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UK Education Newswire Archive

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14-07-2003 11:29


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Highlands Infonet- upcoming events

13-07-2003 10:42

Ever thought there wasn't much alternative political events going on north of Glasgow and Edinburgh?
Think again, because now the Highland Infonet provides a monthly email newsletter to raise attention for the smallest of political events in Scotland and of important issues and campaigns relevant to people in Scotland.
The Highlands InfoNet is an informal periodic noticeboard for progressive political/social activities and information in the Highlands and Islands, consisting of th information supplied to it.
Here is an excerpt.
To subscribe or send information for the next newsletter, send an e-mail to
gobbledegook at

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Government Gone Mad - Official.

12-07-2003 12:11

The Nanny State now wants to dictate every nuance of our personal and private life.

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Some Leeds Schools Saved, Others Still Face Closure

10-07-2003 15:04

THREE Leeds primary schools among seven earmarked for closure are expected to escape the axe when council chiefs meet next week.

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Recordings Back Israel Claim on Spy Ship

10-07-2003 03:04

Recordings Back Israel Claim on Spy Ship

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Hidden Cameras Spy on Your Kids!!!!

09-07-2003 19:48

School children get videotaped in their locker rooms. Parents protest that hidden cameras should be prohibited in locker rooms, showers, restrooms and other areas that could violate students' rights

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POV: amiri baraka: Whose Free Speech?

09-07-2003 04:10

"We must kill the poets first" Plato wrote in the Republic... New Jersey's removal of Baraka as state poet laureate. The First Amendment, it seems, only guarantees freedom of speech to those who can afford a station or a press. It has taken a century of struggle, in the face of state sanction violence for oppressed people to gain the right of free speech. The state's revoking of the poet laureate position is a clear message to other cultural workers: Get out of line and you will pay the price.

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September 18 - 20: European Education Forum in Berlin

08-07-2003 13:47

First European Education Forum September 18- 20th simultaneously with summit of European education ministers in Berlin

Demonstration and other forms of protests during and after the summit

Another education is possible!

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First International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Glasgow, September

04-07-2003 12:41

Document 1 : International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
19th-21st of September 2003

The U.G.C, Renfrew Street, Glasgow, Scotland
Spirit Aid in collaboration with Variant are hosting Glasgow's first International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival.

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04-07-2003 10:11


Monday 7th July - Leeds Public meeting against SATS. Called by Leeds NUT. With childrens author Alan Gibbons. Leeds Town Hall, 7.30pm.

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The New World Afro-American Bible

04-07-2003 03:53

...and the big G blessed America. So the exslaves set forth to copyright
African and Black and sold it to Hallmark, Disney and Interscope.

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Canadians Troops Bosnia and Somalia So We don't Forget

01-07-2003 14:49

TORONTO - The top command of the Canadian military has been thrown into disarray by the unraveling of their attempt to cover up killings, torture, and racist abuse of Somali civilians by Canadian troops.

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Surrey Agitator, Issue One, Summer 2003

01-07-2003 14:18

Schools to close?; Refugees and media myths; Health care disappearing in Surrey;
James Walker to quit Woking; Euro or Pound?; Anarchism, the reality.

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revolution now website is up and running!

01-07-2003 13:01

revolution now is a non-profit small press, radical distribution project, and organizing collective, based on the principles of DIY. formed in 2001, it is currently the home of the anarchist horde distro and the creeping banshee project. we concentrate on action-oriented materials, primarily those which are anarchist, feminist, queer, anti-racist, bio-centric, and class proud.

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The Fox Hunt MPs back hunting ban

30-06-2003 23:27

MPs have voted for an outright ban on hunting with dogs after five hours of intense Commons debate.

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EasyJet Subvert - Do It Yourself!

28-06-2003 23:19

Altered EasyJet Ad
Have you seen this ad from EasyJet- a two-foot picture of a pair of breasts with the tag-line 'Discover Weapons of Mass Distraction'? We found that the ad was dehumanising and patriarchal, not to mention inane, and contributed nothing to the cultural or esthetic character of our community. So we altered it, and so can you! Write your own rant to paste over the ad or download the ready-made .rtf file!

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Audio Webcast Farrakhan Interview with Tavis Smiley

28-06-2003 03:36

( Public Radio (NPR) aired a two-part interview of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on the Tavis Smiley Show Wednesday, June 25 and Thursday, June 26, 2003.

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Safe Injection Site Safe Injection Site

27-06-2003 23:49

WHAT'S HAPPENING? Site Expected to Open by Labour Day, Provided Provincial Funding Secured

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Early! Islamic History Beyond Arabia

25-06-2003 17:18

From Slavery to Leadership: Muslim Minorities in North America
Imam Khalid Griggs - Imam and National Community Leader, North Carolina
Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, and Jameel Al-Ameen are perhaps a few names that cross our minds when we think of the evolution of Muslim identity and community in North America. However, what often escapes our
notice is the exemplary model of sacrifice, dedication, discipline, dignity, generosity, and cooperation exercised by innumerable common Muslims, beginning with the civil rights movement led by thousands of Muslim
African slaves and their descendents, the struggle of First Nations' indigenous Muslims, as well as the presence of millions of Arab and South Asian Muslims immigrants to North America.

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FUSPEY films 1 and 2

25-06-2003 13:46

Video FUSPEY film 1- get involved
FUSPEY is a direction to work toward, individually and as a network. creativity is a very powerfull tool for change, we are trying to use art to communicate and to challenge (in a non-violent way)
a revolution in perception
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