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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Anarchists fed up with Lega Nord racists in Italy, get feisty

08-06-2008 16:12

Anarchists and anti-racists in Trento, North-East Italy got fed up with the racist crap representives of the local Lega Nord (Northern League) spout in the local town centre. The video shows how.

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Reclaim the Uni Action Thursday 5th

08-06-2008 15:14

On Thursday the 5th June 50 students forced access into their universities administration building at the University of Manchester. Although the Vice-president was on holiday in Austria (paid for with students fee's) a clear message was sent that action will continue next year.

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Oxford University desperate for money (£1.25 billion of it!)

07-06-2008 13:54

On Wednesday 28 May Oxford University launched a £1.25 billion fundraising drive which is being touted as the biggest money raising project in European university history.

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Feminist Self-defense: No God! No Master! No Sexist Aggressions!

05-06-2008 20:40

* El Libertario published in its 51st edition (Venezuela, Novermber - Dicember 2007) a text compilation that expresses important aspects of what anarchism proposes may be done to face the growing problem of gender violence.

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Press Release: Palestine Lives 2008

04-06-2008 13:25


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"Burn the Bosses, Not the Planet" - Workshop, Newcastle, 7 June 08

03-06-2008 20:00

Ecology and Class

Sheffield Anarchist Federation, a collective of class struggle anarchists affiliated to the national Anarchist Federation, facilitate a free and open debate on climate change, class and capitalism, 7 June at Newcastle Community Green Festival, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Governance and the Institution of the Common - Seminar. 5 June, London

03-06-2008 08:46

The Art of Rent is a cycle of 4 meetings that started in January at Queen Mary University of London. This series of public seminars was open to everyone: our experiment with the academic structures to build a sort of open university. Open to London, to everybody who live here or pass through this metropolis. We tried to take the word "metroversity" literally and experiment a metropolitan space inside the university's space itself.

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Talks & Discussion: Academia & "Terror"; Moazzam Begg & more..

02-06-2008 21:40

Hosted by Nottingham Student Peace Movement, this event aims to discuss and respond to the violation of academic freedom, erosion of civil liberties and encroachment of 'terrorism' measures, as illustrated by the recent incident at the University of Nottingham.

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Evangelists target Mancunian youth

29-05-2008 21:39

The 'Audacious City Church' launches an advertising offensive aimed at enticing the young people of central Manchester, after establishing headquarters near the MEN arena.

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Nottingham Uni Demo for Academic Freedom & Against Deportation - Silent March

29-05-2008 21:31

On Wednesday 28th May at the University of Nottingham academic staff gave a public reading from an Al-Qaeda training manual, outside the Hallward Library, University Park Campus. The demonstration expressed the outrage amongst staff and students after two innocent members of the academic community were arrested under ‘terror’ legislation in connection with this document, downloaded from an official US government website.

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Nottingham University Demo for Academic Freedom & Against Deportation - Readings

29-05-2008 21:28

On Wednesday 28th May at the University of Nottingham academic staff gave a public reading from an Al-Qaeda training manual, outside the Hallward Library, University Park Campus. The demonstration expressed the outrage amongst staff and students after two innocent members of the academic community were arrested under ‘terror’ legislation in connection with this document, downloaded from an official US government website.

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For academic freedom and against deportation

28-05-2008 19:47

On Wednesday 28 May, hundreds of students and academics came together at the University of Nottingham to protests in defence of academic freedom and against the imminent deportation of university community member Hicham Yezza.

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Comment on University Communication on Recent Events

27-05-2008 16:31

As concerned academics at the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham who have been involved in the campaign for academic freedom and the release of Hicham Yezza in the wake of the false terror arrests at our university last week, we request that the Registrar, Dr. Paul Greatrix, amends the statement that he is currently circulating in response to letters of concern sent by academics from across the world to the University of Nottingham. The statement contains a number of inconsistencies, and we feel it necessary to point these out, both to Dr. Greatrix, and to the wider public.

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Eclectic Tech Carnival Underway In Amsterdam

26-05-2008 19:21

ETC Carnival
The annual (by now) ETC happening is housed in Amsterdam:

It began on Sunday 25th and will continue until Saturday the 31st of May.
Invitees include women and gender Minorities.

Info included on :

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How 'Flat Earth' News is Killing Journalism

24-05-2008 03:39

An interesting analysis of why the media 'sucks'.

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Transition Towns Talks 27th May

23-05-2008 21:44

With oil hitting £135 its very pertinant that Rob Hopkins will be speaking about Transition Initiatives at the Mechanics Institute on Tues 27 the May

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Making Governance Gender Responsive.

23-05-2008 09:36

Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics- Conference 2008.

A Conference will occur in October 2008 under the aegis of the CAPWIP and the
United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction in October 2008.

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Student Climate Project June gathering

22-05-2008 19:19

The Gathering is taking place at Sussex University, 5th June, from 2pm till 7pm.

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Manchester Free Software Talk: Richard Rothwell, M6-IT, 20th May 2008

19-05-2008 17:04

Manchester Free Software present a talk by Richard Rothwell from M6-IT Community Interest Company - "Software Freedom for the Education and Voluntary Sector" on Sustainable Education Solutions, at MDDA at 7pm on Tuesday 20th May 2008.
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