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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Free Vegan Food Fair in Lichfield - report & film

22-07-2008 04:58

You may recall that way back in April, Midlands Vegan Campaigns held our second free food fair in Lichfield. It was a truly fantastic event, a roaring success which has gone totally unreported, until now! Why`s it taken so long? Well, various reasons which i won`t bore you with here - but better late than never!! :)

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West Coast Capital HBOS PLC The Company You Keep is Vile!

20-07-2008 10:32

Pirates of Penarth Crest Cardiff Bay Wales
Please Help Us! The Shalom Family of 7 who, five years ago, were immorally evicted by Crest Nicholson, now in the joint ownerships of Sir Tom Hunter's West Coast Capital and HBOS Plc Bank of Scotland, make fresh joint appeal to Sir Tom Hunter - West Coast director and Mr Hornby CEO HBOS Plc. The letter is reproduced, as also published to the family run website at

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Action Alert: HLS Shareholder - Old Mutual

20-07-2008 01:51

Eagle Asset dump all 500,000 blood money shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences'
Next Target: Old Mutual, one of HLS' largest investors with 150,000 shares
For information about the campaign to close HLS in the UK see

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HLS Financial Allies & AstraZeneca Protests in London

19-07-2008 23:18

On the back of the brilliant news that Raymond James (Eagle Asset Management) had sold their 500,000 odd shares in HLS, the day started with a letter from them confirming this. This was a fantastic result after only approximately 2 weeks and 5 demonstrations. HLS's shareholders predominantly exist solely in the United States, so shareholder targets in the UK are few and far between. However, just 5 minute walk from Raymond James is Old Mutual, of 2 Lambeth Hill. Old Mutual own a company called Acadian Asset Management who have about 15,000 shares in HLS.

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Kentucky Fried Cruelty...

18-07-2008 22:12

To highlight the incredible suffering inflicted on millions of animals by KFC, including a staggering 960,000 chickens every hour, the Nottingham Animal Rights crew spent a productive Thursday evening leafletting outside KFC.

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Natalie Bracht, more reported sightings

15-07-2008 08:58

On the run for two months now with her five daughters, the police remain hot on the trail of fugative Natalie Bracht. The latest statement from the police say she has been sighted in Devon on a bus from Exeter through Dartmoor. She has previously been reported to have been in Yeovil, Glastonbury and Bristol since originally hiding out in London after abandoning her home in Sunderland. Other reports place her in Holland or Germany.

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IWW blood service techno benefit gig saturday 19th

14-07-2008 11:36

Just Defy the Vampires

DnB // Dubstep // Techno // Mashup @ The Redstar, 319 Camberwell Rd.

Benefit gig for campaign against cuts in the National Blood Service hosted by the Industrial Workers of the World, the UK's one and only radical autonomous grassroots union.

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Philippines: Ban Endosulfan!

12-07-2008 23:36

PHILIPPINES: Ban Endosulfan!
Citizens Press for Total Ban on Endosulfan to Put Off “Toxic Time Bomb”

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SHAC Financial & Supplier Demos Continue

08-07-2008 18:58

Two reports from SHACtivists from the UK & US - 18th July
Targets: NYSE, Raymond James, Staples & Goldman Sachs

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Protest at Novartis, Grismby

08-07-2008 14:34

This is the start of regular Lincolnshire demos against Novartis...

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Badgers spared in England, but not Wales

07-07-2008 16:41

ALF target farming union offices over badger cull

The Secretary of State for DEFRA, Hilary Benn, announced today that he has decided against a cull of badgers in England to control TB in cattle. The decision came after protest actions last month with a rally attended by over 300 supporters and the sabotaging of five offices owned by the National Farmers Union (NFU) and the Farmers Union of Wales (FUW). Mr Benn also has resounding public support for sparing badgers. A DEFRA public consultation on the issue received submissions from 47,000 respondents, ninety-five per cent of whom opposed a cull. Despite this, The Welsh Assembly has voted to allow badger culling to go ahead in Wales.

The government-appointed Independent Scientific Group announced in June 2007 - following a decade of research - that killing badgers would not significantly reduce bovine TB and could make matters worse. It also declared that TB probably first spreads from cattle to badgers, where it remains stable, provided the badgers are undisturbed. Research has demonstrated that culling causes massive disturbance and has the effect of increasing the incidence and spread of the disease. Benn has come under unrelenting pressure from the farming industry to give permission for the destruction of around 170,000 badgers - half the population.

Newswire: Benn confirms Badgers saved in England | Badgers saved in England, but not in Wales | Badgers spared - Thank you ALF! | Anti-Badger Cull Demo Action Report | ALF target farming union offices over badger cull | Rally For Badgers - Stop The Cull!

Links: Viva | Animal Liberation Front (ALF) | Animal Aid | The Badger Trust

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Free Vegan Food For All! 4/07/08*

06-07-2008 21:24

Food for thought...
To promote Saturday's Viva! Veggie Roadshow, and as ever to promote veganism, members of Nottingham Animal Rights & Veggies distributed free vegan food and literature outside the council house.

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Badgers saved in England, but not in Wales

05-07-2008 19:17

Going against solid scientific advice the Welsh Assembly have voted to allow badger culling to go ahead in Wales, despite the leaked announced from DEFRA that badgers in England will be spared. This will be a wildlife massacre of an almost unprecedented scale - and for nothing. The largest report into bovine TB found that badger culling would actually make the situation worse by displacing surviving badgers.

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Badgers spared - Thank you ALF!

04-07-2008 13:08

ALF target farming union offices over badger cull, June 13th
The BBC today reports that DEFRA Secretary of State, Hilary Benn, will announce on Monday that he has decided against a cull of badgers in England to control TB in cattle. If the report is correct, the A.L.F. and its supporters will be relieved that the Secretary of State has finally made a right decision, one that is based on sound science.

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HLS Largest Customers Fined For Overcharging Docters

03-07-2008 20:42

Big pharma companies make big profits from animal abuse, while causing adverse drug side effects to patients. Their greed knows no bounds and they over charged Medicaid doctors for their drugs. Nice to know that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Novartis and AstraZeneca et al are not always getting away with their fraudulent ways...

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Activist arrested for writing in the ground

03-07-2008 12:35

An activist was arrested today for criminal damage. It is alleged that she wrote something in the earth as she and her friends sat outside Sequani on a Sunday chatting. We are told that one person held a BUAV banner there was no shouting.

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South London Critical Mass

02-07-2008 16:54

First Friday of the month
6:30 Peckham Library 4th July
.pdf A4 Flyer - 4x A5

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Disabled People's Direct Action Network meets with James Purnell MP

02-07-2008 12:22

Six Disabled People from the Disabled People’s Direct Action Network (DAN) met with James Purnell (Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) and Anne McGuire (Minister for Disabled People) on the 30th June 2008 at Caxton House, Tothill Street, London.

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Pre-Climate Camp street medic training!

01-07-2008 18:24

The UK Action Medics are running a 2 1/2 day street medic training in Leeds during the run-up to Climate Camp. It will be a 20 hour course that will teach you the basics of general First Aid, as well as skills to deal with medical situations specific to direct action, such as dealing with chemical weapons and the police. We will also be offering sections specifically tailored to situations likely to arise at this year’s Climate Camp, such as water safety and public health. The course will involve scenarios and hands-on practice and, although we cannot offer you any official accreditation, the 2 1/2 day training is the minimum standard for membership of the Action Medics, and will equip you for a wide range of situations, from hypothermia to baton wounds.
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