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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Grave Ignorance or Serious Deception: the Existence of the Constitution of Brita

18-01-2008 01:47

For the record; we the People of Britain DO INDEED have a CONSTITUTION and in accordance with its statues, the matter of going to war lies with the monarch NOT Parliament!

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Resist, Rebel and Revolt!

13-01-2008 17:31

All places where the elite caste talk, control and package the news, are monopolized and not accessible by university workers.

It is time for the revolt!

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a miracle plant that can save the earth

13-01-2008 14:23


Please find attached info you probably didn't know about hemp, the world's most useful plant.
There are two pages so if you wish to distribute you can print 2 per A4 sheet.
Please remove the first line if it is not printed on hemp paper.
Feel free to forward this to everyone you know and help make the world a much better place.

Thanks for listening



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Tour for Climate Action launch gathering next week

11-01-2008 21:04

The Student Climate Project is having a Launch Gathering at The Common Place in Leeds from 4pm on the 19th January till 4pm the following day. Crash space and vegan food is to be had by all. The main focus of the gathering is to plan for our Tour of Climate Action, which will see exciting events take place on campuses across the UK throughout 2008.

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In defense of academic freedom

10-01-2008 18:57

Following Rammell's speech on Academic Freedom, UCU-UNCENSORED rejects the government and Rammell's words and assertions full of sophism and rhetoric. Here we present a video-interview on Academic Freedom taken just two days before Rammell's speech.

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Dutch Universities Rejecting Iranian Students due to "Nuclear Threat"

07-01-2008 09:47

The universities of Enschede and Eindhoven are no longer admitting any students from Iran. They say they are forced to do so by the government, according to newspaper Trouw.

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Wind turbine construction course at Brighton Earthship

03-01-2008 14:56

V3 Power ran a course at the Earthship in November 2007 where 10 members of the public spent two days constructing a 2.4m Hugh Piggott wind turbine.

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Local skill sharing for environmental and social change.

03-01-2008 12:56

A new grass roots project will be launched January 2008 at Ringsfield eco study centre nr Beccles, Suffolk.
The project involves local community skill sharing plus experts from across the country coming together to run workshops for environmental and social change. (this is a non profit making project. )All sessions will be run as cheaply as possible and be open to all.
Sust-education have been lucky enough to be able to use the beautiful Ringsfield Hall eco study Centre as a venue, 14 acres of amazing parkland........

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open letter to Fabio Mussi, the new Italian communist of the banana party

30-12-2007 20:28

Fabio Mussi, Minister of University and Research and leader of the Sinistra Democratica party in Italy has proposed in the Decreto Milleproroghe a reform of Italian universities and research. This is an open letter to Ministro Mussi which questions the likely detrimental consequences of such a reform based on the neoliberal British HE system. In particular the letter challenges the harm to academic freedom and research suggested by a system that encourages competitiveness and looks after capital interests. Vergogna!

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U.S. Prisoner - Life in Prison for Lending Car

20-12-2007 06:26

Paul Modrowski, of Illinois, U.S.A., convicted of Murder 1 on an accountability basis for supposedly lending his car to a supposed killer -- who was acquitted -- seeks release from prison for Christmas.

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2nd Screening of Videoactivism and Independent Documentaries, Caracas 2008

18-12-2007 21:48

* The collective editors of the Venezuelan journal El Libertario and the Organizacion Nelson Garrido, have issued a call out for filmmakers and video activists from all over the world to present their recent autonomous works concerning active social movements in struggle. This will be held in Caracas, Venezuela, between the 21st and the 28th of January 2008.

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UK students and education workers support jailed Iranian students

18-12-2007 16:31

Please add your or your organisation's name to this statement; it will be translated and sent to activists in Iran. Email your name to Daniel at

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Short haul flight adverts cancelled

18-12-2007 14:27

Flybe cancel 1
Shocking U-turn from short-haul carrier!

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Philippine President Gloria Arroyo: Economist or Politician?

18-12-2007 11:21

Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo & Imelda Marcos
I think I’m a pretty good economist, but a very bad politician.”
- by Gloria Macapacagal-Arroyo

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Lecture on aerial warfare invaded

14-12-2007 11:36

Sheffield University invited Air Marshal Stuart Peach (CBE) to give a lecture on aerial warfare, a group of around 12 activists disrupted it in protest.

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Scottish Financial Enterprise “Houseboat Picton Was Everything We Ever Had!"

12-12-2007 15:24

Scottish Financial Enterprise
Celebrating the successes of the Scottish financial services industry in 2007, Mr John Campbell, Chairman of Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE), held a reception for members-only, at the Jacobite suite of Edinburgh Castle last night (11th December). Promised a private viewing of the Scottish Crown Jewels, other things were on their mind too….by invitation of one evicted Welsh Family of seven.

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Blood In The Streets Of Oakland: Anniversary Death of Mary Jesus

12-12-2007 01:27

In Memory of Mary Jesus... December 10, was the 3rd year anniversary death of Mary Jesus, who was hounded to death by Oakland's greedy landoords! Mary Jesus shook up downtown Oakland 3 years ago when she climbed onto the Oakland Tribune Tower and tossed down 100s of copies of a suicide note denouncing the plight of Oakland renters before leaping to a tragic bloody death...

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Critical mass

11-12-2007 13:01

this saturday to show the fuel protestors that pedal power is the way forward

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10-12-2007 21:27

Planning is beginning for a radical Tour of Climate Action around the UK's campuses and universities. The tour is being organised by The Student Climate Project, a new non-hierarchical collection of students from around the UK aiming to inspire radical climate activism amongst the wider body of students. The Student Climate Project needs more people onboard, and has its next open national planning meeting in Leeds from the 19th-20th January at the Common Place, Leeds. All our welcome!.

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LSE Students Funded By Arms Companies, Report Reveals

06-12-2007 00:07

A report published by Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) has revealed that arms companies have paid for the fees and living expenses of seven students at the London School of Economics (LSE) to the tune of £83,706 since 2001. The report also reveals that between 1998 and 2004, the School received funding totalling at least £861,653 from several arms companies for research projects that it has carried out during the period.
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