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UK Education Newswire Archive

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London Anti-Authoritarian Festival

26-04-2005 14:45

London Anti-Authoritarians festival on 29th and 30th April at The Institute For Autonomy in Central London. On Friday there'll be a benefit from 8pm until 1am, with Rhythms of Resistance, bands, djs, vegan food. On Saturday there'll be an afternoon of films and discussions from 1-7pm.

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New research shows public libararies at threat under GATS

25-04-2005 14:23

Publicly-owned, publicly-accountable libraries in the UK could be under serious threat unless citizens wake up to the planned liberalisation and expansion of international trade in services being negotiated behind closed doors in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), according to a new book by respected British academic and information expert, Ruth Rikowski.

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Harrow College Strike Film

24-04-2005 15:20

I'm an economic migrant from the west country - I moved away last year to Harrow to work at a FE college. Of course like many public services its in extreme crisis mainly down to bad management practices. So what does one do when faced with this crap? - you make a film...Follow the links below for more context.

An 11 minute 20mb .wmv file of the Lecturers Strike at Harrow College, UK

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Report from Beirut, Lebanon withn 10 photos.

24-04-2005 07:18

This is a 600 word report with 10 photos of the current situation in the Lebanon.

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Oppression, Not Education is Top Priority with University of Califormia Regents

20-04-2005 18:37

With 2 days to remain in the Tent University protest at the University of California, Santa Cruz, we would like to be able to say "the whole world is watching", because the shit has already begun to hit the fan.

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Danny Schechter's WMD has second showing in Amman, Jordan!

20-04-2005 07:57

Getting the new DVD ready
This is a short report with 4 photos of the showing of Danny Schechter's new film `WMD weapons of mass deception` in Amman, Jordan.

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Irshad Manji speaks in London

19-04-2005 11:00

Irshad Manji, author of 'The Trouble with Islam...'
The theme of Ms Manji's talk in London will be 'Faith + Politics + Human Rights' and will follow from the issues raised in her book 'The Trouble with Islam...'

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Next Nottinghamshire Indymedia Meeting

19-04-2005 10:41

Various groups and individuals from around Nottinghamshire are in the process of setting up an Independent Media Centre. Plans for the project include a radiostation, website, print out and a training group to work within various communities.

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Crest Nicholson Plc New Heights New Lows: A Family Protests at AGM

19-04-2005 00:35

Crest Nicholson Plc Shafted Evicted Houseboat Family Protest at Crest AGM
On Friday 8th April private and institutional investors inside the Crest Nicholson AGM, at the Runnymede Hotel in Egham, Surrey, heard how the house building company defended its rejection, of a multi-million pounds, hostile, take-over-bid from Gerald Ronson’s, Heron International.

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Palestinian union backs boycott motions at AUT Council

17-04-2005 20:26

Press Release - for immediate release

Palestinian union backs boycott motions at AUT Council

The Palestinian sister union of the Association of University Teachers has issued an Open Letter to the AUT Executive and Council calling for unambiguous boycott of Israeli universities.

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Need stock footage of Iraq for graduate documentary on Iraqi Chaldeans

15-04-2005 07:26

Need stock footage of iraq - am doing graduate documentary on Iraqi Chaldeans in the united states - their struggles to resettle in the western world- am former member of San Diego IMC (California - U.S.)

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Join the Blairditchproject bus up to Sedgefield this Friday!

14-04-2005 13:36

Peace buses coming to London to build more support for the project and pick up supporters who want to join the campaign THIS FRIDAY 15th at the trade justice all night vigil

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China Charges Japan War Crimes! What about China with regards to Tibet...

14-04-2005 00:11

China Charges Japan War Crimes! What about China with regards to Tibet, Tianinmen Square and Taiwan? Interesting how easily people forget the death of many innocent peoples in China itself!

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Wild and Windy Shannon / Ecotopia Reunion In West Clare

07-04-2005 18:12

E.Y.F.A and Gluaiseacht Anti-War Winter Meeting. Lots of talk of a Europen wide anti-war network, possebilerty of funding for a europen wide video production, screening caravan.

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Invite to Hacklab info event + party sat 9th

06-04-2005 21:56

Do patent laws have a place in today's information society?

Patent laws were originally put in place to protect innovators from having their ideas stolen. They now provide a tool for large businesses to control how inventions, research, knowledge and even life forms can be exploited for profit.

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Report from Nuweiba, Egypt and Aqaba, Jordan.

06-04-2005 10:46

Nuweiba, Egypt.
This is a short report of the situation at the Egyptian/Jordanian border and the crossing from Nuweiba to Aqaba. Five photos are attached.

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pre-emptive petition: the forthcoming war in iran

05-04-2005 16:33

Whoever controls the past gains liberties over the future - Groucho Marx

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Irish Historian Margaret Ward's New Book: An Interview

04-04-2005 04:56

Irish historian Margaret Ward discusses her new book and current Irish historical and media situation, in a recent e-mail interview for indymedia website readers.

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Banner Theatre celebrates thirty challenging years!

02-04-2005 17:19

Banner Theatre one of the few remaining touring companies specialising in community and political theatre is celebrating its thirtieth birthday this spring. The party kicks off with a two-day event at the University of Central England and Birmingham Library Theatre, and will also be marked by the publication of a songbook, and the launch of a CD which includes songs from the new show, Wild Geese, which is set to open in April.
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