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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Emergency Demonstration: Bring Binyam Back! 17 Feb:1pm US Embassy

13-02-2009 15:32

Please join the London Guantánamo Campaign and Brighton Against Guantánamo as we protest outside the US Embassy on Tuesday lunchtime calling on President Obama to deliver on his promises and his commitments to human rights and the rule of law by releasing Binyam Mohamed.

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Demonstration at Brighton Magistrate's Court in Support of the EDO 6

13-02-2009 12:23

13th February 2009

Demonstration at Brighton Magistrate's Court in Support of the EDO Decommissioners

For more Details call 07754135290

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When Will We March Against Obama?

12-02-2009 23:09

It isn’t too soon to protest. He told us right away that there is no change we can believe in. We don’t have to wait for bombs to fall on Iran or for more prisoners to be denied their human rights.

It is time to take not only Obama to task, but faux progressives to task as well. They are the Obamites who claimed they would hold his feet to the fire if we would just shut up and let him get elected. It is time to protest against them too and call them out for being the hypocrites they are.

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Direct Action Germany: 27th Jan-7th Feb

12-02-2009 17:11

Again two arsons against upperclass cars
07/02/09: Attempted arson on cars
06/02/09: Administrative building of the police attacked with butyric acid
05/02/09: Attack against the CDU offices
01/02/09: „Car-Lofts“ attacked with stones and color
01/02/09: Several buildings spraypainted
31/01/09: Again two arsons against upperclass cars
30/01/09: CDU offices trashed
30/01/09: Porsche torched
28/01/09: Action against DHL: letter boxes painted olive green
28/01/09: BMW burned
27/01/09: Again a car burned in Berlin: state security investigates

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Rally in support of the occupation

12-02-2009 14:42

The UEA Occupation continues!

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Obama's "War on Terror"

12-02-2009 12:25

The language is softened and deceptive. The strategy and tactics are not.
There are disturbing signs that business as usual is planned, more witch-hunt cases will follow, and "war on terror" efforts will persist for another four years. It's not change to believe in, in fact, none at all at a time the need is greater than ever.

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Shut down NATO - Call for participation in a nonviolent action against NATO on 4

12-02-2009 12:23

On 3 and 4 April the heads of state and government of NATO will meet in Baden-Baden and Strasbourg to celebrate NATOs 60th birthday. We think: 60 years of NATO are not a reason to celebrate, but a reason to resist nonviolently!

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Censored Brighton Council Motion Against EDO MBM published by Wikileaks

12-02-2009 10:19

A copy of the motion of censure that Green Party councilors tried to table at 29 Jan 09 full city council meeting, is now available at the website.

Convenors of the council meeting blocked the motion on 16th January 2009 just hours before EDO MBM was decomissioned by six peace activists.

The document was leaked because the Green Party said they would press release the refusal (see handwritten note) but never did.

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Carmel Agrexco Blockaded

12-02-2009 07:33

“We don’t want your bloody valentine”
Feminists blockade Israeli state export company

Two days before Valentines day a group of 15 women have locked themselves to the gates of Israeli export company Carmel Agrexco to stop the delivery of Valentines roses. They were met with heavy force from security and police but are currently holding strong.

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Preston UCLAN rooftop protest against BAE Systems

11-02-2009 23:59

Disobey! & CAAT Day of Action rooftop protest over the University of Central Lancashire links with BAE systems.

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University of East Anglia Occupied

11-02-2009 19:54

UEA buliding Arts was occupied this by around 10-12 students tonight, the Union Council has voted to be support the occupation, security (initially heavy handed got suddenly more polite when the media and various onlookers turned up!) Below is a copy of the leaflet we are handing out...

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Roof top protest about BAE systems at Preston University

11-02-2009 17:56

Three people arrested after roof top protest about arms company BAE systems' involvement at University of Central Lancashire

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Free 0844 numbers for your activist groups to forward to a landline.

11-02-2009 12:53

Hi everyone, we signed up for a free 0844 number yesterday for our sab group to forward to our land line :)

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Obama paints a picture of economic catastrophe

10-02-2009 22:38

Addressing a national television audience in his first White House press conference, President Barack Obama, promoting his economic stimulus plan, used unprecedented language to characterize the deepening economic crisis. He described conditions of rapidly rising unemployment, growing demand at food banks, widespread foreclosures, the collapse of consumer spending and the failure of small businesses.

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NATO in the Persian Gulf: From World War 3 to the Istanbul Cooperation Initiativ

10-02-2009 21:45

In October 2008 NATO would drop the last veil and expose what the ultimate purpose of the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative was: Preparing for possible military action againt Iran.

Jean-Michel Boucheron, then outgoing chairman of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Mediterranean and Middle East Special Group, said "that while Nato states did not have the same obligation to defend GCC countries as they would other alliance members in the event they were attacked, Nato would 'not remain indifferent' if a Gulf country were subject to aggression.

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Why the police riot? - part 4

10-02-2009 03:13

Thames Valley Police FIT carry out a surveillance operation
The British police public order manual is a secret document establishing a paramilitary third force in the UK, under the control of a private company (ACPO) with permission from the home office. It's long overdue that more information about this was in the public domain.

This is part 4 of a series, for parts 1-3 see:

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parliament square hunger striker - day 30

10-02-2009 00:40

maria gallestegui has been advised by doctors to finish her hunger strike before doing permament harm to her body organs. she will start eating again after demonstrating outside the cabinet meeting at number ten this morning (tuesday) after 30 days without food

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Supporters rally for soldier in brig who refused to go to Iraq

09-02-2009 22:26

Note: Soldiers in the UK can get confidential advice from an AT EASE voluntary counsellor, please phone 0207 247 5164 on a Sunday between 5pm-7pm.

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Demos continue [February] at Heckler & Koch weapons HQ in Nottingham

09-02-2009 18:59

In spite of the cold, raining and windy conditions, at 12.30pm on Monday 9th February, people had gathered at the gates to the UK headquarters of Heckler & Koch, based within the Easter Park Industrial Estate on Lenton Lane, Nottingham. [Unit 3 in fact].

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'Die-In Protest': Study War No More!

09-02-2009 17:41

'Die-In Protest': Study War No More!
Wednesday 11th Feb, 1pm, Portland steps (Lakeside), Nottingham Uni campus
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