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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Biased Newsnight coverage of Oxford animal lab opening

12-11-2008 23:02

Last nights Newsnight programme on BBC2 had a report on the opening of the new Oxford animal lab. It was one of the most biased pieces I have ever seen.

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SHAC Attack: Scary Science Week Global Roundup

05-11-2008 16:49

Abbot Labs - UK
8 countries, 3 continents, over 50 protests

Scary Science Week Is Over...

But We're Just Getting Warmed Up!

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Nottingham's October Critical Mass and Bike About :: Piccys

01-11-2008 20:22

On Friday 31 October, Nottingham's Critical Mass Bike Ride started from the Market Square on Halloween Night. Critical Mass is for everyone who rides a bike in Nottingham and wants to take part. Meeting at 5pm, this was the first in some time in the city, and was really well attended.

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Festival Fever in the West Midlands!

31-10-2008 02:48

The West Midlands Vegan Festival will take place this Saturday, 1st November in Wolverhampton. Featuring a feast of delicious food, 58 stalls, 12 talks/workshops, 3 cookery demos, live music, awards, competitions and so much more...

Take a look below at some of the supportive messages we`ve received from people expecting to attend the festival.

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Candlelit vigil against Rolls Royce planning for nuclear reactor in derby

30-10-2008 21:45

stop reactors in derby save lives
Monday 3/11/08 at Derby City Council House, Derby . See attachments and ring zena on 0116 253 1649

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Prime Minister’s Question Time Evicted Houseboat Family Petition Downing Street

29-10-2008 19:08

Cardiff Central Dad and Daughters Set Course for London To Petition Gordon Brown
“I will let the prime minister have it on your behalf.” Words of some comfort spoken by the doorman at 10 Downing Street, but will the injustice and corporate bullying done to the evicted Shalom Family from Wales, continue to be ignored by Government? Their appeal asking for answers from Gordon Brown, was delivered upon the fifth anniversary of their immoral houseboat eviction by Crest Nicholson.

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Animal rights protesters raided for banner drop

24-10-2008 23:44

Banner drop against Ciba Vision
CIBA PUNKS - Issue 652


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Will U.S. Tax Rebate/Economic Stimulus be a Windfall for Gambling Casinos?

24-10-2008 16:47

Would it be more prudent next time “U.S. Government Tax Stimulus Rebates” be “government vouchers” that can only be used to pay for food, housing, utilities, medical bills, e.g., important primary needs?

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UK nuclear tests left 'disease timebomb'

23-10-2008 11:36

UK nuclear tests conducted in the 1950s have left veterans and their children with a variety of congenital diseases, according to a backbench Tory MP.

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Dialect - Criminals or Victims? Bristol's prostitutes in the spotlight

21-10-2008 22:02

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every weekend. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733. Listen on air: 93.2 FM (BCFM), Tuesdays 9:00 PM.

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Welcome to Game-to-Eat's new e-newsletter...

21-10-2008 16:58

Bringing you all the latest news from the world of delicious wild British game!

In our September/October e-newsletter:
Glorious Game
Game-to-Eat booklet and posters
Autumn Favourites
British Game Dinner
Butcher of the Month
Restaurant of the Month
Recipes of the Month

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McCruelty: “We’re not lov’in it” – Cambridge

18-10-2008 16:52

Late World Day Against McDonalds thing

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Baby Show under fire over arms links

17-10-2008 17:13

Clarion Events, owners of the Baby Show which opens in London today, are facing a backlash against their involvement in the arms trade. One of their main sponsors has decided not to turn up, while many other exhibitors are voicing their opposition to Clarion's ownership of arms fairs.

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HLS & NYSE Shareholders Protests, London

17-10-2008 15:35

Wednesday 15th October, 07:30hrs.

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Festival for World Vegan Day - Sat 1st Nov

15-10-2008 21:18

Promote the festival - order or download some leaflets/posters below
Whether you`re vegan, an aspiring vegan or just vegan curious, there`s only one place to be on Saturday 1st November 2008!!

At the West Midlands Vegan Festival, there`ll be a feast of food, 55 stalls, 3 cookery demos, 12 talks, live music, magic show, a yoga workshop, speed meeting session, tons of FREE stuff, awards, raffles, competitions and much, much more...!!

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Banner drop against Ciba Vision

14-10-2008 15:34

As we count down to the Scary Science Week of action, activists in Hampshire have dropped banners near to HLS customer Ciba Vision (Novartis) in Hedge End.

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Protest Oct. 21 - For a Woman's Right to Choose

13-10-2008 22:46

Please join Abortion Rights on Tuesday Oct. 21, 5:30pm at Old Palace Yard, outside Parliament, St. Stephen's entrance. Protest has been called to oppose further anti-abortion attempts to drive back women's rights and support the first Parliamentary opportunity in a generation to improve the law for women and extend rights to Northern Ireland. All pro-choice supporters welcome!

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SHAC London Demos Continues Apace

13-10-2008 15:06

Do your bit to support the SHAC UK 8 and get out onto the streets

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Students Stuff Themselves

07-10-2008 11:47

Vegan pizza
At yesterdays 'Free food giveaway' hungry, poverty stricken students at NTU trawled through a mountain of tasty VEGAN food outside the students union.
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