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UK Education Newswire Archive

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06-09-2006 10:05

Non-organic rice sold in the UK could be genetically modified as traces have been found, please do not eat this stuff as it can affect your gut bacteria, your immune system and its DNA sequences which usually have a foreign gene, which is synthetic, read ISIS for more information on why to avoid these so-called foods

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05-09-2006 19:38

I would like to correct the claims about the Rwandan conflict. The allegations of US involvement in the death of innocent people in the Bologna train bombings in Italy were proven to be true. If I believed the corporate media, the US and UK allies are saviours but thankfully there is something called reality and that even exists in Africa. The fake armies paid for by these thugs are becoming as apparent in Africa as they are in Europe. As Chomsky says even at the anniversary of Rwanda, the same number of people, about 8,000 people, about 8,000 children in fact, are dying in southern Africa every day from easily treatable diseases. We add hunger, it's going to go way up, let's keep to easily treatable diseases. That's Rwanda-level killing among children only, in southern Africa, not for 100 days, but every day. who does what?

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05-09-2006 13:10

COALITION AGAINST THE WELFARE REFORM BILL (CAWRB) Demo/Lobby In Manchester on Monday 25th September 2006

A leaflet on the Manchester demo giving times and everything else you need to know

· A statement to the government, which is more information

· A petition...... would be great if you could copy this and get it filled out and sent back (and I already know that some of you will do this)

· An opportunity to make a donation to the campaign though Danners might want to support DAN and your colleagues instead.

Hopefully this information will start tailoring off now many thanks for your patience

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House Builder Crest Nicholson 'Move House' - Family Invite Change of Position

04-09-2006 11:40

Merchant Bankers UBS London UK Family Presentation
Supported by UBS Bank, HBOS, Legal & General Group and Heron International, Weybridge-based house builder – Crest Nicholson, have recently ‘moved house’. The shifty move to relocate their UK head office from Weybridge to Chertsey in Surrey, comes at a time when the company still appears to be considering an immoral legacy left by John Callcutt CBE, a former Chief Executive Officer.

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sir ian blair: YOU ARE the weakest link - Goodbye!

02-09-2006 15:08

Batman, get Robin... someone send out the Bat signal!
The Joker is loose in Metropolis!

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‘Utter disgrace’: SU on SOAS

01-09-2006 15:10

"Utter disgrace" was the harsh words expressed in response to a London University's controversial decision to discard its unique Bengali degree course this week.

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Oaxaca City SlideShow: Un Pueblo Unido Avanza Sin Partidos

01-09-2006 03:08

SlideShow of photos taken in Oaxaca City during the last week of August 2006 with compiled audio from the 2006 “El Enemigo Común” tour. (9:34 minutes / 15 MB)

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Life at the Climate Camp - a personal perspective

30-08-2006 20:06

I think it's important to get across to others not here, that this camp is a great example of people working together to create a vibrant living environment. It's probably been noted elsewhere in reports on Indymedia or other websites, but I've been really impressed with the whole set-up here - from disabled compost loos, to fab food served up three times a day without fail at each of the five camp neighbourhood kitchens, to impromptu singing sessions at night, to kids play and workshop areas, to an Indymedia field media centre complete with satellite link-up. And not to mention the impressive array of workshops about different aspects of climate change going on every day.

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BCB 106.6 FM Recruits Community Reporters

29-08-2006 18:39

Bradford Community Broadcasting 106.6 FM is recruiting a second round of community reporters to give a voice to their neighborhood's news and views. People in Bradford, Keighley and Shipley are welcome to apply. Call 771677 to check your post code eligibility!

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Video of a greek University Students Protest 8-6-2006

29-08-2006 15:35

comments on the video are welcome to:

or the greek indymedia

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The Reality dispels the Myths About Sex Offenders- You will be Shocked!

28-08-2006 00:52

If public policy continues in the same way it is going, we will go back to the dark days when families didn't report, victims were stigmatized and people tried to handle the abuse by themselves.

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Teaching Compassion in Coventry - Cruelty Free Fair & Talks

24-08-2006 21:16

This will be a fantastic day with many attractions including cruelty-free merchandise stalls from a variety of animal protection organisations, speakers, films, vegan cafe, cookery demonstration, FREE veggie food samples and recipes and lots more. This will be an exciting and unique event in Coventry, raising awareness of how everyone can live compassionate, healthy, ethical lifestyles and help to create a more caring society. FREE entry.

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23-08-2006 16:09

!! Odd gaps, missing background, a bias that seems further "pro-war" than in favour of israel or palestine, patriot or internationalist, is the strange "odour you dont see" that comes from pretty much ALL the press in the last couple of weeks - regardless of its alleged position in the "spectrum of opinion" - - - - as odd events in the middle east seem to try to blow any peace chance, -"immigration" buttons!!

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Set Free to Molest Again - a breech of duty of trust - Tony Blair

23-08-2006 12:23

I think the title pretty much says it all. When all the world deplores, hates - whatever word you use to describe the venom, most parents feel towards these subhuman creatures - a child molester and every man and his dog knows they cannot be rehabilitated... what inhumane bastard would set them free? Is that not a breech of duty of care? Has the world gone mad? Does no one care about the kids in our own country who are consistently being placed at risk by SETTING CHILD MOLESTERS FREE?

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Baa Baa Baa: Tony's Liberal Sheep

23-08-2006 11:38

I am absolutely sick and tired of being treated like a mushroom... kept in the dark and fed shit by the politicians who are ruining this wonderful nation of England. It's not a conspiracy folks... it's a pattern. Simple maths taught me to recognise the patterns from learning the two times tables to advanced calculus. The bastards dumn down the education system, gag the media and then its a free for all where corruption is concerned. Who will question when the children are not taught to reason and read? Who can do the maths of how many billions of pounds these arseholes have stolen from the English public? How many children have been slaughtered at their hands, paid for and funded by our tax dollars? It's time to wake up folks and smell the coffee - CORRUPTION has a stank all of its own.

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The Hidden Draft in Our Schools

22-08-2006 21:52

With a vast majority of the US public disapproving of the quicksand war in Iraq, how can American educators continue to allow unchecked and unscrupulous recruiting in our high schools? A former Army officer takes a look at the problem of gutless school leaders who let their students be turned into Bush League cannon fodder -- then offers some suggestions on how to change things.

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OutRage!- HIV : Rich 'North ' must help South to deal with it.

22-08-2006 15:45

lgbt rights group OutRage! calls for much greater co-operation between the rich 'North' to help the South defeat HIV.

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Alarming rise of Children’s ID databases and biometrics in schools

21-08-2006 23:47

Video Iris-scanning - one example of biometrics used in schools
On top of ID cards and the move to NHS electronic records, another major government plan with a potential for hideous invasion of privacy and loss of personal freedom comes out of the Children Act (2004). The new Act allows the setting up of incredibly invasive databases by the Secretary of State and/or children's services authorities in England. At the same time pupils and parents are getting more vocal and organised in their protests against the alarming rate of introduction of biometric systems in schools. These have included fingerprinting (and even iris scanning) of children for school dinners, attendance registers, and use of libraries or ‘learning resource centres’.

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Tasers ? / Or Deadly Electronic Weapons

20-08-2006 23:36

Deadly Electronic Weapons
All news to me.

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Terror on the aeroplane - "highly improbable C'ptn"

18-08-2006 12:36

An excerpt from an article by Thomas C Greene in Washington availbalbe at:

I thought it worth a note here.
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