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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Interview at the Solidarity Vigil Camp Tara!!

28-03-2008 14:51

The illegal M3 Motorway is being ploughed through one of the richest and best known archaeological landscapes in Europe.

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New free newspaper for Nottingham?

27-03-2008 12:32

The Mule - News With A Kick
Nottingham Indymedia have been approached by a National news project with regards to putting together a Nottingham/East Midlands edition of a free newspaper.

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The Student Climate Project comes to London

25-03-2008 19:06

The Student Climate Project was launched in August 2007, to inspire the wider student body into taking radical action against climate change. They are currently doing a year long tour across the UK, holding events and doing actions along the way. All are invited to get involved and contribute to building a mass student movement against this most critical of issues.

Here’s a taste of what we are getting up to in London…

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Labour makes massive cuts in higher education

25-03-2008 14:02

The Labour government of Prime Minster Gordon Brown is implementing significant cuts in higher education.

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Bookbinding & Juggling Workshops - 12th April

23-03-2008 21:17

Two workshops are being held - one showing people how to make books out of recycled materials and another on juggling. Both of these will be held at an autonomous occupied space in the centre of Nottingham on Saturday the 12th April 2008.

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Save Leicester Adult Education College

22-03-2008 15:40

IWW workers at LAEC, launch campaign to save jobs, stop privatisation and prevent the destruction of the college.


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Vegan Diet 'Help' For Arthritis

18-03-2008 09:51

Vegan diet helps with arthritis and heart disease

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Who's editing Wikipedia?

15-03-2008 17:48

Find out just who is editing one of the biggest information sources on the net.

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Furious parents occupy the lobby of venture capitalist firm.

14-03-2008 21:56

Its very well handing out leaflets in the rain...
On Wednesday parents from Pimlico School decided that petitioning and letter writing just was not getting them anywhere. For months they have been campaigning against the take over of their school by Venture Capitalist firm John Nash. Their views have been ignored by Westiminster council so they decided to occupy the offices of Mr Nash instead. The lone security guard made a pretty halfhearted attempt at trying to remove them and their banner from the building. An unbelievably smarmy executive from the firm by the name of David Johnson came out and tried to reason with the protesters with some of the weakest arguments in the history of debate. Having achieved nothing other than making a tit of himself on camera he scuttled back to hide in his office. At this point one of the neighbours who was unconnected to the firm or indeed the building tried to intervene by attacking a woman by the door and then my camera. Fortunately for him there was no damage thus negating the need to take retaliatory action on his front teeth. Then the cops showed up and were informed by the protesters that this was a simple case of trespass and therefore a civil matter. After consulting the regular occupants of the office the Police listened to the protesters concerns and then left them to it. Mr Nash must have wisely decided that getting parents from the school he is trying to acquire arrested was a PR disaster too far. So a successful occupation, no arrests and serious cause for concern for an office located on the ground floor of number 25 Buckingham Gate….oops.

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1000 Doctors (and many more) Against Vivisection

12-03-2008 05:40

Hans Ruesch's book 1000 Doctors Against Vivisection now available online.

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UK Citizenship : Lord Goldsmith's Sinister Suggestion

11-03-2008 11:19

I’m currently copying the audio from this morning’s Today Programme (a serious, incisive news show on BBC Radio 4). Jon Humphries interviewed the UK Attorney General — a sort of super lawyer for the government — about his suggestion (on Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s instruction) that UK schoolchildren should swear allegiance to the monarch upon leaving school.

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GreenZine Open Meeting

10-03-2008 18:27

This is an open meeting for anyone aged 16-25 who is interested in helping to start a green magazine for and by young people in Nottingham.
We will get together and share ideas about how to develop the project - no commitment necessary.

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Mideast LGBT - Group reaffirms global justice

10-03-2008 18:15

Despite daunting problems, a new organisation is working for sexual and gender diversity in Palestinian society

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Rally for Dignity and Democracy, London 8 March

09-03-2008 17:14

Diana Holland, Unite
Dignity and Democracy for Zimbabwe Rally, London 8 March 2008
Pictures and text.
Pictures copyright © 2008, Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.

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Academy school opponents re-occupy Wembley Sports Ground

08-03-2008 23:03

It is reported that Wembley Sports Ground is once again under occupation by academy school protesters tonight (Friday). The occupation follows an Anti-Academies Alliance conference at the TUC today and Brent Council's recent announcement that the Wembley Park Academy will open in September in temporary classrooms on the site of the sports ground.

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UCL students expel the military from their campus

06-03-2008 20:27

University College London's students' union, UCL Union, voted to ban the officer training corps, territorial army and all other military recruiters from its premises and events, in what was its best attended general meeting in years, denying the military access to new recruits.

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Transition City Leeds ++ One Day Workshop Sat 19th April. Centenary House

06-03-2008 10:30


+++++ TRANSITION CITY LEEDS - Free One Day Workshop +++++

Centenary House

North Street, Leeds. LS2 8AY


Saturday 19th April

10am until 5pm

A free one day workshop exploring:

++ How will Leeds be affected by climate change and the end of cheap oil?

++ How can we build a positive, low carbon future for Leeds?

++ We can all help to build a better future – come and find out how you can get involved!

Oil is running out and Climate Change is affecting our local environment. With the increase of flooding in West Yorkshire and disrupted growing seasons, the evidence of Global Warming is becoming more visible. The Transition Town network is a grassroots action model for making the change to a low carbon future. Transition City Leeds aims to strengthen communities so they can reduce their carbon emissions and fossil fuel dependency.

What the day will involve

++ An introduction to the transition town idea

++ Open space workshops on climate change and peak oil, and how Leeds can make this transition

++ Documentaries on the topic

++ Networking opportunities.

Lunch and refreshments provided.

Child friendly event, but no crèche facilities

No need to book, come for all or part of the day



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26/01/2008: Beyond Slavery Conference - Time To Move On?

06-03-2008 10:25

Trident Armed Response Arrive On Neasden Lane July 2007...
On Saturday 26 January, 2008, The Synergy Centre in Southwark, London, hosted the Beyond Slavery conference. With noted black community members, historians and cultural commentators, the debate explored the contemporary relevance and legacy of slavery and colonisation, and their direct impact on modern-day social problems in South London. Video Journalist Jason N. Parkinson was there to document the debate. Ten videos covering the speakers, open forum and post conference interviews are available on You Tube to view. (Article below video links).

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Nottingham University Nominated For Peta2 US's First 'Most Vegetarian-Friendly Uni

04-03-2008 20:54

After a busy autumn term, Nottingham University Vegetarian & Vegan Society are incredibly proud to be receiving national recogntition. Please help us to further bolster Nottingham's reputation as a veggie and vegan stronghold by casting a vote for us to be the UK's top veggie-friendly university. Thank you!

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Latin in the Park initiative

04-03-2008 13:15

This piece details a new initiative the educational charity 'The Iris Project' is launching in inner city regions this summer.
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