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UK Health Newswire Archive

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FFS! (Fit For Struggle)

11-05-2005 11:59

Would you like to be a bit fitter, and improve your endurance and alertness in the anti-capitalist struggle?

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Skylarkin' in Oxford on Thursday May 12: Fund-raising gig for MIND

08-05-2005 10:45

Have fun at the Zodiac, Cowley Road, and raise money for a local mental health charity, Oxfordshire MIND, at the same time. Very reasonable price too.

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Parkwood Landfill Site Photos

06-05-2005 09:59

Local residents with petitions against the expansion plans
Sheffield Council are to decide whether the Parkwood Landfill site should be expanded and include a gas utilisation plant and leacheate treatement plant.

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Association for the Prevention of Torture

05-05-2005 03:59

Persons deprived of their liberty are most at risk as they are cut off from the outside world and solely dependent upon the authorities for their most basic needs and rights. The OPCAT offers a novel approach as no other international treaty provides for concrete steps to prevent these violations from occurring within places of detention worldwide.

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They KNEW about the exposed asbestos in the Spodden Valley?!

04-05-2005 20:39

Bryan Sutcliffe points to where he was exposed to asbestos contaminated soil
The Save Spodden Valley campaign has seen a letter dated 10th September 2004 sent to the owners of the TBA site confirming exposed asbestos in the Spodden Valley. Until late February 2005, Countryside Properties appeared adamant that there was no exposed asbestos on the land owned by MMC Developments Ltd/ Rathbone Jersey Ltd.

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Palestinian Territories: Medical Treatment Conditional upon Collaboration

02-05-2005 13:07

Muhammad Radad, 38 year old cardiac patient and father of five, discovered that the road to medical care passes by the Israeli GSS. Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, aided by MK Dr. Ahmad Tibi, managed to abolish the conditions of the GSS and Radad was able to receive medical treatment in Jordan. However, the Israeli Security Forces have yet to respond in regards to the policy of conditioning health with collaboration.

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Critcal Mass Bike About in Nottingham :: Pictures

29-04-2005 23:13

Critcal Mass is a regular event. The meeting point is the Savoy cinema on Derby Road in Lenton on the last Friday of every month now at 5.30pm. We even got a police helicopter, to look over us, for our safety you understand ......

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The Many Names Of Mad Cow

29-04-2005 19:43

The US government continues to generate spongiform encephalopathy (Mad Cow etc) in cows, pigs, chickens, fishes etc. and to label deaths by other names

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International Asbestos Memorial Pledged for Rochdale

29-04-2005 01:17

we will never forget those who have suffered from asbestos exposure...
General Election Candidates Lorna Fitzsimons (Labour) and Paul Rowen (Lib Dem) have both supported calls for a permanent memorial to all those who have suffered as a result of asbestos exposure. The pledge was made as dozens of people attended a candlelit vigil outside Rochdale Town Hall for International Workers' Memorial Day.

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Crest Nicholson Plc Books Open for Heron International

28-04-2005 19:59

Heron International Crest Plc Takeover
The Crest Nicholson evicted houseboat family of five children from Wales have reiterated their previous invitation to Gerald Ronson’s property group, Heron International. Crest Nicholson Books are open!

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Dancing to Boring Technical Language

28-04-2005 16:10

? never mind the language ?

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Liverpool Critical Mass this friday 29/4

28-04-2005 13:30




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Olympic committee - McDonalds and Killer Coke sponsorship

28-04-2005 11:53

The British Olympic Association is sponsored by among others McDonalds and Coca Cola. Of the many reasons to oppose these corporate monsters is the health effects of their 'foodstuffs'. With the spotlight shining on the British Olympic bid, now would be a good time to contact them about putting such products alongside the image of athletes.

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LONDON BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Must read for disabled

27-04-2005 20:09

Greetings from England. This is not about Queensland or children but I’ve been asked to put it here by an Aussie friend, a good friend and just about the only one I’ve got right now. Yes, it’s how to be a non-person! You only have to upset very, very, very important people. Prime Ministers, for instance. Of course I have no proof. You think Mr Blair is stupid or something?

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text from rising tide banner drop leaflet

27-04-2005 11:31

Look up – the trees opposite BP’s HQ in St. James’ Square have been occupied by a group of concerned citizens. They have hung (with any luck) a banner reading 'BP fuels climate chaos'

Some will stay the night and greet BP workers for the second time tomorrow morning, to urge them to try to find a less destructive job, and to underline the company’s complicity in the climate crisis we’re all facing. They also hope to inspire others to take direct action for the planet and its people.

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photos from BP banner drop

26-04-2005 16:47

"protesters? where?"
Okay, it was perhaps the longest banner drop in the history of banner drops (over 8 hours to unfurl) but it was worth it...

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Candlelit vigil at Rochdale Town Hall...

26-04-2005 14:59

A candlelit vigil is to be held outside Rochdale Town Hall on Thursday 28th April from 8pm. Organised by Greater Manchester hazards Centre, this is to commemorate Workers’ Memorial Day. Its purpose is to remember all those who have died in Rochdale, Britain and throughout the world as a result of their work.

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Piles of crushed asbestos factory of immediate concern...

26-04-2005 14:32

Spodden Valley, Rochdale:

Official concern has been raised about large piles of crushed rubble on the site of the former Turner Brothers asbestos factory.

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Crest Nicholson Plc New Heights New Lows: A Family Protests at AGM

19-04-2005 00:35

Crest Nicholson Plc Shafted Evicted Houseboat Family Protest at Crest AGM
On Friday 8th April private and institutional investors inside the Crest Nicholson AGM, at the Runnymede Hotel in Egham, Surrey, heard how the house building company defended its rejection, of a multi-million pounds, hostile, take-over-bid from Gerald Ronson’s, Heron International.

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(BAYER) FDA Orders Levitra Ad Off the Air

18-04-2005 19:46

The Food and Drug Administration has ordered drug giants Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp. and GlaxoSmithKline PLC to immediately pull a television ad for impotence drug Levitra, saying that the commercial does not adequately state the drug's potential side effects and that it cannot substantiate claims that it is superior to competitors such as Viagra or that it improves female satisfaction during sexual activity.
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