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UK Education Newswire Archive

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The Ancient Wisdom of the Breath

14-07-2005 01:40

This may be the beginning of the most fascinating journey you have ever undertaken because it begins inside yourself.

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G8Bikeriders return to London, Offer Cycling Lessons to George W. Bush.

10-07-2005 00:34

A reponse to the most recent calamity to afflict the Leader of the Free World from the tired but beautiful folk of the G8 Bikeride

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Up to 200 Italian police 'ran parallel anti-terror force'

07-07-2005 07:57

Up to 200 police officers and former intelligence operatives are being investigated by Italian magistrates on charges of organising an illegal "parallel" police force to combat terrorism. this article doesn't mention Freemasons or Gladio but dozens of articles in the italian press do.
"I guess John Philips(also writes 4 the grauniad) aint into that kind of conspiracy theory crap so let's stick to the sheeple version INNIT !

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a different view of Saturdays protest

05-07-2005 17:10

Report on my trip as Youth Worker with a group of 13- 16 year olds to the demo on Saturday

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04-07-2005 21:22


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Raised Voices from the South on the G8

30-06-2005 12:00

Billions of people most affected by the policies and decisions of the G8 will not be present in Scotland. Raised Voices is a series of several short film clips of people from the Majority World speaking out about the impacts the G8 has on their lives and their countries.

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Birmingham University's investment in the Arms Trade

30-06-2005 11:26

New Campaign Against Arms Trade figures regarding shares held by Birmingham University.

Did you know that your university heavily invests in the arms trade?

Figures accurate at time of writing (June 2005).

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Every child matters..........

30-06-2005 11:09

I went to a meeting at St Thomas Hospital on the implementation of the national Service Framework (NSF) for Children on the 8th of June 2005.

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Skip Bikes first meeting!

29-06-2005 20:40

Dedicated bike heads met up for the first time today to discuss SKIP BIKES: a new bike project aiming to get more people in the saddle, promote environmentality / ethicality and to share skills. Plus anything else yous can think of! Next meeting early July. All welcome.

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New Warning on Climate Change

28-06-2005 10:35

New Warning on Climate Change [from Prof. Bill McGuire, Benfield Hazard Research Centre, University College London’s] The UK could be transformed into a string of different islands due to climate change and rapidly rising sea levels, according to new research.

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Ecotopia 2005 - international youth festival in Moldova

27-06-2005 20:01

Ecotopia 2004
---------- e k o t o p i a _ 2 o o 5
---------- in_ M o l d o v a
---------- 1st - 14th_ of_ A u g u s t

- - - - - c a l l o u t
We would like to invite you to E K O T O P I A 2005
taking place in the nature reserve Saharna, in Moldova
This year's theme is Alternative Technologies [AT], but as always the program is to be created by the participants. We choose AT as the theme because we would like to have a lot of skill-sharing on issues such as renewable energy, solar power, waste management and recycling, green building and eco-housing, green food production, windmills, green economy, green design and architecture, and green-everything.
Beside the alternative technologies there will be special focus on
- east-west issues in Europe
- planing of local and global actions
- developing ideas for new projects and campaigns on the European level
The most important is that the program of EKOTOPIA is dependent on YOU:::: to give a workshop, on AT, east-west or any topic you are interested in, climate change, sustainable transport, GMOs, organic food, action planing, alternative media, global politics and economics, migration, racism and xenophobia, etc.
If you want to give a workshop, please fill in the online workshop form [available soon]
If you want to participate fill in this form [available soon]
Also, we would really appreciate if you fill in the EKORATES questionnaire and send it to
People applying for the travel reimbursements are expected to fill in the questionnaire.
People who need travel reimbursement apply before June 20th. If you don't need travel reimbursement you can register until July 10th. Registering in advance is very helpful for the people organising the logistics!!
A great way to come to Ekotopia is the annual Ekotopia BikeToUr. This year, the BikeToUr starts in Banja Luka June 17th, Bosnia.

More about EKOTOPIA
Questions & remarks:

Hope to see you in Moldova!!

EYFA (European Youth for Action) and the ekotopia hosts: AVI, SalvaEco, Gutta-Club and the Environmental Movement of Moldova

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FCUK The G8! Hip Hop EP Out Now

27-06-2005 15:29

The Fuk The G8 Hip Hop EP 12" Vinyl is out now. It is a Limited pressing and features 4 tunes by Manage, Syanyde, Chemo and MC Excentral The Tempest. Its AntiCapiatalist, Anti G8, Anti Cop, pro partying and Fooking havin' it!!!.

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research help - request

26-06-2005 13:40

am looking for a site that gives accessible, user-friendly research articles on stuff like mcdonalds, coca cola etc

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Monsanto's Bt corn Disaster: Burden not Boon to Agriculture

23-06-2005 17:12

The Greenpeace report challenges Monsanto's claim that Bt corn is the answer to poverty.

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Plater College Open Debate

22-06-2005 20:07

This short article is to notify the public of an open debate on the issue of the closure of Plater College, Oxford between representative of the Plater College Foundation and the college's current administration.

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Faculty for Radical Aesthetics – Call for Applications

21-06-2005 03:16

expensive but cool looking course. perhaps some euro radical bandits can attend.


Faculty for Radical Aesthetics - Call for Applications

In the context of two research projects starting in autumn 2005 the eipcp
will organize a transnational pilot course for Radical Aesthetics. The
components of this one-year course will take place in different European
cities (Barcelona, Linz, Lüneburg, Napoli, Paris, Vienna). Aimed at
fostering the transnational exchange and discourse on art and activism,
they will reflect on concrete activist and critical projects, accompanying
them with discursive events and theoretical workshops.

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Palestine / Israel Mapping: A Talk: London This Friday

20-06-2005 19:37

One land, two people. That's how it's usually represented. And after all, both Palestinians and Israelis display the map, the one map from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river, from the gulf of Aqaba to the Lebanese border. If you can't read Arabic or Hebrew you might not notice the difference between a Israeli and a Palestinian map. But is it really one land? What happens when one place has two names?

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GCSE Results doomed for a dramatic decrease

20-06-2005 18:01

Are children being spoon fed with no longer effective information on web based programmes such as BBC Bitesize?

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Sustainable Technologies for eradicating Hunger

20-06-2005 13:18

Review of Sustainable Technologies for eradicating Hunger and for Real economic Progress.
Many Links to organic and sustainable technology web sites.

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URGENT: Downing Street Memo hearing with Ray McGovern and company repeats today

19-06-2005 15:29

URGENT: Downing Street Memo hearing with Ray McGovern and company repeats today at 11:10 AM PT & 2:10 PM ET (6:10 PM GMT) on C-SPAN
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