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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Travelling School of Life Workshop at KnowledgeLab 4 in Nottingham

19-02-2007 11:52

Travelling School of Life - Let the journey begin!
Last Saturday, a group of people met at the KnowledgeLab 4 at Nottingham University to get to know and discuss the alternative education networkt Travelling School of Life Homepage:

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LIES GOT US INTO IRAQ : Pentagon report shows SMOKING GUN, +infowar smokescreen

16-02-2007 16:59

follow this set of keywords,
Congress, 2007, pentagon, inspector,
then add the "extra" info that a certain amount of the "intel" that was "re-checked" by the ADDITION of info from industry lobby groups that picked (+ paid for) certain "iraqi exiles" that came up with "niger uranium", czech meetings, hidden WMD

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"Oscar for Peace" Anti-War Vigil and Awards Ceremony

13-02-2007 16:24

Support Our Troops! Bring Our Troops Home, and Take Care of Them When They Get Home!

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Why do we feed our kids junk food?

12-02-2007 14:54

Children need the best food, not the worst, and yet we feed them rubbish, such as regurgitated slaughter house slurry, repackaged as chicken nuggets.

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Politicians watch out: young peo;ple can ask tricky questions, too.

12-02-2007 12:07

Danielle Wynn and Mike Hall, MP
Young people are often dismissed as inarticulate thugs. But most are caring individuals, who think deeply about the issues facing their communities and the wider world. sadly, in most cases, their ideas are ignored. But a media training course in Halton is giving them a chance to be heard by the people in power.

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Oaxaca, No Sweat and the Fifth International

12-02-2007 07:18

A SPEAKER from Oaxaca in Mexico spoke out the tumultuous events of the last nine months at a packed meeting in Brighton's Cowley Club on Sunday evening.

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Cambridge University arms investment demonstration, 10 Feb 2007

11-02-2007 13:36

On Saturday 10 February 2007, around 200 Cambridge students took part in a demonstration against investment by their colleges in the arms trade. Organised by Cambridge Students Against the Arms Trade (CSAAT), the participants assembled outside the Guildhall and marched around the the centre of Cambridge with chanting and banners before assembling on the lawn of the Senate House (where cards were checked so that only members of the university were admitted) to listen to speakers who included the local M.P. David Howarth.

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10-02-2007 11:05

PRO BIKE NOT ANTI CAR: Big changes required to stop global warming warning skeptics.

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Knowledgelab 4 - 'How do we Know?' - 16th-18th February

09-02-2007 17:06

This is an open invitation to Knowledgelab 4 - an alternative gathering for those interested in exploring political, philosophical and practical solutions to the problems we see around us today.

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Support a living grant for all students!

09-02-2007 15:30

Last year, on the initiative of Blairite Labour Students, the National Union of Students, which has totally failed to campaign against fees or seriously oppose the government in any way, ditched even its formal policy for a universal, living grant for all students. Please sign this statement for a living grant for all students in FE and HE, and for serious campaign to win it.

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CSSGJ talk on 'Britain's national narrative'

08-02-2007 17:52

What is Britain's relationship to the developing world - and how is this relationship negotiated and retold to suit current needs? What is 'global citizenship' and what does it imply in terms of contemporary politics?

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Homophobic Bullying 'Getting Worse'

04-02-2007 17:16

High-profile homophobic bullying initiatives are failing to make a significant impact in preventing homophobic bullying according to the Queer Youth Network. Outdated School System to Blame and we call for Social Centres to be created.

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Peace Conference, Nottingham Uni

03-02-2007 11:09

The Peace Movement will be holding the third annual Peace Conference in the Portland Building at Nottingham University from 11-6 on Sunday, February 18. Speakers will include James Howard (Powerswitch), Sue Blount (Green Party) and Craig Murray (former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan).

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CSSGJ Spring Seminar Programme

02-02-2007 16:51

CSSGJ's finalised programme of open seminars for the spring semester.

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Ombudsman Green Light for Burying Complaints

02-02-2007 13:05

To All Concerned Indviduals, Parties, Allies and Ministers in UK, EU and Global World

This will impact on all disabled people, families and carers who complain about their care and social care and other professionals.

As I said the Disabled People's, Mental Health Survivors, NeuroDiversity, Independent and Inclusive Living, Wellness and Recovery, UN DisabilityConvention, Indymedia movements and networks and all other concerned individuals, parties and allies all need to 'join-forces' with Local Government OmbudsmanWatch to 'speak-out' out on this urgently.

The United Kingdom Disabled People's Council (formely BCODP) need to act on this information immediately, because it's disabled people and their 'behaviour' that will be targeted for continued 'Disablism' and 'Victimisation' by The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO)

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Save the Crichton Campus

01-02-2007 21:05

The fight to save the Crichton Campus in Dumfries is ongoing. Here is an overview of actions and strategies launched by students, unions and stuff including a plea for your support.

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Kent Union blocks Coke boycott

31-01-2007 22:46

Members of University of Kent Union voted against ending the near-monopoly on soft drinks held on campus by Coca-Cola at their AGM on Tuesday evening, and blocked moves to join the growing international boycott of the company, which is accused of human rights violations and environmental injustices.

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Cambridge Uni threatens to close Portugese Language Dept.

31-01-2007 16:00

Banner as Petition!
It's been announced just this week that Cambridge University is planning to shut down the Portugese Language Department.

The University used particularly underhand methods to announce this, as no prior notice was given to students this was going to take place, unlike last year's announcement of the possible closure of the Architechture Dept (thwarted!), where it was announced as a POSSIBILITY, rather than a CERTAINTY several months in advance.

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Greece: Three weeks of struggle… and it continues!!!!!

30-01-2007 12:06

Greek universities are paralyzed. More than half of faculties nation wide (Universities and Colleges) are occupied by the students who refuse the privatization of Greek education system .Every day General Assemblies are organized and new faculties are added to the list. At side of the students we find also the university lecturer, primary and secondary education teachers and several trade-unions.

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Muslim Student forces leading University to pay out thousands in damages

29-01-2007 16:28

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