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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Are your meals costing the Earth?

12-02-2008 10:56

The Vegan Society Logo
Vegan Society CEO, Nigel Winter will be giving his hard-hitting "Are your meals costing the earth?" presentation as part of the Green Party Spring Conference 'fringe'. The talk is at Reading Town Hall, on Fri 15th Feb 2008 at 19:00. Day membership of the conference is required to attend.

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You are what you eat

11-02-2008 18:05

What children eat at an early age determines what they will eat later in childhood and what they will eat as adults.

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Utopian Values Workshop, Uni. Nottingham, Sat 23 Feb

10-02-2008 20:34

Forthcoming event of interest to activists - workshop on Utopian Values, University of Nottingham

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Student Climate Project launching their Tour of Climate Action! Come along!

09-02-2008 00:36

The Student Climate Project's Tour of Climate Action will see events at campuses around the country in 2008. The first event is being held in Cambridge from the 15th to 17th of February, and will see an exciting three days of arts, action, education, and also a chance to for everyone to get involved in the planning for the tour's future. The aim of the Student Climate Project, run through consensus decision making, is to encourage the wider body of students to take radical action against climate change. The Project came out of talks held at the Heathrow Climate Camp in August.

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Globalisation: n. 1 in the list of evils for contemporary education

07-02-2008 17:03

I continue with another piece to expose corporate control of academia in response to the article by Angela Jancius on "Battling the Neoliberalization of University Life". In this short article I highlight how globalisation attracts dangers associated with a lack of genuine educational values, quality control and regulation. I also expose some of the recent moves that new corporations have made in order to gain further control on Academia.

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Who Owns Ireland's Paedo-Files/ The Pope or the People?

04-02-2008 12:14

Accessing the Diocese of Dublin's secret files on paedophelia is a question with ramifications that go back to the initial colonising of the island by the Papacy. The theft of Ireland by the Papacy from the native pagans and given to the English (Henry 11) recalls the initial plantation of Ireland by the Norman/French/English Christians. While they now call themselves 'The Irish', the question as to who owns the files relating to criminal matter ('criminous clerks' and paedophiles) has raised the question as to who owns iRELAND, the Pope or the People.

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Corruption in Finland - Finnish Chancellor of Justice to Investigate U of Helsin

04-02-2008 10:56

The Finnish Chancellor of Justice is currently investigating for
possible irregularities and discriminatory treatment after the Swedish
School of Social Science released documents relating to their decision
to reject an internationally renowned SPACEPOL expert's candidacy for a
limited track researcher position.

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Gordon Brown Protest Telford

03-02-2008 19:49

On Friday 1st February, our local peace group from Telford , Shropshire, Wrekin Stop War, were protesting at the Telford Holiday Inn when Gordon Brown visited.

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LSE Union Divided as Students Condemn Israel's Apartheid Regime

30-01-2008 10:40

Over 600 students turned out to debate a motion on Israeli apartheid at the London School of Economics Students' Union (LSESU) Union General Meeting (UGM) last Thursday, 24 January 2008. Students packed the Old Theatre and spilled out into the corridors for the motion, entitled 'Make Apartheid History', which condemned Israel's Apartheid regime and called for the LSESU to lobby the school and the National Union of Students (NUS) to divest from Israeli and international companies that support the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

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Sharkwater UK Release

29-01-2008 22:39

Opens February 22nd

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McDegrees from McD's

29-01-2008 16:00

A McDonald's near you will soon be serving McDegrees with their fries.

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Feminist Fightback protest against Abortion Lies, London 25 Jan, 2008

28-01-2008 17:35

Washing line and banner outside the CMF office
A small group of demonstrators from Feminist Fightback demonstrated outside the offices of The Christian Medical Fellowship in Marshalsea Street, Southwark on Friday 25 January 2008. All pictures copyright (C) Peter Marshall

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Cuts resurrected for Edinburgh schools

26-01-2008 15:52

The latest drive to improve education by New Labour got off to a bad start after Edinburgh city council set up a cross-party group to decide which schools get closed in 2008.

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REMEMBER HOLOCAUSTS, with new enquiries, new passion, rage, love . . . .

26-01-2008 14:05

This sunday is holocaust memorial day.
There is a "holocaust memorial day trust" www site,
there is also "" . . . . but there are also other things to remember,
as with the "remember each eleventh" campaign, the key is to both remember the actual people involved - ALL types - as whole people who were going to have entirely different breathing existences, of laughs, of wry sideways smiles, of mistakes, of gifts left for the worlds future in little ways or large . . . . but also to keep enquiries open to avert the stupidities recurrence. . . .

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Gordon Goebbels Brown's head in a SOCPA 2005 noose please

25-01-2008 14:54

Good for the goose is good for the gander.

What is the punishment for high treason in England or in Iraq, as the case may be? Where have they been committing their crimes? Where should they be tried?

What should the punishment be for any war criminal?

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Sick of genocide? KNOW the Law; USE the Law...

25-01-2008 11:53

Are YOU aware that it is illegal in the UK to pay taxes that go towards supporting genocide? Read on and ACT NOW!

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DEMO supporting PlayWorks-Fri 25th@BluePrint

23-01-2008 17:28

free your feet!

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Murder of a young communist leader in Colombia by paramilitary

23-01-2008 02:41

BOGOTA, January 22nd, 2008 - The Colombian Association of University Students (ACEU), demonstrates
its indignation and disgust as opposed to the barbarian MURDER OF ALIRIO
QUIÑONEZ, agrarian youth leader and member of the Central Committee of Colombian Communist Youth.

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LSE Union Launches "Women's Week" to Combat Gender Inequalities

21-01-2008 00:14

The London School of Economics Students' Union this week launches its annual Women's Week in order to highlight women's issues and gender inequality. The week will consist of a number of events arranged by the SU, a number of its societies and several external campaign groups.

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LSE Students Outraged at Director’s Implicit Support of Israeli Apartheid

20-01-2008 12:51

• LSE Students accuse Director of implicit support for Israel’s Apartheid policies
• Students criticise Director’s refusal to support academic links with Birzeit University, Palestine
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