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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Oxford vegan food fair report - your town next!

17-08-2008 04:17

Vegan food activists from Midlands Vegan Campaigns today ventured out of our own territory and in to Oxford, to the city`s first ever Free Vegan Food Fair. Did we go merely to fill our faces with the vast and assorted range of delicious free food on offer? No!! We went to lend a helping hand and to find out how food fairs elsewhere compare to those we`ve organised.

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Weekly protests continue at Novartis HQ, Horsham

17-08-2008 01:28

Friday 8th August

Novartis Horsham saw a good turnout out of activists who created quite a presence with their sea of banners. Public support of the the campaign appears to be increasing, with many cars hooting as they pass by the noisy and visual demo.

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Barclays and AstraZeneca Protests in London

17-08-2008 01:12

Friday 15th August

A group of about 15 activists met at 11am to start the day of demonstrations against the allies of HLS. Barclays was first, second and third on the list.

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15th August 2008 - Foie Gras Free Nottingham [Update]

16-08-2008 20:17

Our first pledge...
With news of a new restaurant (Vienna) on the Nottingham dining scene, and foie gras on the menu Nottingham Animal Rights were keen to make contact to discuss the realities of foie gras and our 'foie gras free Nottingham' initiative.

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HLS Customer GSK Demo in Belgium

16-08-2008 01:35

GlaxoSmithKline = HLS Customers
Thursday 14th August

On the same day: Protest against monkey export in Belgium

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Protest against monkey export in Belgium

15-08-2008 12:34

Once again on the doorstep of the Belgian embassy of the island of Mauritius, in solidarity with Shac prisoner Dan Amos

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Two HIV/TB global leaders announce merger talks

15-08-2008 05:48

'Be the change you wish to see in the world'
Unprecedented partnerships take place in development sector

Formal merger negotiations were announced between two global leaders - Health & Development Networks (HDN) and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance - at the XVII International AIDS Conference which ended in Mexico on 8 August 2008.

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Another Barclays Demo Day in London

15-08-2008 02:37

What shall we do today? Barclays demos! We decided to meet at Goldman Sachs on Fleet Street today for a couple of Barclays demos, because the Goldman Sach's security guards are the tetchiest people in the world. They were scurrying around looking anxious that a demonstration might just kick off. We had no intention of demonstrating at Goldman Sachs today, but they are a scummy company and we like the idea of regularly meeting outside their office just to get their pulses racing. This day was, yet again, all about Barclays. Not only are Barclays the biggest shareholder in HLS with $8m of shares, but they are a huge investor in NYSE (HLS share traders) as well.

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Southern HLS Customer & Supplier Demos

15-08-2008 02:33

On Wednesday, August 13th, activists from across the South made our weekly trip around the area to target companies who profit from the horrific torture which happens inside HLS on a daily basis.

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Vegan Festival, leaflets now available!

14-08-2008 23:31

Find loads more web banners on our website below
Although called the West Midlands Vegan Festival, we aim to attract vegans from across the UK on Sat 1st Nov. There`ll be food, stalls, speakers, cookery demos, films, entertainment and so much more... The West Midlands is the new home of veganism so come join us - celebrate World Vegan Day amongst friends!

If you havn`t yet seen our awesome festival website, check it out here

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Elephant in the Room Release Date and Teaser Trailer featuring Cynthia McKinney

13-08-2008 18:31

Details of free September 1st 2008 internet release of award winning* documentary 'The Elephant in the Room' plus exclusive teaser trailer featuring Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney

*The film recently won Best UK Documentary at the London Independent Film Festival

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Four Questions on Violences against Women.

12-08-2008 15:07

This simple questionaire is based in two earlier reports and links to
the Ban Ki-Moon campaign on gender and violence:

And of course to the issue of marginalisation of women's political voice by National Governments.

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Two More UCLA Vans Expropriated by Liberationists

11-08-2008 23:34

Date: August 11, 2008
Communiqué from unknown liberationists
Institution targeted: UCLA Primate Vivisection

Received anonymously

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Regular Ciba Vision, Novartis Protest Gets More Support

11-08-2008 22:58

Activists from across the south paid our weekly visit to Ciba Vision, Novartis.

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RIP Mohammad Hussain

11-08-2008 17:13

Mohammad Hussain dies of cancer following 8 years struggling to gain refugee status

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Demo against Nepal's plan to export monkeys

10-08-2008 17:18

July 17th, London. Campaigners returned again to the Nepalese embassy in London in support of the week of action against the export of monkeys from
Nepal to research labs in the USA.

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Can Coca Cola Save Children’s Lives?

10-08-2008 16:13

ColaLife Campaign
Simon Berry has been trying to get Coca Cola to look at how they could use their distribution network for life-saving drugs.

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HLS and NYSE Shareholder Target: Barclays

09-08-2008 23:30
Apart from Barclays being the largest shareholder in HLS. Barclays are in fact a double target as they also own 12 million shares in NYSE who are the ONLY exchange that trades in HLS shares and without NYSE they won't have any shareholders!

Take Action:

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Climate Camp 2008 March to Kingsnorth

09-08-2008 16:53

This vid is a general overview of the march incl. drumming and police fight.

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Surgery saves far more lives from cancer than drugs

07-08-2008 21:32

The President of the Royal College of Surgeons has said that more research money should be spent on improving surgical techniques than inventing new drugs which don't work.
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