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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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The Vine and Fig Tree planters dig to make peace

11-08-2005 21:16

The Anthony Walker Fig
Disarmament, economic conversion and nonviolence are vital ingredients for creating a just world in which everyone enjoys the earth's abundance.

In these fearful, suspicious times, we invite people all around the world to transform military bases into gardens of peace in which beauty and life shall flourish. The Vine and Fig Tree Planters

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DSEi news round up

11-08-2005 16:38

DSEi 2005 is approaching fast. Here's some a little random news...

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Smash EDO Demo thisSaturday

11-08-2005 16:00

Smash EDO are organising a mass demo against the arms trade starting in Churchill Square at 12 noon

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Where is the Iraqi government?

11-08-2005 15:39

By any standards our government is a total failure. So what is it that prevents its collapse?

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Stop The War Meeting in Cardiff

11-08-2005 14:55

A Stop The War meeting is being held in Cardiff this tuesday at 7.30pm

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A year on from Gatumba, Burundi's laughing killers remain free

11-08-2005 13:10

On August 13th 2004, Burundian Hutu-extremists massacred 152 Congolese Tutsis at the Gatumba refugee camp. The next day, Palipehutu-FNL admitted responsibility, boasting that the international community was powerless to stop them. A year on, it looks as if they were right.

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Worldwide Economic Crisis: My Scenario

11-08-2005 13:00

"In a few years, the market will be flooded with real estate since heavily indebted home builders will sell at any price.. Americans are buying in Japan and China what they don't need with money they don't have.. Everything in our power must be done to reduce dependence on oil.."

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DSEi freepaper looking good

11-08-2005 01:17

Within about 24 hours of placing a call out for help in putting together a one-off free newspaper for the DSEi mobilisations, things are looking good for the project to go ahead...

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The War Boutique

10-08-2005 23:00

War Boutique: INVITE
South London Exhibition Opens 22.08.05.

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The UN as Stopgap

10-08-2005 13:53

"First of all, the question must be raised whether Iraq is actually a military problem that could be solved with more troops. This is assumed by Bush and others.."

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Washington Plays into the Hands of the Mullah

10-08-2005 13:17

"In fact, political control in Iraq seems to be slipping away from Washington.. Before the 2003 Gulf invasion, so-called Middle East experts emphasized that a genuine cooperation between Iraqi and Iranian Shiites would never occur..Today cooperation could hardly be any closer.."

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East London Public Meeting against the DSEi arms fair

10-08-2005 11:59

Newham Opposition to War and Racism (NOWAR) has organised a public meeting in Stratford on Monday 5 September as part of the growing campaign against the world's largest arms fair that will be held in Custom House in September.

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'Phillip Duddock's' accent' heard in militant broadcast

10-08-2005 05:36

How low can you go Phillip Duddock?
Now we have to be on the lookout for an Australian terrorist because they make good bait over-here and there is no lack haters on behalf of the bad examples that the government is setting on behalf of the Australian people. How low can you go Phillip Duddock?

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Contributors wanted for DSEi newspaper

10-08-2005 00:16

With DSEi 2005 only one month away, this is a proposal and a call out for help putting together a special newspaper for distribution around the estates near Excel one week prior to the event...

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Food Not Bombs at Hiroshima Remembrance

09-08-2005 21:06

Preparation is fun!
A Food Not Bombs event took place at Millenium Point on Saturday 6th August 2005, as part of the Hiroshima - Never Again music and WMD awareness festival.

Short report and pictures from the event.

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09-08-2005 20:52

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Cindy Sheehan News..... Help Wanted...
by Stefan Wray Tuesday, Aug 9 2005, 2:34pm
stefwray (nospam)
national / war and peace / action alert

Here is an update from VFP member Dick Underhill regarding Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, including a list of needs.

Cindy Sheehan is still outside Bush Ranch in Crawford waiting for Bush to come out
and face up to her..and thereby face up to the truth about what he has done to this
nation and the world.

The Crawford Peace House, Code Pink, MFSO, VVAW, VFP and a host of other
organizations are working together to support Cindy...Many thanks to Cindy and the

It rained real hard this morning things are wet...but they are holding out and
standing up magnificently. We have some needs. More info follows listing:

1: A camcorder to record any confrontations with authorities or hecklers.
2: 30 people to help set up 1000 crosses and someone to take charge of this effort
3: People to manage the Crawford Peace House...answer phones, keep in clean, make
sandwiches etc.
4: Someone to help organize a commemorative/interfaith service for Sunday
5: A BIG TENT say 8-10 feet wide and 15 feet long, other tents?
6: People on site
7: Jail Watch

We are told that Condi Rice and Rumsfield are coming to Crawford on Wed or Thur for
a party of $100,000 fund raisers at a ranch near the Bush ranch and along the street
where the encampment is set up. They may declair the encampment a threat to
National Security and demand we clear out. I'm not 100% sure what Cindy will
do..she has declaired that she will stay until the President talks with her, she is
arrested (which she is prepared to accept), or until the end of August.

Now a review of our needs by the numbers..

1: We really need one or more camcorders to record any confrontations with hecklers
or authorities. Make sure batteries are charged. I am going to and from Crawford
daily and will take care of transortation if necessary..better yet..take it to
Crawford yourself.

2: The folks from Arlington West are bringing our 1000 crosses to set up a memorial
for the US dead in Iraq. We need 30 people to help set them up on
Wednesday...probably starting between 9 and 10 AM. We also need a volunteer
coordinator for this task. Someone with email and a cell phone who can keep a
volunteer contact list and coordinate...

3: We need a volunteer Coordanator and volunteers to be in and manage the Peace
House. Keep it neat, make coffee and sandwiches and....answer phones, and...

4: We need volunteers to organize and folks to attend a commemorative or interfaith
service for Sunday..

5: Any one who can loan us a big tent say 8-10ft wide and 15ft long..please let me
know. We might also need some smaller tents. There is room for storage at the
Peace House. Be sure to tag any 'loaned tents' with your name and contact

6: We need people in Crawford. Folks are coming in from around the Nation and the
World. The next 2-3 days are critical...start your engines and point your nose
toward Crawford ASAP.

7: In case Cindy or others are arrested we will need to discuss a 'jail watch/vigil'
If you can volunteer for this, let me know.

Cindy has given us a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the pendulum moving
toward a peaceful all over the nation and the world are paying
attention. Take Vacation, Play Hookie, Run away from home...what ever it takes...get
in your cars and get to Crawford.

On behalf of Cindy Sheehan and all the voluteers,

Dick Underhill 512-799-9379

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Blog for Uzbekistan on September 1st

09-08-2005 09:44

Support the worldwide campaign for human rights and democracy in Uzbekistan. Blog in support of targeted sanctions on September 1st.

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justice betrayed ......

08-08-2005 22:57

The rights of a defendant to a fair trial are protected?
These deficiencies are peculiar to the US Miliary Commission, as proceedings brought before International Tribunals, US, British & Australian criminal jurisdictions & Military Courts Martials ensure that the rights of a defendant to a fair trial are protected.

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08-08-2005 20:21

Please show your support outside Newbury Magistrates Court.
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