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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Patients Must Travel Further To See GPs

16-06-2006 21:33

In the ‘Our Health, Our Care, Our Say’ White Paper, the government has published details of how you must travel further to see your doctors and dentists, spending more time and money whilst damaging the environment with increased exhaust emissions that poison us all.

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Dirty Tricks from the Dirty Incinerator!

16-06-2006 19:00

Waste Recycling Group, owners of Nottingham's polluting incinerator, are accused of trying to influence the planning decision on their proposed £50million extension, in a dirty tricks campaign.

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No M1 Widening Protest

15-06-2006 18:09

There was protest on 15th June at the Highways Agency exhibition at the Don Valley which presented their plans for the widening of the M1 and M62.

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Perrier Comedy Award ends as Nestle bows to boycott pressure

14-06-2006 22:40

A boycott of the Nestlé Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe was launched in 2001. Today Nestlé announced it was no longer sponsoring the Award and the organiser announced a new sponsor. The demonstration outside the event was part of the protest calendar, but good riddance to Nestlé.

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End University and Other Cat Torture

14-06-2006 08:34

The worst universities around the world..for animal abuse besides
Oxford and Cambridge are
Emory, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Univ of Wisconsin
Ohio State

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Keep Our NHS Public Demo & Meeting

13-06-2006 11:03

Cuts and job losses will devastate health services. The NHS debt of £800m is less than 1% of its total budget. The government could easily afford to cancel the debt and cancel job cuts. Join together to make them give us the money to run the NHS.

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More McHospitals for Merseyside!

12-06-2006 16:46

Following hard on the heels of the Liverpool Women's and the Countess of Chester hospitals, two more local hospital trusts have applied for 'foundation' status - opening healthcare up for private profit.

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The Final Push to Stop The Expansion of Eastcroft Incinerator

09-06-2006 20:48

Nottinghams Cancer Factory
The Planning Officer Mike Senior has confirmed to NAIL (Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill) that the vote on the planning application to allow Waste Recyling Group permision to build Nottingham's third cancer factory, will not be made in June, it will now be put to the vote on 19 July.

This decision will in all probability be put to the vote at the Development and Control Committee meeting on 19 July at the Council House Nottingham.

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(BAYER)Chemical Pollution: Abnormal Birth Rates in Canadian Native Reserve

09-06-2006 12:58

There's something is in the air at the Aamjiwnaang First Nations reserve near Sarnia, Ontario. But it's not just in the air. It's also in the water, the soil, and in the residents themselves: alarming levels of toxic chemicals, believed to be behind the area's skewed birth ratios. In Aamjiwnaang, two girls are born for every boy.

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Europe’s Biggest Corporate Responsibility Summit London: A Family's Plea For Help

09-06-2006 06:36

Novohotel Europe's Biggest Corpororate Responsibility Event Venue 2006
One week ago Ethical Corporation’s* 5th annual flagship European event, held at the Hammersmith Novohotel came to an end. During the two days summit, 31st May -1st June 2006, one Family-man also candidly petitioned Ethical Corporations for help, both at the summit and elsewhere, at the very heart of the City of London.

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Mersey Ambulance Staff Fight Employers' Hypocrisy

08-06-2006 14:29

Ambulance staff on Merseyside are considering strike action after their employers - the Merseyside Regional Ambulance Service Trust - double-crossed them over a new pay deal.

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Wirral NHS Cuts Boost Private Sector

08-06-2006 13:48

Following yesterday's publication of the NHS deficit figures (, Wirral Hospital Trust has announced it will slash its budget by £21.5 million over the next five years.

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AXE Protest at So'ton Airport

08-06-2006 11:11

BAA Southampton are proposing a massive expansion of Southampton Airport
which would increase the already chronic noise pollution experienced by
residents of Bitterne Park, as well as increasing air pollution and
carbon dioxide emissions.  In response, residents and environmental
groups have joined forces to create AXE specifically to campaign against
any expansion of the airport or increase in flights.

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Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

08-06-2006 05:23

An overview of what retroviruses are and how our own retroviruses turn up in disease due to DNA hypomethylation.
It also explains why pregnant women test positive in the HIV antibody test.
This was first put on a website in Ireland.

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Bilateral Free Trade and Investment Agreements and the US C B A

07-06-2006 23:09

Corporate Biotech Agenda
This Special Release on “Bilateral Free Trade and Investment Agreements and the US Corporate Biotech Agenda” is researched and written by Aziz Choudry, a New Zealand activist who has been following the negotiations of bilateral free trade and investment agreements between the US and the countries in the South.

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FTSE 100 company to 'help' run Liverpool hospital

07-06-2006 14:54

On the very day that the government announced a £500 million 'overspend' on the NHS (, it has been revealed that an as yet unannounced FTSE 100 company will be invited to 'help' run the Liverpool Women's Hospital. Cadbury's and Sainsbury's are believed to be in the front running.

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07-06-2006 12:31

A thoughtful complaint to Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd. regarding their lack of a serious organics policy, given that many people will only encounter organic foods in large corporate food chains. I bypassed appealing to conscience in favor of pointing out various self-serving reasons to take organics seriously. (I have included it as an attachment as the color-coded version is easier to read.)

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nuclear accidents list: blairs legacy?

07-06-2006 02:29

Nuclear Accidents, Earth, 1952 - 252006: The problem with nuclear accidents is that they do not just happen - they go on happening.

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The Cambridge Recourse Center in Norfolk St

04-06-2006 19:19

The Cambridge Recourse Center in Norfolk St used to be the Cambridge Clubhouse until the beginning of this year. It stopped being the clubhouse because of the cuts to mental health service and now provides a lesser service.

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G8-Xtra PDF on St. Petersburg G8 Moblisation (from esf 06)

02-06-2006 11:51

G8-Xtra was a paper produced to support the mobilization against the G8-Summit 2007 under the 'interventionist left' banner. For the European Social Forum in Athens an english version was distributed which contained an article on St. Petersburg 06 - reproduced below.

The whole pdf can be downloaded from:
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