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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Bush, God and Transnationals

09-10-2005 04:38

The tragedy (for the entire world) is not that Bush is delusional, mentally unstable and intellectually challenged – that is well known. Rather, it is that he remains as commander in chief of the USA – placed in that position by commercial and other financial interests.

The result for the world is war and innocent lives lost in favour of the accumulation of wealth for the few. That is the tragedy for the world, a tragedy of monumental proportions.

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Lets Nuke Iran!

08-10-2005 23:43

On thursday, posturing Prime Minister Tony Blair made a public show of warning Iran not to interfere in Iraq despite admitting that he couldn't be sure they actually had been.

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Dsei Latest (better late than never) Photos

08-10-2005 16:32

Some photos from DSEI.

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Keep Space For Peace Week - Conference Review

07-10-2005 10:47

Yorkshire CND hosted a Conference on Saturday October 1st to launch Keep Space for Peace Week 2005. Speakers included Bruce Gagnon, founder of The Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, Stacey Fritz, coordinator of No Nukes North Alaska.

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Evidence needed to defend cilvil rights and promote world peace.

06-10-2005 14:06

Evidence needed to defend the rights of ordinary people to protest against powerful arms dealers responsible for the death of civilian s world wide

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The Sky is Falling!

06-10-2005 11:20

Security fears as flu virus that killed 50 million is recreated

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Appeal for Solidarity with Ploughshares on Trial in Dublin - Oct 24th.

06-10-2005 09:28

On February 3rd. 2003, the Pit Stop Ploughshares were arrested and charged with $U.S.2.5million disarmament of a U.S. Navy War plane en route to the war on Iraq. They were arrested at Shannon Airport, County Clare, Ireland. 25,000 U.S. troops a month pass through Shannon along with Guatanemo Express planes used for renditions.

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One man's fears are another mans dreams.

05-10-2005 20:20

This article is my attempt to connect with other readers who may share or not my feelings about the current state of affairs in this country and abroad. I am not a political genius, nor am I a published writer, just an average bloke on the street who thinks the world situation requires a response slightly more intensive than a change in the conservative leadership.

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Photos from Stop The War March September 2005

05-10-2005 18:08

Here are some photographs taken on the Stop the War march in London.

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Mark Curtis to speak at Uni, 18th Oct

05-10-2005 09:02

Author and campaigner Mark Curtis will give a talk entitled 'Government Propaganda and the Reality of UK Foreign Policy' at the University.

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Blood without Oil

04-10-2005 13:10

Security is political not military, the UN has emphasized. The US strategy to secure the iraqi oil supply with military action is an illusion.

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Embrace nuclear weapons: The Un-Australian?

04-10-2005 01:56

CIA Jewish bomb
Bashir describes one of the 2002 Bali bombs as "a Jewish bomb". "That bomb was a CIA Jewish bomb. You are stupid to punish Amrozi if he really knows how to make such a bomb," he says. "You should hire him to be a military consultant, because there is no military or police person (in Indonesia) who can make such a bomb. If Amrozi really did make that bomb, he deserves the Nobel Prize. So, the death penalty is not fair."

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John Pilger Speech (mp3 Audio) at Peace & Liberty demo, London.

03-10-2005 19:49

John Pilger Speech (mp3 audio) at Peace & Liberty demo, London.

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President Bush says "TROOPS will have to pay for their own BODY BAGS"

03-10-2005 19:46

Are soldiers are being sent into harm's way without the body armor they need to stay alive. Who is to blame? The answer: the republican party. For the past eleven years republcians have controlled congress and for the last four and a half years republicans have controlled all three branches of the government. Apparently, handing out multibillion dollar no-bid contracts to republican companies is more important to republicans than the lives of our soldiers.

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03-10-2005 19:15

What if the United States was invaded and occupied by a foreign military force? What if another country didn't like our leader and they used their superior army, navy, and air force to invade our country to remove him? What if another country invaded us because we have 1,000,000 times the stockpiles of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons than all the other countries in the world combined? How do you think Americans would react if we were occupied by a foreign military?

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03-10-2005 00:12

Not only is Bush's Iraq War not worth the cost of our dead soldiers and the hundred thousand dead Iraqis, it is also not worth the staggering cost in cold cash. The Iraq War is the worst foreign policy blunder in the history of the United States. And the dunce who started it is the political prostitute GW Bush, whose every move is controlled by his corporate pimps.

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Mysticism and Resistance

02-10-2005 13:28

Mystical experience cannot be separated from social relations.. The land that was once home became a place of homelessness, a land of culprits that saw itself as a victim and only rarely accepted for what happened.. Rage, rage against the dying of the light!

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Former UN Weapons Inspector SCOTT RITTER speaks in Bristol Tues 04 October 2005

02-10-2005 12:13

'Iraq as intelligence success and policy failure - how the CIA manipulates and sabotages the UN to achieve US foreign policy objectives' by Scott RITTER, former UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq

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September 24 - Peace and Liberty - London

01-10-2005 17:31

A bit late, but been busy as hell, so here you go.
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