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UK Health Newswire Archive

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This Government Makes Asylum Seekers Sick

07-04-2008 15:56

Public Meeting - "Atrocious Barbarism": Limiting Healthcare Access to Asylum Seekers and Migrants
Monday 14th April 7pm at Showroom Cinema, Room 5, Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX

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Nude torch run against Olympic flame in San Fran, April 9th

07-04-2008 12:48

April 9, 2008 is the date of the Official Beijing Olympic Torch Run in San Francisco.
This is the only U.S. city on the Torch's world tour. The national and international media will be here. A nude torch run is being planned to coincide.

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Brown's Cannabis Ourtage

04-04-2008 11:43

Cannabis campaigners call for Prime Minister to listen to the advice of his own Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs on cannabis classification and call for an inquiry into the legality of the law itself.

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Emergency call-out - Anti-abortion bigots in Shef, 4th April!

03-04-2008 23:05

"Pro-lifers" (bit of a funny name when you think of how many deaths have been caused by backstreet abortions over the years) are coming to Sheffield to spread their anti-woman, anti-choice bullshit. Come along and tell them where they can their sanctimony!

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Message of Support on Abortion Rights .

03-04-2008 13:33

Message of support.
Abortion is criminalised in Ireland and therefore many Irish women use UK
services. This is not spoken of a lot because we are at a stage where 16 years
after the 'X' case , not one government has introduced abortion law.
Pro-life stand in the streets with images of eviscerated infants and argument is
reduced to: -Abortion is always wrong- which means we do not talk about the issues
of human rights, post-abortion continuity of care, medical abortion or
abortion by choice. It does not exist.

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28 Million Americans On Food Stamps $25 a Week ($1 per meal)

02-04-2008 19:56

Democracy Now reports on poverty in the USA

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Goldman Sachs White House: Latest Coupling of Capitalism With Slaughterhouse

30-03-2008 15:11

Long before J P Morgan was making his fortune selling filthy meat to the Union Army
in the Civil War, capitalism has been wed to slaughterhouse products.

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Interviews from the top of Rath Lugh (March 2008)

28-03-2008 20:25

Here's an interview with Professor George Eogan, on top of the Rath Lugh Monument, which is one of the seven ancient forts that was used to protect Tara throughout the centuries in Ireland.

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Interview at the Solidarity Vigil Camp Tara!!

28-03-2008 14:51

The illegal M3 Motorway is being ploughed through one of the richest and best known archaeological landscapes in Europe.

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Appeal for international solidarity

26-03-2008 14:42

Activists organise blockade to prevent test drilling for Uranium in Nianfors, North Sweden. We appeal for your support!!

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Dengue fever epidemic in Rio de Janeiro (by Latuff)

26-03-2008 12:19

Dengue hemorrhagic fever outbreak in Rio de Janeiro.
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff. (To be published in "Contraponto", the paper of the Sindicato dos Servidores das Justiças Federais no Estado do Rio de Janeiro (SISEJUFE-RJ): ). High resolution version for printing purposes here:

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Reproductive Freedoms teach-in, London, 12 April

25-03-2008 21:20

A teach in to lean about and campaign for reproductive freedoms, organised by Feminist Fightback.

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M3 Motorway destroys Rath Lugh Ancient Monument

22-03-2008 19:12

The battle to save Rath Lugh continues against all odds, the past week as seen SIAC construction company erect huge metal spiked fencing along the route, whilst they continue to bulldose the esker of the Ancient Monument within the so called "protection zone".
Here is a short video that shows some of the activities going on since the NRA drew back on the ten point signed agreement with a tunnel protester.

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Meatout in UK, Uganda, France, Argentina, China, India, Australia, Austria,Niger

21-03-2008 14:16

Former basketball star Bill Walton
Meatout events this year in Argentina| Australia| Bermuda| Canada| Chile| China| Croatia| France| Germany| Ghana| India| Indonesia| Ireland| Israel| Italy| Japan| Kenya| Mexico| Nigeria|
Norway |Philippines| Singapore| South Africa| Spain| The Netherlands| Uganda| UK| USA

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Nottingham City Council Postpones Victoria Pool Closure

20-03-2008 22:30

Nottingham City Council had signaled it was ready to close the Victoria pool at the Easter. But A strong campaign and local opposition meant it diluted those plans and backed down [just a bit] at a meeting today. On Tuesday the campaign says they have achieved their first aim - delaying any closure while other options are looked at.

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Talking About Cannabis ... Time to bring 'em down

19-03-2008 10:24

Talking about cannabis want to:

Introduce drug testing in schools
Reclassify cannabis as class B
End harm minimisation drugs education

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Demonstration HMP Holloway in memory of Jamie pearce

18-03-2008 17:33

On the 16th of Jan 2008, Pauline Campbell led a demonstration outside HMP Holloway in memory of prisoner Jamie Pearce, who was found dead from an apparently self-inflicted death,whilst in the care of HMP Holloway.

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Vegan Diet 'Help' For Arthritis

18-03-2008 09:51

Vegan diet helps with arthritis and heart disease

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Benefit for Ama Sumani; Cardiff 23rd March

16-03-2008 22:13

All proceeds from the gig will go to towards funding life-extending treatment and care for Ama Sumani, who is a terminally-ill cancer patient who was removed from hospital in Cardiff and returned to Ghana by the UK Government in January this year

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Scientology coming to a shopping centre near you: West Bromwich

15-03-2008 21:03

The 'Citizens Commission on Human Rights', a front group for the Scientology cult is scheduled to show an exhibition in the Queens Square Shopping Centre West Bromwich. The exhibition is called 'Psychiatry - An Industry Of Death' and is due to run from Monday 31st March until Thursday 17th April 2008 -

Whilst the name 'Citizens Commission on Human Rights' (CCHR) certainly makes it sound like they are a alturistic group looking to help people, the truth is somewhat different.
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