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UK Health Newswire Archive

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State Assessments of Strategic Prospects for the Anti-Cuts Movement

27-04-2011 14:56

Policy Exchange UK published a You Tube video of a symposium in which policing experts and former police infiltrators offer frank assessments of government responses to the threat they face from the anti-cuts movement _

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rotherham remembers chernobyl

27-04-2011 11:33

Welcome to Nukiller Rotherham
local residents marked the 25th anniversary of chernobyl with a message to local town council and nuclear research centre

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A Matter of Life and Death - Mutual Aid against NHS reforms

27-04-2011 10:45

No-one can fully predict what political strategies might or might not work best, but if the NHS is privatised we'll never get it back. Radical strategies can be pursued alongside liberal strategies. The protest movement is working. Sign the 38 Degrees NHS Petition...

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Invitation: Royal Zombie Wedding Celebration & Flash Mob

26-04-2011 21:08

Royal Zombie Celebration & Flash Mob
Queer Resistance - the UK anti cuts LGBTQI collective - invite you to a Royal Zombie Wedding Celebration & Flash Mob on Friday 29th April

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Toby Young, the EDL and the Rally Against Debt

26-04-2011 11:12

A nasty little bunch of right-wing chancers are organising a Rally Against Debt to show public "support" for public service cuts, scheduled for 11am to 2pm at Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London, May 14 -

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Mayor rides to Reach Fair

26-04-2011 08:25

The Mayor of Cambridge will cycle the 12 miles from the Guildhall Cambridge to the village of Reach to open the historic 800 year old fair. She'll be riding with an expected 500 other riders who will set off from 9:30am on Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May. It is the first time a mayor has done the journey on a bike to open the fair.

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Bayer’s Deadly Birth-Control Pills: Alleged Toll Climbs to 190, Shareholders Rev

15-04-2011 14:45

Bayer’s Deadly Birth-Control Pills: Alleged Toll Climbs to 190, Shareholders Revolt
About 190 women have died while taking Yaz and Yasmin, Bayer’s two leading contraceptive pill brands, according to the Swiss media, and the company faces a shareholder motion condemning its marketing of the brands at its April 29 annual meeting.

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Victims of BAYER Contraceptives to appear at Shareholder Meeting

15-04-2011 14:28

Several victims of contraceptive pills are to speak at the BAYER shareholder meeting, which takes place in Cologne/Germany on April 29. About 4,000 stockholders and the BAYER board will participate. Last year BAYER generated sales of 1.65 billion Euro from its contraceptive products.

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Bramham's GM crops

13-04-2011 20:56

Audio Ricarda Steinbrecher
On 8th April 2011 a public meeting organised by Stop GM was held in Bramham about the genetically modified potatoe trials being held there. The meeting was chaired by local minister Rev. Menzies and addressed by Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecher, Peter Riley from GM freeze, and Gerald Miles.

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Helen Caldicott makes a monkey of Monbiot

12-04-2011 14:44

Helen pokes George in the eye and slaps him round the face with a radioactive kipper or two.

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Philippine Government Has Failed to Address Poverty in its First Year in Office

11-04-2011 15:32

The latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey showing an increase in hunger is a major concern that must be taken seriously and not brushed off in a squabble over statistics. According to the March 4-7 poll 20.5% of respondents -- or an estimated 4.1 million families -- have gone hungry at least once in the past three months. This is up from the estimated 3.4 million families recorded in November 2010, i.e., almost one million extra families are going hungry today due to poverty. Along with the other examples of poverty and marginalization – such as the shocking deaths of up to 30 people in Palawan, including children, due to easily preventable ailments such as diarrhea – this demonstrates that the situation of the masses is deteriorating.

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Revolutionary Lovers Guide

07-04-2011 16:09

Sister of Resistance have produced a Revolutionary Lovers Guide which deals with how to build and sustain a revolutionary relationship, open relationships and polyamory among a variety of other issues.

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Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) calls on the Irish government to allow Noel McCull

05-04-2011 16:44


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Art of War : Nuclear Power

04-04-2011 02:04

Nuclear Power
Nuclear Power

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More Proof the Protests are Working

03-04-2011 12:27

NHS reforms are being put on hold for 3 months due to overwhelming public opposition

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9-10 April: Fukushima Solidarity / No to Nuclear: A call to action

31-03-2011 16:32

Explosion at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Activities will be happening around the UK on and around the weekend of 9-10 April. Organise a solidarity activity in your area and let us know about it!

You could stage a vigil, die-in, demo, non-violent direct action, street stall, street theatre, public debate, film showing, gig… Whatever takes your fancy!**

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26/4 01:23 25 years on - a visual shocker

30-03-2011 15:36

A visual journey through, the valley of the gods of science. A garden of treason.

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4 Actions against Shell in their first day of work in Rossport, Ireland

30-03-2011 13:32

Protester under van for 14 hours!
Yesterday Shell started work on the final section of their gas pipeline in Co. Mayo Ireland. The Community have already fought back with 4 actions and are asking for people to come up this weekend to help them.

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Legal challenge to nuclear power stations launched

29-03-2011 15:57

Oldbury is due to stop generating electricity at the end of 2008.
Yet it continues!

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First Aid Point at Big Society HQ

26-03-2011 21:12

First aId point now open at Big Society HQ, Curzon St.
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