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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Crufts dog Jagger - do ordinary dogs and cats matter 2 vets?

12-03-2015 21:01

Crufts dog Jagger - do ordinary dogs and cats matter when treated by vets?
The ‘international outcry’ over the reported poisoning of the Crufts dog Jagger
should serve as a most urgent reminder of the need to watch what the vets businesses es actually do about vulnerable helpless animals and their emotionally trapped owners and carers who take them to the vets

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Maximarse is more than a farce.

04-03-2015 20:38

Reworked banner

On the 2nd of March 2015 Disabled People Against the Cuts, Mental Health Resistance Network, Black Triangle and many other associated groups took to the streets to protest against the US company Maximus taking over the contract from Atos. The contract involves administering the Work Capability Assessment on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions.

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Mental Health Resistance Network Statement

04-03-2015 20:26

MHRN members with placards
MHRN speech given outside Maximus' offices in central London and Balham on 2 March 2015 during the day of action against Maximus

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Wrexham joins National Day of Protest Against WCA & Maximus

02-03-2015 16:35

A national day of action was called for Monday 2 March to protest the ongoing use of the discredited Work Capability Assessments to determine fitness for work or otherwise and to leave Maximus, the company that has taken over from Atos to carry these out, in no doubt that resistance will be ongoing.

2 March is the first working day of Maximus' new contract and protests were held in 30 UK towns and cities including here in Wrexham and at Maximus HQ in central London. A solidarity demo was also organised in Toronto at the offices of Maximus Canada. In Wrexham, there was a small but highly visible protest outside the DWP and Medical Examination Centre on Grosvenor Road.

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Join These Vegan, Vegetarian And Fruitarian Champions

17-02-2015 18:08

Socialist George Bernard Shaw
Nikola Tesla, Leonardo, Mary Shelley, Van Gogh, John Wesley, founder of Methodists, Serena Williams tennis star, Roger Bannister, first to break 4 minute mile... some of the hundreds of millions of vegans, vegetarians, and fruitarians with longer life expectancy, a kinder diet, a more environmental, energy conserving, ethical and economic way of eating.

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Curo Housing building work stopped by

17-02-2015 12:47

Corrine Eatwell, Scientific Officer for Contaminated Land Environmental Services at Bath & North East Somerset Council states an investigation and risk assessment into elevated levels of benzo(a)pyrene and arsenic and potential asbestos and radiological contaminants must be completed before any development can take place.

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Melanie Shaw - Shocking story of child abuse whistleblower being victimised

08-02-2015 13:51

Melanies leg after sodexo medical care
Harrowing case of how Nottingham police and Nottingham council abuse and harass an innocent person in attempts to silence her from speaking out about institutional child abuse rings.

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American TV Networks Promote War, Toxic Food, Deforestation

24-01-2015 15:04

Even public television and radio have been corrupted in the US. National Public Radio owns 200 million dollars in McDonald's stock.

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Southern Health NHS Trust, a Drowning and a Call for Better Care Everywhere

19-01-2015 15:59

Connor Sparrowhawk aka Laughing Boy

A young man is left in a bath to drown while in the care of Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, led by Chief Executive Katrina Percy, who sees no reason to resign in spite of ongoing failings at facilities she is ultimately responsible for.

A recent inspection report at the only remaining in-patient service on the same site has identified problems that include extremely stressed and exhausted staff on duty and on call for unacceptably long hours because of under-staffing. This is not a problem confined to Southern Health, but what are we going to do about it?

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Trip to the edge of the world

29-12-2014 20:53

Life seems so much of a rat race at times with stress from pressures of work, stress from unemployment, stress from relationship problems, stress from homelessness, extreme stress from constant wars which are essentially driven by Western greed for control of resources for endless consumption at home. It’s enjoyable to look at what a smaller, gentler world looks like.

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Bhopal – 30 years on

07-12-2014 20:37

This is a history of the world's worst industrial accident which killed many thousands of people at Bhopal, India in 1984. In the intervening 30 years little or no compensation has been paid and what little was paid largely went in to the pockets of lawyers and middle men.

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One Feeds Two Makes the Final of Ben & Jerry's Global 'Join Our Core' Competition

10-11-2014 17:28

JP Campbell, Edinburgh-based co-founder of One Feeds Two reaches the finals of Ben & Jerry's Join Our Core 2014 competition.

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Introducing the One Feeds Two™ Foundation - Using Hunger to End Hunger

04-11-2014 09:32

One Feeds Two Logo
One Feeds Two is a new food initiative supported by Sir Richard Branson. As food companies partner with One Feeds Two, each meal they sell signifies a school meal will be donated to a child in a poverty stricken country. This allows the child to go to school and not have to work just to survive. This means that the child will help raise themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.

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Deep Forest Poetry

14-09-2014 11:04

Where public life suffers oppression, freedom is on the run. The long march to the future beyond a time that has no future becomes the only escape from the destructive forces of capitalism. The project to get and remain ahead the distorted imagination of the death squads of civilisation becomes an existential impulse. The woods or what is remaining thereof becomes the most important if not condition of victory then obstacle of defeat, and the elementary techniques of life here have changed little over the recent millennia.

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US Intelligence Mole on Lyme Disease Forum

01-09-2014 18:47

I am copying here the text of a discussion on an internet forum called LymeNet, in which a US intelligence mole calling herself "Marnie", who has been in place on the forum for THIRTEEN YEARS, falls to pieces and outs herself, telling us that the Lyme Disease - biowarfare coverup is necessary and for our own protection (!!!)

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North's biggest ever vegan festival

22-08-2014 11:49

After the very successful 1st Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester last year, which over 2500 people came to, a 2nd much bigger Festival takes place next month in Blackpool, before we move back to Manchester in 2015 for an even bigger event.

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Double Emergency Alert: Ebola Acceleration, Internet Smokescreen

08-08-2014 17:30

Seemingly unrelated to each other, two current developments make the world appear like a patient from whose bed it seems difficult to walk away. A hygiene catastrophe is likely to become more deadly than war, and unlike in the Fukushima case in this instance out in the open. Second, a tsunami of rumours about internet privacy breaches has stirred up many who otherwise share little else with each other. Each of this shall be discussed and analysed here with the due precision and brevity to provide the essential knowledge to extinguish these catastrophes with their roots. But first it is necessary to understand how the two relate to each other. It is no mere coincidence that such profound threats against the bodily and mental health of huge populations are occurring in concert. The two layers of symptoms are resulting from the same health catastrophe which has affected the world and expresses itself both in neglect and in repression. What now is visible to the bare eye are the side-effects of a disease befalling species like this and its amplification of the conditions of its own existence at the price of the survival of these species. The full image of that disease, how it can be recognised and how it can be prevented, including its name, will be provided in this report.

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Curo Housing - Foxhill regeneration scheme - contaminated land

23-07-2014 12:25

Concerns grow after Curo Housing buys 48 acres of land heavily contaminated with heavy metals and asbestos for £47m

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Please Vote Veggies!

11-07-2014 17:37

Please Vote Veggies!

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Please Help!

11-07-2014 10:44

Veggies needs YOU!
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