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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Venezuela coup d'etat rumor may herald things to come given mighty interests

26-07-2009 22:05

Jutta Schmitt
With all the problems, vices and malpractices existent in the current administration I still consider President Chavez as the very centerpiece for change in Venezuela and Latin America, and all those who are tirelessly working to make it happen, against all odds.

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Climate Change: a year from now

26-07-2009 11:15

On Tuesday August 4th, the people of Greater Manchester have an opportunity
to come together to share knowledge and ideas about Climate Change and what
to do about it.

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Sink or Swim? Save Our Community Swimming Pools!

22-07-2009 13:46

Banner drop from the closed Sparkhill Pool and Fitness Centre
On Monday 13th July, people from Sparkhill and Balsall Heath displayed banners, and encouraged local residents to sign petitions to keep their community swimming pools open. They aim to send a message to Birmingham City Council that they must direct their financial resources to repairing community pools, so that people can learn to swim.

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Cambridge BINGO! Social Centre

17-07-2009 16:17

Update on what's going on at the occupied Bingo Hall Social Centre, Hobson Street, Cambridge.

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Dissident Island Radio - 2 years old tonight!

17-07-2009 14:52

London Freeskool // Mrs Expenses home occupiers // Iain McKay // W.A.G // Whalid Jumblatt

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Marx In Soho - 25th/26th July - Bradford

16-07-2009 20:41

Howard Zinn’s play, “Marx in Soho” portrays the return of Marx. Embedded in some secular afterlife where intellectuals, artists, and radicals are sent, Marx (played by Jerry Levy) is given permission by the administrative committee to return to Soho London to have his say. But through a bureaucratic mix–up, he winds up in SOHO in New York.

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Strike Action Shuts Down London Met University

15-07-2009 17:48

London Metropolitan University came to a halt on Tuesday 14th of July as hundreds of workers went on a UCU/UNISON coordinated strike in protest at continued job cuts and outsourcing. Workers and students set up picket lines at every building of North and City campuses.

See report and photos in IMC-London:

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Students respond to G8 in Rome with occupations

09-07-2009 13:19

Students in Rome demand housing, basic income and welfare from the G8 Summit.

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The Counter-Revolution Will Not be Tweeted or Did Obama Know?

07-07-2009 18:19

"But speaking of premeditation, we come to arguably the most important similarity, one which has been controversial in recent days, as liberal/leftist supporters of Obama bend over backwards to reinforce their waning "hope" in the final days of the post-electoral honeymoon: the covert U.S. role in the coup."

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A long time in politics - online

06-07-2009 21:49

More than 175 years worth of Parliamentary election results are now available online following the launch of a free-to-view historical website that paints a picture of change in Britain by numbers, surveys and images.

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ADHD - Petition to increase NHS provisions and funding for Adults with ADHD

06-07-2009 17:53

We are asking the Prime Minister to ensure that NHS service provisions and funding arrangements for services for adults with ADHD are reviewed and revised urgently.

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Don't Be Stupid!

06-07-2009 10:17

The Age Of Stupid film is blown in from the ethos to be shown at The Electric Palace,39a High Street, Hastings. Screenings to be shown on 9,10,11,&12 July.Doors open 7.30pm £6.00 Admission.

Now come on don't be stupid you know it makes sense to be there....

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Justice 4 the Northwest 10: London meeting report

05-07-2009 14:25

A public meeting was held at SOAS on 2 July in support of 10 (now 9) Pakistani students facing deportation as they pose a threat to "national security" following their arrest in yet another big "anti-terror raid" embarrassment. Of course that threat is unspecified and the evidence is secret...fair trial anyone? Justice?

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Governor of Queensland incommunicado on judicial corruption claims

04-07-2009 22:37

Queensland Governor, Dr Penelope Wensley, is unresponsive to judicial abuse complaints against her brother, Robert Wensley QC, by an unrepresented 12 year old bullied schoolboy and his mother.

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Stuff the university bosses! Education workers in Sheffield, a call for OBU!

04-07-2009 17:09

Sheffield University is about to be hit by massive cuts, job losses and cuts in workers pay. This is a call to arms from the One Big Union!

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Governors Held to Account Over Job Cuts at LMU

03-07-2009 18:39

Picket outside the International Student House
Students and staff of the London Metropolitan University lobbied the Chair of LMU’s Board of Governors, to protest against job cuts on Thursday 2nd July. London Met Board of Governors approved the plan to make 550 redundancies last month, refusing to consider union proposals to ease the damage done to the staff at London Met.

The protest was aimed at Peter Anwyl, Director of International Student House (ISH), who has consistently refused to meet or talk to the unions. A delegation from both UCU and UNISON went to present a letter protesting at the cuts in staff at LMU.

Read more:

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Governor of Queensland in denial on judicial corruption claims

03-07-2009 16:52

Queensland Governor, Dr Penelope Wensley, is unresponsive to judicial abuse complaints against her brother, Robert Wensley QC, by an unrepresented 12 year old bullied schoolboy and his mother.

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Victims of the Racist War on Terror: Free the NW10

02-07-2009 22:17


Audio from the meeting of the The London Campaign to support the North West 10, foreign students who were arrested under Terror Laws and most of whom are now in prison, despite there being no evidence against them, met at the Khalili Lecture theatre at SOAS on Thursday 2nd July.

Speakers included Tariq Mehmood, one of the 'Bradford 12', Gareth Peirce - Human Rights Solicitor, Dorothy Wright of UCU, Asim Qureshi of Cage Prisoners and Rizwan Sabir, arrested with Hicham Yezza at Nottingham University.

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Governor Of Queensland ignores judicial corruption claims involving brother

01-07-2009 06:26

This article is about government inaction on judicial abuse and corruption allegations by an unrepresented teenage victim of severe school bullying and education discrimination.

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Ark Academies, Ron Beller and Subprime Mortgages

29-06-2009 03:50

Ron Beller, trustee of Ark Academies, finds it appropriate to make a fortune from the subprime mortgage disaster, and act as a 'philanthropic' trustee for Ark Academies, at the same time.
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