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UK Health Newswire Archive

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'AIDS is with us' - ACT now!

05-11-2004 17:44

Mannie, Henry and Mandisa
Last night was the Cambridge leg of the Stop Aids speaker tour where three inspirational speakers from Zambia, Uganda and South Africa talked about their experiences with HIV/AIDS. All of them had lost people to the disease.

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africa week at the rampART

04-11-2004 13:42

africa week
at the rampART creative centre, 9.-13.11.'04

-films, exhibitions, talk, discussion, food, music-

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Wanna be in a Mcdonalds Advert?

03-11-2004 14:39

Mcdonalds are casting a new advert in London. The horror...

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Veggie Roadshows

31-10-2004 20:55

Viva are holding Incredible Veggie Roadshows across the UK. Find out what the great plant based diet can do for you, the enivornment, animals and to reduce world hunger.

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Scotland: Dump protesters take direct action against landfill company

27-10-2004 19:47

Villagers stage noisy protest at country's biggest waste exhibition.

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World Vegan Day, free vegan food!

25-10-2004 12:18

World Vegan Day is on the 1st November and to celebrate, Manchester Animal Protection are holding the 3rd of their wonderful free vegan food days! On Saturday, 30th October, from 11am-3pm, at the Friend's Meeting House, behind the Central Library, Manchester city centre. Open for all to come and delight in the guilt-free pleasures of animal-free food.

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Jewel of the East End in peril.

23-10-2004 17:54

Queens Market, Upton Park is one of the most vibrant spaces in East London. Now this remarkable street market is under threat. The London Borough of Newham Council have appointed St Modwens as its preferred developer to "re-develop" the market to include an ASDA supermarket.

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Pix of ESF 2004, Sat 16 Oct 04 - Set 1 of 2

21-10-2004 11:19

Developments in Human Genetics - Helen Wallace
Photos of the speakers at "Developments in Human Genetics " and "Beyond GM: Nanotechnology in Food and Agriculture" in Bloomsbury.
For a list of the speakers photographed and associated web links, see the story below the photos.

For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For links to the other sets of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.

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Pix of ESF 2004, Sat 16 Oct 04 - Set 2 of 2

21-10-2004 10:59

Resisting corporate monopolies and new enclosures - Birgit Müller
Photos of the speakers at "Resisting corporate monopolies and new enclosures", "Prenatal screening: eugenics or women's rights?" and "Human cloning and genetic engineering: what's at stake?" in Bloomsbury.
For a list of the speakers photographed and associated web links, see the story below the photos.

For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For links to the other sets of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.

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Urgent Action - Please support Luke Winston-Jones

19-10-2004 12:38

Only days after the High Court ruled that it is OK for doctors to refuse to offer life support to Charlotte Whyatt, the family of another disabled baby are facing the same Right to Life battle.

Luke Winston-Jones's mother Ruth will be at the High Court in London this coming Thursday and Friday to fight for her son's life.

As Ruth says "Luke is a beautiful child who has real quality of life and is full of personality. Luke’s biggest health problem at the moment is the hole he has in his heart which Alder Hey and other hospitals in the UK have refused to correct due to the fact that Luke has Edwards syndrome. Luke is being refused the treatment he so vitally needs, even though children with Edwards can live many years."

Luke's family have asked disabled people and their allies to show their solidarity by coming to the courts on either 21st or 22nd October and or to sign the following petition.

If you want to get involved simply cut and paste the following and add your name and address on sending.


We do not think that judges and medical staff should be able to decide on who should or should not receive life saving treatment on the basis of disability / impairment. We support Luke Winston-Jones Equal Rights to Life. We call upon Parliament to amend the Disability Discrimination Act so that disabled children like Luke have equal right to life and access to life saving treatment.

Send emails of support to:

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Blair to trash incapacity benefit

16-10-2004 11:02

Blair plans to subsidise the pensions shortfall by targeting the sick and disabled who
"languish on benefits"!

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Drug Industry Scandal a 'Crisis'

11-10-2004 22:54

An estimated 1 million US dead and a proportionate amount in Europe, the compromising of key elements within the medical community and its regulatory structures, the blind pursuit of billions of dollars in corporate profits -- all have surfaced in a detonating pharmaceutical industry scandal of global dimension.

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Sheffield people prevent erection of G3 phone mast

10-10-2004 11:17

Protestors gather at 4 am
Contractors acting for Hutchinson Communications were today prevented for installing a G3 phone mast at Berkeley Precinct.

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Saddest case - Charlotte Wyatt

09-10-2004 03:13

A quick look decision, in relation to Charlotte Wyatt, a very sick child in the UK, that may have some major legal problems. It may also be an indicator, of larger scale problems, with the UK justice system.

Mandatory state suicide? Wait just a goddamn cotton pickin minute...

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Cuban women speak in Oxford

08-10-2004 12:22

Alicia Gonzalez Gutierrez and Ivette Vega Hernandez are introduced by Caro Raine
Alicia Gonzalez Gaitierrez, Prof of Languages and International Relations and Ivette Vega Hernandez, Psychologist and involved in producing Muchachas and Mujeres, two women’s tabloids, came and spoke at the Oxford Town Hall. They are both involved in the Federation of Cuban Women.

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slowly?-) NHS staff achieve pay deal..

08-10-2004 03:47

reprinted from

i think 'agenda for change' [within th NHS] was outlined in an earlier conference, this year. does any one have notes?

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New date for Mad Chicks

06-10-2004 13:27

Don't forget that the date for Mad Chicks has now changed.

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Sheffield community shows willingess to act against phone mast

03-10-2004 19:23

No entry for G3 at The Berkeley Centre
Following information that an attempt was to be made to erect a G3 phone mast on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, this morning, a large group of residents gathered to protect the site

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Mad Peckham

02-10-2004 13:10

Mad Peckham

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Anti-GM action - 29-30/09/04 - Sainsbury’s Haydock (Merseyside) depot blockaded

30-09-2004 15:12

Sainsbury’s Haydock depot blockaded for three and a half hours.
This was in protest over Sainsbury’s selling milk from cows that have been fed GM feed.
Lots of lorries stopped.
No arrests
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