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UK Health Newswire Archive

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NSW Corrective Services Legislation Amendment Bill

28-07-2006 02:16

Access to the same health treatment
General Purposes Standing Committee #3

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US Air Force begins bombing raids in NT!

27-07-2006 23:26

Yankee Go Home!
Out where the river broke, The bloodwood and the desert oak, cockatoos will be wrecked and kangaroo, Stealth in 300,000 degree centigrade bombing raids?

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Protests Greet Blair in Nottingham

27-07-2006 10:34

Tony Blair was in Nottingham yesterday (Wed 26th July) to give a talk on health at the Albert Hall on health. He was greeted by angry protests inside and outside the hall.

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Anti-Asbestos campaigners to 'go bananas' against Countryside Properties PLC

26-07-2006 01:19

Anti-Asbestos campaigners 'go bananas'...
Wednesday 26th July:

Anti-Asbestos campaigners are to ‘go bananas’ this evening outside Rochdale Town Hall from 5.45pm – 6.15pm.

Strict council rules ban placards and banners inside the Town Hall so the campaigners hope to get their point across with Fairtrade soft fruit.

They say the planning system is ‘bananas’ where local council taxpayers have to pay up to £80,000 for a report that heavily criticises the past actions of property speculators who wish to build a £100 million development with a planning fee of just £5500.

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Unction and cure

25-07-2006 20:44

Of the cure through “ungidos” antibiotics

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48 Hour Ambulance Strike This Weekend!

25-07-2006 19:25

Ambulance workers across Merseyside and Cheshire are preparing for 48 hour stoppage this weekend, in a dispute over pay. Technicians - who assist paramedics in ambulances - began a series of walkouts two weeks ago, after the collapse of talks with their bosses.

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Atkins Report welcomed by Rochdale MP!

24-07-2006 12:03

The publication today (24th July 2006) of the Atkins Report by Rochdale Council into asbestos and non-asbestos contamination at the former TBA site at Spodden Valley has been welcomed by Rochdale MP Paul Rowen.

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STOP water fluoridation NOW! and prevent it in your area!

24-07-2006 11:41

Anti water Fluoridation campaign

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Why hasn't aspartame been banned?

24-07-2006 11:30

Important information to help you stay healthy nd informed:

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Lloyds TSB Welsh Proms One Man Picket IS Part of It!

23-07-2006 15:55

Lloyds TSB Welsh Proms Be A Part of It!
*Previously, Rt. Hon The Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Freda Salway was delighted with a major three-year title sponsorship of the Welsh Proms Cardiff. One Family man at this years’ event, in St David’s Hall Cardiff is picketing for help and it may provoke a three-year, retrospective approach.

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General Rejuvenation of the Body

22-07-2006 11:04

Some practitioners are now offering a new healing technology – vacuum-gradient therapy (VGT), which influences body processes on much more fundamental level, so it enables us to cure the most serious health problems. This method is based on the application of measured levels of vacuum to different layers of soft tissues, including the very deepest muscle structures.

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Protest to mark the loss of the NHS

21-07-2006 16:27

First of regular protests against the loss of the NHS.

Protest on Saturday 5th August 11-2pm. It will be held in the gardens at the end of Mazil Way, Cowley Road.

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Angry hospital staff protest in Southport

18-07-2006 16:55

Workers facing redundancy staged a protest at plans to cut 83 jobs from Southport and Ormskirk hospitals. More than 50 members of Amicus and Unison unions staged a protest against the cuts outside the Southport site from noon until 2pm yesterday.

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(BAYER) Medications infected with the AIDS virus:

18-07-2006 09:26

Medications infected with the AIDS virus: See Mike Papantonio on MSNBC awarding the “Rat of the week” to Bayer Corp.:

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Merseyside Ambulance Staff in Second 24hr Strike

17-07-2006 14:06

Ambulance workers across Merseyside and Cheshire are preparing for a second 24 hour strike in a dispute over pay. Technicians, who assist paramedics in ambulances, began a series of three walkouts last Thursday after the collapse of talks with their bosses.

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Uranium bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe

16-07-2006 01:22

Nine days after the start of the American president's 2003 "shock and awe" uranium bombing campaign in Baghdad, an invisible radioactive uranium oxide gas cloud swept through Britain's towns and countryside and throughout Europe.

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Diabetes and Depleted Uranium - Italian Embassy Cover up

16-07-2006 01:09

(San Francisco Bay View) Dr Mishra described June 29th to June 6 as "A week from Hell." International radiation expert Leuren Moret talked to Dr Mishra, a famous surgeon from India, the afternoon of July 7, 2006. Dr. Mishra's report was grim. I had tried to reach him by phone and email for a week. I was concerned about his safety. On July 10 Dr Mishra stated "I will not be cowed down."

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films on Nuclear Power & Depleted Uranium

15-07-2006 13:40

for the final evening of
'8 Days Against The G8'
London Indymedia presents...

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White House, Congress seek to legalize kangaroo courts, torture

14-07-2006 22:46

kangaroo courts, torture
Then the newspaper warned, “Already, in the wake of this reversal, the Bush Administration’s critics are talking about the ‘illegality’ of its previous failure to abide by Geneva rules. We’ll predict that it won’t be very long until some European magistrate indicts Donald Rumsfeld or National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley or some other US official for ‘war crimes’ for this failure. The Pentagon’s new memo won’t be much of a defense.” To forestall that possibility, the Journal argued, Congress should pass a law repudiating the application of Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions to the United States.

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Outlawing Genetic Engineering via Grassroots Education Campaigning

14-07-2006 05:48

Genetic Engineering is a nightmare technology that has already caused a number of deadly, crippling and injurious DISEASE EPIDEMICS -- documented but unpublicised. We must OUTLAW GMOs via grassroots education/political activation campaigning. A detailed Action Plan will be found in this article.
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