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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Canatxx Gas Storage Ltd propose massive underground gas storage in Lancashire

06-02-2004 21:50

American gas companies application to Wyre Borough Council to store two billion cubic feet of gas in salt caverns under the Wyre estuary with huge impact on safety and the environment.

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Council Tenants - Heads we lose, Tail we don't win!

31-01-2004 16:49

Capital of culture council housing - Here's the working class reality!
Hill rips up decency pledge
Housing minister Keith Hill has turned away from the government’s commitment that all tenants’ homes will meet the decent homes standard even if they vote to stay with their council landlords.

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Foundation Hospitals

30-01-2004 12:00

Together with Private Finance InitiativeS, or PFI, Foundation Hospitals are the new privileged status that some hospitals can achieve, as part of a programme to reform the NHS.

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The Private Finance Initiative

30-01-2004 11:58

The PFI, or Private Finance Initiative, has been called by the Labour Government as "The Third Way". It is seen by the political leaft as a procedure by which a public institution remains public only by name. It is managed and profited from by a -usually multinational - company that charges the public institution (the NHS in case of health care) a rent for the premises and the running of the services.

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30-01-2004 11:46

Some people, like George Monbiot, journalist and author of 'Captive State', think NHS is being privatised. Other people, like David Widgery, doctor and author of 'Health in Danger', think it is being dismantled. People like Theresa Wright who used to work as a nurse think that something is definetely going on but the Government is not being honest about its intentions.

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Cambridge Uni Primate Lab Abandoned

27-01-2004 06:48

R4 'Today' Programme
Presenter: "The protesters have won, it's as simple as that?"
Pallab Ghosh: "Yes."

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Shock news !! : McDonald's make you unhealthy

26-01-2004 14:20

LAST February, Morgan Spurlock decided to become a gastronomical guinea pig.
His mission: To eat three meals a day for 30 days at McDonald's and document the impact on his health, He put on 25 pounds but his supersized shape was the least of his problems.
Within a few days of beginning his drive-through diet, Spurlock, 33, was vomiting out the window of his car, and doctors who examined him were shocked at how rapidly Spurlock's entire body deteriorated..

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Pesticides - Cancers, Leukaemia, ME and Asthma

26-01-2004 00:43

Soil Association

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Re: Press Release from the World Health Organisation

26-01-2004 00:29

"The present upsurge in chemically-induced ME / ICD-CFS"

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Venezuela Decriminalizes Drug Possession

19-01-2004 05:35

speaks for itself... viva chavez!

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17-01-2004 00:03

Document prepared for the Countess of Mar by Malcolm Hooper, Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, in collaboration with members of the ME community, Department of Life Sciences, University of Sunderland, SR2 7EE, UK

(For debate in the House of Lords, Thursday 22 January 2004)

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Industrial site on Green Belt land

16-01-2004 15:27

Since 1998 residents of an area in South Oxford that stretches from Wytham Street to Western Road have been fighting the development of green belt land by Railtrack, now Network Rail.

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Take action against Tesco's sickening animal abuse

04-01-2004 20:46

Dying piglet
When a VIVA! undercover investigator entered Cherry Tree pig farm - who supply Tesco with their "finest" pig meat - they filmed horrific neglect. Let Tesco know what you think of their animal abuse on the 24th of January.

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The McMad Cow (by Latuff)

31-12-2003 19:32

The McMad Cow
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Secret Poisoning of Cigs, OK...Smoking Them, Banned.

27-12-2003 21:20

Anyone interested at all in the "smoking" ban story, and how it is essentially an Evasion of Liabilities for the Cig Industry, ought Google terms such as 'Radiation Cigarettes', Pesticides Tobacco', 'DDT Tobacco', 'Dioxin Tobacco', 'POPs Tobacco', etc. But here are links to bits of integral info...that you will not find in the corporate media...or in your legislators' speeches.

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Anthrax - State of the Art

22-12-2003 16:57

The anthrax used in the attacks of 2001 was a highly sophisticated dry powder bioweapon containing silica coatings that were processed with the aid of a super-specialized siloxane binder. What nation developed this process? Who manufactured the 2001 anthrax? Why did the FBI claim the anthrax was an unsophisticated product that almost any microbiologist could create? We are here to answer these questions.

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CDC vaccine cover-up

21-12-2003 21:35

"The public needs and deserves to know the truth – not only about the biggest medical bungling in our history, but also about the extraordinary efforts of both the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies to cover it up." -- Mother of an autistic child

"A review of these documents leaves me very concerned that rather than seeking to understand whether or not some children were exposed to harmful levels of mercury in childhood vaccines in the 1990s, there may have been a selective use of the data to make the associations in the earliest study disappear."-- Dave Weldon, physician and congressman

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Breaking The Silence - Statement and Recommendations to the CFSAC

19-12-2003 22:32

Please read this and then pass it on to other activists, media contacts, friends, family, and anyone else you know ? The issue of toxic chemicals and multiple vaccines has come to the forefront once more following the docu-drama based partly on Andrew Wakefield experiences after discovering measles virus in the gut of children who developed regressive autism shortly after receiving the MMR vaccine, and partly on the horrendous experience by those affected. Those who saw "Hear The Silence" will understand the lengths the medical establishment and governments will go to in order to silence the truth. Please help, break the silence !

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Accidents Involving Nukes

19-12-2003 22:26

It took six years, but the London Guardian has forced the Ministry of Defence to hand over a list of 20 nuclear accidents from 1960 to 1991. Reporter Rob Evans kindly supplied The Memory Hole with the actual document, which is not otherwise online. He wrote the following story based on this hard-won information:
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