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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Student University Occupations: A Growing Movement

21-02-2009 14:32

Around 200 students from the University of St. Andrews have been in occupation of Lower College Hall, a key University building, since Wednesday at 12 when a petition signed by over 600 students and staff was handed to the university.

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A new primary curriculum

21-02-2009 14:16

The Independent Primary review published its review of the curriculum in English primary schools today. It confirms what much previous research in primary schools – including from the schools inspectorate Ofsted – has shown: that a strong focus on testing ‘the basics’ of reading, writing and maths has led to a narrowing of the curriculum as experienced by primary pupils in many schools, particularly in the last couple of years of primary school. While classroom time spent on English and Maths steadily increased from 1996 to 2004, time spent on other subjects like history, geography, art and personal, social and health education dropped by as much as 20 per cent. And styles of learning in year 6 have become more like learning in the first few years of secondary school – quite the reverse of what should be happening given that we know these have always been an important factor in switching some young people off their learning once they have made the transition from primary to secondary school.

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Jews Sans Frontieres: Joel Kovel fired from Bard College for anti-Zionism

21-02-2009 11:02

Joel Kovel
"A fundamental principle of mine is that the educator must criticize the injustices of the world, whether or not this involves him or her in conflict with the powers that be. The systematic failure of the academy to do so plays no small role in the perpetuation of injustice and state violence. In no sphere of political action does this principle apply more vigorously than with the question of Zionism; and in no country is this issue more strategically important than in the United States, given the fact that United States support is necessary for Israel's behavior. The worse this behavior, the more strenuous must be the suppression of criticism."

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20-02-2009 22:44

Update from St Andrews Occupation

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Libertarian bloc on student fees demo, Feb 25th

20-02-2009 17:33

Call-out written by anarchist group at Goldsmiths Uni. All social anarchists and (left-)libertarians welcome.

Meet 12pm on the corner of Thornhaugh Street and Russell Square.

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Invitation to the Great Green Film Festival '09

19-02-2009 21:50

*Great Green Film Festival*
NSPM invites you to...

*** The Great Green Film Festival 2009! ***

Saturday 14th March, 10 AM
C11, Portland Building, University Park Campus.
Free entry, no need to book, all welcome.

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A Campus Sit-in against Israeli Occupation: An Interview with Three Participants

19-02-2009 14:35

On Friday, February 6, the University of Rochester-SDS (UR-SDS) organized an occupation of Goergen Hall at the University of Rochester for peace and solidarity with the Palestinians. The action was partially inspired by the wave of occupations across the UK in support of Palestine the past few weeks. UR-SDS made a list of demands of the administration (including divestment from weapons manufacturers, educational and humanitarian aid to Gaza, and scholarships for Palestinian students). In a related event, on Thursday, February 12, 2008 Hampshire College of Amherst, MA. became the first US school to divest from corporations profiting from the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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St Andrews Students Occupy Building to Protest Uni's Complicity With Israel

18-02-2009 14:57

The Occupation Begins
Over 60 students from St. Andrews have occupied Lower College Hall after a petition demanding that the University cut ties with Israeli contractors and institute an aid and scholarship programme was handed to the Principal.

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NUS ‘plays the race card’ in criticism of student occupations

18-02-2009 00:32

In a letter to The Independent on February 15th, Wes Streeting, President of the NUS, said he did not believe ‘that the sit-ins relating to the Gaza crisis have been the student movement’s finest hour’, condemning the ’significant disruption to [...the] education’ of other students ‘.

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Cambridge University Press -- Save Jobs march

17-02-2009 14:00

Cambridge university press is closing its printing facilities, and sacks all its workers there, and some on the editorial side. A match was organized on the 14th Feb 2009 to protest again these closures.

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pflp salute british students occupying universities in solidarity with gaza

16-02-2009 01:43

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine commends the students of Britain for their movement of occupations in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and calls for the continuation and expansion of the movement, said the Front in a statement on February 12, 2009.

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Notts Students Die-In Protest Against Arms Trade

16-02-2009 00:28

On Wednesday 11th February, a group of students staged a die-in protest to highlight the University of Nottingham's extensive links with arms companies. This protest was held as part of a national day of action against the arms trade, called by Campaign Against the Arms Trade Universitys Network.

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Students ‘Die’ in protest against University’s investment in Arms

15-02-2009 23:16

Students 'die' to symbolise the result of the University's investments
Students at the University of Birmingham are continuing their campaign against the university's investments in the arms trade, on Wednesday afternoon a group of students staged a 'die in' to represent the University's actions with the aim to maintain pressure on the University to change its irresponsible investments.

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"You are the Sumac" Skillshare programme announced!

13-02-2009 18:40

Poster - distribute this!
Saturday February 28th "You are the Sumac!" Skillshare @ the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, NG7 6HX

We have another day packed full of workshops and delicious food!

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What science issue shall we talk about?

13-02-2009 18:02

Select committees are almost the only place in parliament where MPs actually do what you’d naively hope they do all the time: sit down, hear a lot of evidence on an important issue, and then have a good hard think about it. The Science and Technology committee in particular have produced some fascinating and readable documents over the years. The report on the abortion act offered transparent, evidence based policy advice, package up in a very good piece of accessible popular science writing. (It also ended with a memorable tantrum from some christians). The House of Lords equivalent, meanwhile, did a very good piece of work on the public understanding of science in 2000, during the aftermath of GM and BSE.
Now SciTech has merged into DIUS, and they are asking us, which means you and me, “the public”, for topics that deserve a good hard think.

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Rally in support of the occupation

12-02-2009 14:42

The UEA Occupation continues!

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Search for the Alternative Valentines cards about Real Love

12-02-2009 13:57

One hundred cards will be left around Central London this Valentine’s day. Each contains an alternative valentine’s letter, a handmade gift and a sweet. Hand delivered to gaps in walls, cash machine slots, shop shelves- they won’t be affected by the postal delays and you don’t have to be in a relationship to have one of these!

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Preston UCLAN rooftop protest against BAE Systems

11-02-2009 23:59

Disobey! & CAAT Day of Action rooftop protest over the University of Central Lancashire links with BAE systems.

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University of East Anglia Occupied

11-02-2009 19:54

UEA buliding Arts was occupied this by around 10-12 students tonight, the Union Council has voted to be support the occupation, security (initially heavy handed got suddenly more polite when the media and various onlookers turned up!) Below is a copy of the leaflet we are handing out...

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Golsmiths University Occupied!

11-02-2009 19:32

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