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UK Health Newswire Archive

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London Mayday Cycle Ride.

03-04-2006 15:31

Here is an A6 leaflet you can print out and distribute, or you could even design your own to hand out instead, as long as the details are the same.

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M1 widening opposition

01-04-2006 08:01

A group of Nottingham residents show their opposition to the M1 widening at the highways agency exhibition in Long Eaton.

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Sheila McKechnie Foundation backs ‘Save Spodden Valley’

31-03-2006 11:53

All generations campaigning together in Rochdale...
Asbestos concerns and the Save Spodden Valley campaign were recognised this week by Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown at a national campaign award ceremony.

Save Spodden Valley campaign co-ordinator Jason Addy and web designer Alice Smith were invited to London by the Sheila McKechnie Foundation. The community campaign from Rochdale was nominated for the Consumer Action award sponsored by Which?

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No M1 widening demo

30-03-2006 20:17

Come along to Long Eaton on Friday 31st March and tell the highways agency what you think of their plans to widen the M1.

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Street Theatre Raised Awareness of Dairy Cow Suffering

30-03-2006 11:22

Last Friday morning, 9 members of Redditch Vegetarians & Vegans donned aprons, dressing gowns and cow masks in a Mother`s Day themed publicity stunt! We used an hoover, mop/bucket, brooms and an ironing board to attract the attention of shoppers, and leaflets were handed out which revealed how the dairy cow is the hardest worked of all farmed animals.

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Drop the Community Care Charges

30-03-2006 09:56

In February Sheffield City Council announced a 165% increase in home care charges. The council wants to raise £1.7 million by increasing these charges so it can balance its budget.

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30-03-2006 03:29

The following is a letter by Stephen Fox to the FDA Commissioner ordering him to rescind the approval of aspartame as an artificial sweetener:

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Video about the NAIL campaign

28-03-2006 18:34

This short video voices the views of Nottingham residents about the Eastcroft Incinerator and the plans to expand the facilities. The three incinerators on the site burn most of Nottingham's household waste - including recyclable materials. They also incinerate industrial waste including reject cigarettes, plastics, chemicals, tyres, PVC, animal tissues etc. On the site there is also a clinical waste incinerator that burns hospital waste including low-level radioactive waste.

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A tall story

28-03-2006 15:14

Cycling the wrong way down Brick Lane in East London today, I happened to notice a couple of bikes flying flags, chain to a lamp post. The bikes were rather unusual, double height custom jobs and the flags contained a URL for which I guessed meant I'd come across some people on a bike tour. I started to write a note to leave on the bikes inviting them to the 12th anniversary London critical mass bike ride at the end of next month but the cyclists returned so I got to have a chat...

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Bhopal disaster protesters 'arrested'

28-03-2006 15:13

Bhopalis who walked 500 miles to meet Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh find themselves in jail

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come along to Rising Tide this Thursday!

27-03-2006 15:16

All welcome to this Thursdays special interest meeting.

Come find out more about London Rising Tide - a grassroots, direct action group fighting against climate change and for a sustainable future! We areholding a special meeting onThursday 30th March for people to come along and find out more about who we are and what we get up to.

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No M1 widening visit Long Eaton

24-03-2006 19:10

A group of activists visit Long Eaton to raise awareness of the campaign.

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More than £1000 donated by Sheffield citizens to MSF's ongoing work in Sudan

24-03-2006 15:11

Members of Sheffield MSF Society collecting in Sheffield City Centre
Sudan is on MSF's top-ten list of under-reported humanitarian stories of 2005. Students at Sheffield University has started a new group dedicated to advocate the work of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and raise funds for various projects. Their first project was collecting for MSF's work in Sudan through various events.

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First Aid Training at Matilda, Sheffield 1/04

21-03-2006 12:34

The UK Action Medics will be running a one-day training on Saturday the 1st April at Matilda Social Centre, Sheffield.

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20-03-2006 12:09

The Gloucestershire Green party have made a submission to the Government's nuclear waste consultation which has just closed. Glos Greens also sent a representative to the recent Round Table discussion with the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) in Bristol and have consulted with many experts to write the 35-page submission which has been described by other environmentalists as 'one of the best' on the issue (i).

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guerrilla gardeners reclaim some land to grow food!

20-03-2006 11:23

yesterday a group of people from saturday clubs dosummat reclaimed some land to make a nice space that is now a garden.

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Countryside Properties - illegal flyposting danger to cyclists...

19-03-2006 09:26

Countryside Properties Mayfield development unlawful flyposting...
Rochdale has a problem with illegal flyposting on street furniture next to its busiest roads. Many of the culprits are building companies directing drivers to new multi-million pound developments.

Safety groups are concerned that drivers can be distracted by the illegal signs. Cyclists have expressed particular concern about Countryside Properties PLC advertising its Mayfield housing development.

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Uranium bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe

19-03-2006 08:08

Nine days after the start of the American president's 2003 "shock and awe" uranium bombing campaign in Baghdad, an invisible radioactive uranium oxide gas cloud swept through Britain's towns and countryside and throughout Europe.

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Film about the NAIL (anti incinerator) campaign in Nottingham

18-03-2006 11:11


Just finished a 10 minute short about the NAIL Campaign. Expect a higher quality screening version to be uploaded in a few days time. You can watch it on Youtube here.

If you have problems viewing the downloadable files below, please download and install VideoLAN (VLC) media player. It is free and works on most computer systems.

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Monkeys around Nottingham

16-03-2006 22:14

A troop of Robin Hood and Maid Marian monkeys, were monkeying around the Nottingham Castle and Broadmarsh Shopping Centre, to draw the public’s attention to the plight of primates in laboratories, in Nottingham and other cities throughout the UK and EU.
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