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UK Health Newswire Archive

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'Salt of the Earth' Sends Aid Convoy to Gaza

18-02-2009 17:45

Unable to attend the Viva Palestina convoy send-off in London, I watched video footage of the occasion with tears in my eyes.

Here at last were people of courage and moral backbone... a dying breed in Britain, I had thought. How easily they put our leaders to shame.

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What's Really In Your Food

14-02-2009 12:51

You may be grossed out, but insects and mold in our food are not new. The F.D.A. actually condones a certain percentage of “natural contaminants” in our food supply — meaning, among other things, bugs, mold, rodent hairs and maggots.
In its (falsely) reassuringly subtitled booklet “The Food Defect Action Levels: Levels of Natural or Unavoidable Defects in Foods That Present No Health Hazards for Humans,” the F.D.A.’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition establishes acceptable levels of such “defects” for a range of foods products, from allspice to peanut butter. . . .

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Barclays demos continue in Birmingham

12-02-2009 16:51

Wednesday,11th February

Keeping up the pressure against Barclays, today SHAC Birmingham protested once again outside 2 of their branches in the city centre.

Bad weather as well as bad mannered Barclays staff during the protests were not to deter us in the slightest, as we begun out first demo against this unethical bank with unethical investments, trying to make money from puppy killing.

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IWW Valentine's Day Blood Service protest - Sat 14th Feb

11-02-2009 14:36

Solidarity forever
On Saturday 14th February the IWW is taking a mobile protest to hospitals around the city, to inform the public and healthworkers about the looming closure of the Birmingham blood processing lab in March.

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Goats tormented to undermine women

11-02-2009 11:45

Genetically modified goats are being bred to produce "human" milk for babies who are not breast fed due to choice or because a mother cannot breastfeed.

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Water in Bolivia: Defeating the Multinationals Is Just the Start of the Problem

08-02-2009 14:07

Set in a landscape of dry brown hills and arroyos flooded with dust, Cochabamba, Bolivia's third-largest city, is not rich in water. Seen from the air in early September, at the tail end of the southern winter, the land is brown and barren from the ridgetops to the river valleys. A warm wind blows dust in billowing clouds. Thousands of feet below the soaring, icy peaks of the altiplano to the west, and thousands of feet above the lush coca fields of the Chapare to the east and the Amazon to the north, Cochabamba enjoys the mildest climate in the country, but suffers from what geographers call "water stress," compounded here, as everywhere, by climate change.

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Conference to Organize Community Survival Programs in Africa and U.S.

07-02-2009 20:28

All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project Conference Calls for Engineers, Scientists and Healthcare Workers to Build Community Survival Programs in Africa and U.S. - February 21-22, 2009

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Ben Goldacre receives legal warning

07-02-2009 13:24

You may enjoy Ben Goldacre's column in The Guardian. The Press Gazette reports: Medical journalist Ben Goldacre has been hit with a legal warning from London radio station LBC after he published an audio clip of an ‘irresponsible’ MMR phone-in on his website.

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Anti-Contraception Republicans = Anti-Stimulus Votes

05-02-2009 14:07

Republicans, backed by the Christian right, have made it clear that they oppose the pro-contraception provisions in the stimulus package that allow states to cover family planning services and supplies to low-income women who are not otherwise eligible for Medicaid, and give states the option to provide such coverage without obtaining a waiver.

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Christian Voice Loses ASA Case

05-02-2009 12:18

A week after the Advertising Standards Authority ruled in favour of the Atheist Bus Campaign adverts rather than the complainants (who included Christian Voice), they have stated that Christian Voice is no longer allowed to run adverts making unsubstantiated claims against the HPV vaccine, which protects young girls from cervical cancer.

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Obama congratulated for overturning global abortion funding ban

05-02-2009 09:00

President Obama has been widely congratulated by women's groups and family planning organisations for overturning the ban on U.S. federal funding for providing abortion care or counselling abroad.

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Barclays has more demos in Birmingham

05-02-2009 04:26

Wednesday 4th Feb 2009

SHAC Demonstrations continue against Barclays branches in Birmingham as today we carried on with our regular protests against them.

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Healthcare is a Right!

04-02-2009 21:27

On a rainy November 13th evening in NYC a large group of people gathered in Times Square, and then marched to the headquarters of GHI, a non-profit health insurance company which faces privatization. The marchers were demonstrating in support of the passage of HR 676, a bill for national single-payer healthcare, and against the proposed privatization of GHI/HIP.

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Philippines: Don’t revive the “Monster of Morong, Bataan”

04-02-2009 04:08

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) to Philippine Congress: Don't revive Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

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Bayer Day of Action in Sweden

01-02-2009 12:43

For the international day of action activists targeted Bayer Cropsciences headoffice in Stockholm, Sweden. About fiftheen activists gathered in front of the main gate to the compound where Bayer is situated. Obviously, the company already knew of our plans and two security guys stood guard in front of the gate. They had to redirect some of the traffic to another lane to get them through the crowd of angry protesters and as workers drove away several gave us the thumbs up.

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Barclays Demos in Birmingham

31-01-2009 18:37

Yesturday SHACtivists in Birmingham held protests against 2 branches of Barclays Bank in the city centre, these protests were done in co--ordination with Italian activists launching their campaign against Barclays across Italy. Barclays Plc are currently investing in Huntingdon Death Sciences, a lab which murders 500 animals every single day of the week are experiencing regular protests in which every time they lose more and more business.

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Q&A : Water Pushed to the Limit

30-01-2009 14:12

Manuel Baquedano
SANTIAGO, Jan 30 (Tierramérica) - When it comes to water, "humanity does not have the full awareness of the danger it is facing and will only act under extreme circumstances. The bad news is that those extremes are drawing near," Manuel Baquedano, president of the Chilean non-governmental Institute of Political Ecology, told Tierramérica. *

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Toxicogenmics: Technology Beyond Vivisection

30-01-2009 10:39

Modern developments in molecular biology and the science of molecular toxicology. Without recourse to the use of animals.

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The Other Davos: Nestlé baby food pushing, trade union busting and spying exposé

30-01-2009 10:35

While political and business leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum campaigning Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are gathering in Zurich to expose malpractice by Swiss food giant, Nestlé.

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World Day for Lab Animals March - London

30-01-2009 00:02

World Day for Animals in Laboratories
To mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories, campaigners from all over the UK and beyond will be gathering in London on April 25 to call for an end to animal experiments. Following a march from Hyde Park through the centre of London, where we intend to take the anti-vivisection message to large numbers of shoppers, tourists and residents, we will then hold a rally at Parliament to protest against the government’s pro-vivisection policies.
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