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UK Promoted Newswire Archive

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Video of May Fayre in Mayfair, London.

02-05-2008 13:53

Mayday celebrations have a very long history of social disobedience countered by State repression.


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InfoUsurpa Guide & Offline News

02-05-2008 12:14

London Indymedia Offline and InfoUsurpa are published together every two weeks in a 4-page sheet. This edition covers the first 2 weeks of May...

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Germany, Hamburg: Heaviest Mayday Riots since 30 Years!

02-05-2008 12:09

Germany, Hamburg. Cops were hunted, barrikades were built - 10 000 protesters turned Hamburg into Chaos, yesterday.

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Protests Along Hong Kong Torch Relay Route

02-05-2008 06:43

Police before crowd turned ugly
Protesters in central Hong Kong were clearly outnumbered by Olympic relay supporters but taking a stand and showing the Tibetan flag was worth it

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mayday protests mar charlemagne prize of eu elites in aachen

01-05-2008 21:22

between 10 and 11 scuffles with police as a euromayday contingent got up in front of merkel, sarkozy, trichet, barroso, solana, ciampi, balkenende, pottering to wave the four mayday stars and bringing them to account for the inequality, precarity, securitization of european society they are engineering. 7 arrested, among whom author of mayday poster and later released as parade was split in too by riot cops who ran after pink clowns and pink sambas.

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Sucessful street party, London. (sent by mobile)

01-05-2008 18:22

The Space Hijackers Mayday street party is being held in Shepherd Market, Mayfair.

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Palestine Today 050108

01-05-2008 16:07

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Thursday May 1st 2008.

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RBS Banner Protest in York

01-05-2008 14:12

People from groups across the city and both Universities took part in a banner protest outside Royal Bank of Scotland's central branch in the city. Leaflets were handed out sumarising RBS's climate crimes.

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M1 Conspiracy Case Thrown Out

01-05-2008 14:04

Seven climate camp activists against the widening of the M1(1*) had the
case against them dismissed from Sheffield Crown Court yesterday. Charged
with conspiracy to cause a public nuisance Judge Robinson said that:
"there was not a jot of evidence" for a jury to infer an endangerment
of any member of the public.

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Riseup! Radio #4 The May Show – Get in there!

01-05-2008 09:11

Ahoy there Landlubbers! Get ready to tune in to another baddy chasing, wind generating, solar cooking edition of your Riseup! Radio. This month we're on hand to mop up the neon green-wash from the doorstep of power giants E-On. You can hear about the situation in Zimbabwe as we interview a Notts-based MDC activist, and we talk to Aran from Transition Nottingham about preparing for a descent of our energy use. We've got live music from poet and performer Joss, and more word-smithery from the DIY poets.

All this and more, not forgetting some crackin’ tunes by Trickster, Wholesome Fish and Martin the Livewire, plus some adverts to make you piss your pants!


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Cleaning Company Target E.ON on National Day of Action

01-05-2008 08:53

At 07.45 this morning E.ON offices on Pall Mall were targeted by the new upstart Coal Cleaning Company as part of a nationally co-ordinated Day of Climate Action against False Capitalist Solutions.

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Another Franco-German nuclear waste transport this autumn

01-05-2008 05:32

German authorities have allowed another transport of highly active nuclear waste from France to the north German village of Gorleben this year.
It will be the first since 2006 and as usual is expected in autumn on dates not yet revealed.
Each transport by train and trucks usually costs about 30 million euros to police as thousands of demonstrators from all over Germany converge on Gorleben, roughly equidistant between Hamburg and Hanover.
About 20,000 police drawn from all over Germany are usually marshalled into the area to assure passage on the last 20 kilometres of the journey by heavy-duty, low-loader trucks from a railhead at Dannenberg to the prefabricated storage hall at Gorleben.

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Audio: Sheffield Community Renewables - Public Launch

30-04-2008 23:59

Audio Sheffield Community Renewables - Public Launch
Attached is a recording from the public launch meeting of Sheffield Community Renewables which was held on 30th April.

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Sheffield Activists hijack careers fair!

30-04-2008 16:55

When anti-war activists turned up to confront Army recruiters at a Sheffield University careers fair, we weren't sure what to expect...we definitely didn't expect to be given a Barclays Bank stall to take over and flood with anti-militarist material, but that's what we got.

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Pat pays a price for peace – again!

30-04-2008 14:12

Can you spot the squirrel?
Peace activist, Pat Sanchez fined for protest at Faslane. Peace Group launch appeal fund. Police could not remember a 7 foot squirrel.

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EDO MBM' s Cluster Bomb Connection

30-04-2008 13:02

More EDO MBM lies uncovered

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SHAC May Raids Anniversary

30-04-2008 10:42

Picture from TFI France: ALF torch HLS supplier HQ / redistributed by UAAF-TV
As most of you probably know it will be a year tomorrow since the "may raids", when police (i.e. NETCU & co) raided twenty-nine UK homes, searching two addresses also in Holland and one in Belgium, see picture below.

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Foie Gras off the Menu at a 4th Birmingham Restaurant

29-04-2008 22:26

Le Bistrot Romance takes the decision to remove the controversial, animal cruel dish known as Foie Gras off their menu, and the campaign to make Birmingham a Foie Gras Free Zone builds speed.

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BT staff protest against anti-Irish discrimination

29-04-2008 20:06

BT Ireland workers protest against anti-Irish discrimination
On Tuesday April 22nd a large group of BT Ireland staff, with support from other CWU members, held a public protest at the corporate head office for British Telecom in Dublin

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April's Critical Mass:Report

29-04-2008 16:20

The Mass makes a few circuits of Parliament Square
Short Report of Critical Mass April 2008
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