor management or exclusive elitist private treatment? NHS, Bupa, Harley Street or now, Rampart Street. Your choices have now expanded a little further with an addition to the variety of events, meetings and activities emerging from DIY culture.

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False Reporting by Incompetent Social Workers

09-11-2007 15:12

Social Workers from the Irish Health Board in Waterford,Kilkenny Dublin and Drogheda combined together, and based upon their unfounded perceptions of guilt,have nearly destroyed our innocent Family.

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(BAYER) Twaiwan, Hemophiliacs await justice

09-11-2007 10:25

A former legislator urges the Taiwanese government to help hemophilia patients who contracted HIV through blood-clotting concentrates in the 1980s to claim compensation from Bayer, the manufacturer of the contaminated products.
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