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UK Health Newswire Archive

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Mad Chicks: 9 October 2004

09-08-2004 13:06


I found your details on the ESF proposal pages and wondered if this was of interest - or if
you could forward it to others who might want to be involved.
Mad Chicks, 9 October 2004
Mad Chicks - the girlish section of Mad Pride - is holding a day and
evening of events exploring, raging about and improving women's mental
health. The Union Chapel at London's Highbury Corner will be host to an
info-fair, creative workshops, massage, debates, video, artwork, a cafi
and, in the evening, a great gig with music, comedy, poetry, live arts
and general merriment.

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English Boarding Schools

07-08-2004 15:57

After 20 years and just at the onset of my 40’s I finally realize that my time from the age of 7-13 and 13-20 at Dorset House School and then Seaford College Boarding Schools in Sussex England were the most violent and hellish experience of my life. Dante nor Blake or Dickens could do it justice.

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Mobile Mast Torn Down

05-08-2004 12:31

This is the sort of action that anyone interested in changing the world we live in for the better should be engaged in...what's to stop you? Tear down all the masts-forget about your phone- live a little- be uncontrollable for a while?

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Scottish Reiki Festival 2004

03-08-2004 19:23

Scottish Reiki Festival 2004

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30-07-2004 17:25

LIVERPOOL Football Club has finally got the green light for its new stadium as the City Council granted planning permission for the Stanley Park project today (Friday 30 July).

The decision came late on Friday afternoon following much deliberation at Liverpool Town Hall and an 8am inspection of the proposed site was also held by members of the council's planning commitee.

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Mad Pride birthday bash

30-07-2004 17:06

Mad Simon Barnet, Mr. Mad Pride, was 44 recently...

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LET US DECIDE - the case for council housing (Liverpool has 21,000 remaining)

30-07-2004 17:00

LET US DECIDE (from Guardian 29th June 2004)

Tenants have the right to affordable, secure housing that is provided by the council - not private companies

Tenants all round Britain are intent on defending council housing against a government dogmatically committed to privatisation. Decent, affordable, secure and accountable housing provided by the local council has served generations well. And contrary to myth, it pays for itself - if all the money it brings in is reinvested. In Camden, my rent for a three bedroom flat is £85 per week. In the wake of the right to buy policy, the same flats go for over £250,000. Many are now owned by private management companies who rent them out for £300 a week. Housing Association rents in Camden are much higher than the council; and they have an appalling record on repairs and how they treat tenants.

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Southend: Protest against privatisation of home care

30-07-2004 12:00

Home care workers, members of Unison, Southend Pensioners Group and others joined forces to protest outside a Southend council meeting last week. They want to stop the councils plans to privatise home care services. It was a lively protest, with pensioners and trades unionists waving banners, chanting and handing out leafletts which warned how privatisation will mean a worse service for the elderly, as well as attacks the jobs, pay and conditions of the care workers.

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Braintree: Protesters demand baby care unit for hospital.

30-07-2004 11:52

Protesters, including many mothers, have been marching and campaigning in Braintree Essex to keep their maternity unit open 24 hours a day. Organisers called on supporters to march in their hundreds to demand health bosses make WJC Hospital, in London Road, a fully operational unit. Local mums feel that the other nearest 24 hour unit, in Chelmsford, is too far away.

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Future of East Oxford Community Centre (EOCC) - results of survey

28-07-2004 09:27

EOCC bulding, Princes Street
Results of survey of local views on proposed extension and refurbishment of the community kitchen at EOCC. The survey was done on behalf of East Oxford Healthy Living Initiative (HLI).

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26-07-2004 14:58

Many are calling for international intervention in the Negev

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Monitors, Observers And Your Paranoia

25-07-2004 17:08

The most subliminal messaging is propagated by being under constant surveillance, behind your back, without your knowledge, turning good people into human lab-animal experiments. YOUR NEXT.

Fantasy? Science Fiction? Psychosis? Or, something ELSE?

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Campaign for Safer Roads

22-07-2004 12:08

Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group is helping to work toward holistic solutions to the city's traffic problems...

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Cows greet sainsburys shareholders

12-07-2004 11:18

Anti-GM campaigners dressed as cows leafleted shareholders entering the Sainsburys AGM taking place at the QEII conference centre in London today.

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Alert On Ontario MD's!

09-07-2004 22:03

Alert On Ontario MD's! A Penetrating Analysis of Corruption In Ontario's HEALTHCARE System.

According to a CMAJ-JAMC report on medical ethics "The profession has accepted that dishonesty is necessary because of the dire consequences of being truthful.".

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Darwin drug law reform activists concerned for their safety

08-07-2004 06:14

Don't bash us on Saturday - Darwin drug law reform activists concerned for their safety

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Sainsbury's try a Scarydairy Fix

05-07-2004 15:43

Copy of a letter sent out by Sainbury's on the day thet activists blockaded their warehouses over their use of GM feed for milk products.

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Viral hepatitis, a life-threatening immunological disorder

04-07-2004 23:20

Viral hepatitis is a worldwide disabling and fatal disease wich current technic treatment has poor results, select resistant virus and even maintain virus infection and has fatal side effects. Current technic ignores that the core of the problem is the host response before microbe challenge with large amounts of energy waste and not the virus itself alone.

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Update on the Human Rights case re. employment disability discrimination

30-06-2004 17:51

Thanks to everyone for the support in the case, particularly those in South Norwood and Hackney. Here a short update.

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Vegan Fair This Sunday

30-06-2004 08:51

Come to the annual London Vegan Festival this Sunday for talks, stalls, great food and lovely people! All welcome.
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