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UK Education Newswire Archive

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University Struggles Update

19-12-2009 11:45

The struggle to save jobs and the quality of education continues at the University of Birmingham.

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Nanny State gives parents nightmares

18-12-2009 20:08

A new Bill threatens to undermine the rights and responsibilities of parents

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University research findings called into question over Tesco funding

15-12-2009 14:44

Research undertaken at the University of Manchester has concluded that loyalty bonuses are a more effective way of motivating customers to re-use plastic bags than to charge for them. However, the independence of this research has been thrown into doubt, raising questions over the £25 million donation received from Tesco by the Sustainable Consumption Institute.

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Aberdeen Students protest against cuts,privatisation & increasing tuition fees

11-12-2009 18:54

Aberdeen students today protested against the imminent education cuts under the Aberdeen Defend Education Campaign (ADEC) banner today. The protest was directed at the increasement and possible re-introduction of tuition fees, possible privatisation and outsourcing of university services and public sector cuts to education in general.

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Planning for Mass Deaths in place

06-12-2009 00:37

The following three documents indicate that preparation for mass deaths is in place. This is running under the Local and Regional Resilience Forums, which implement Integrated Emergency Management (IEM) the UK equivalent to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) in the US.

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Students and staff fighting cuts at University of Sussex

05-12-2009 15:39

Whilst Vice Chancellor Michael Farthing is sitting pretty on a salary of £227,000.
Sussex University’s budget for 2009/10 seeks to reduce costs by £3m, with additional savings of up to £5m in 2010/11. These cuts will take the form of (among others), 115+ staff redundancies, the closure of the creche and the closure of the sexual health advice centre.

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'Moodle', 'Sloodle' and virtual worlds in classrooms, limited parental access.

03-12-2009 23:48

If you ask for your child to bring home his exercise books you will likely be told that according to 'guidelines' this is not permitted. However, your local school may suggest that you go to the school to see your child's work, where a teacher will explain what is in their books to you. My suggestion is that exercise books may be phased out, and students will get their 'education' inside virtual worlds. 'Moodle' is already in place.

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TOMORROW NIGHT: Class Evening - the radical labour union social

02-12-2009 18:50

A new regular IWW night for union members, other workers, and everyone else!
DATE: 3 December, 8pm til late
VENUE: Lamp Tavern, 157 Barford Street, Digbeth B5 6AH
PROGRAM: Film ‘Bread and Roses’ and Discussion

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UEA Climatic Research Unit row escalates

02-12-2009 09:56

The news that the head of the climate research unit who had its emails hacked and posted online is creating a big stink....

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Manchester Academies

29-11-2009 20:30

Manchester’s education system is going through a dramatic period of change. Two new controversial academy schools opened in September with at least two more to follow in 2010. However, the recent track record of academy schools suggests that Manchester’s education revolution may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

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Youth March For Jobs

29-11-2009 18:56

In Malet St
Approaching a thousand people took part in a 'Youth March for Jobs' through central London on Saturday 28 Nov 2008. The marchers, mainly young people, demanded decent jobs, a return to free higher education and an end to cuts in education and the public sector. They called for a socialist system that would support workers rather than bankers.

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MMU campus plans set to be delayed

28-11-2009 14:47

Following last week’s news that 127 support staff are to be made redundant – an “efficiency” measure according to Vice Chancellor Professor John Brooks – Manchester Metropolitan University has announced setbacks in plans over its proposed campus developments.

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Climate hearing in doncaster today at 4.45pm

27-11-2009 11:39

Ed Miliband will be at the Doncaster Climate Change Hearing today at the Bentley Pavillion, this is a chance to have your say!

We Love the Earth Centre campaigners will be there on mass to send a clear message to the Council and the press that the Earth Centre must be returned to the public!

A public meeting has been arranged to discuss the future of the site.

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Occupied Berkeley: The Taking of Wheeler Hall

27-11-2009 06:25

On November 20th, 2009 students occupied Wheeler Hall at the University of California, Berkeley campus. They locked themselves into the second floor of the building and called for an end to the continued fee increases, the re-hiring of laid-off workers, and other demands stemming from the University's ongoing assault on the very nature of a public education.

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the peoples meeting to reclaim the earth centre

25-11-2009 23:49

Public meeting regarding the future of the earth centre and the peoples campaign to reclaim the land and our rights to make decisions on community issues
Tuesday, 15th December 7pm at the Denaby Miners Welfare Club - see you there!

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Public Meeting to oppose Points Based Immigration

25-11-2009 22:29

Open public meeting on opposing the Points Based System for Immigration, Wednesday 2 December, 5PM in the Stretch, Goldsmiths, New Cross, SE14 6NW

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Stitched-Up In Honduras - Workers speaker tour - UK

24-11-2009 15:38

Come and hear how together we can fight sweatshops!

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Brian Anson - Architect, Story Teller, Poet, Revolutionary... passed away over t

24-11-2009 00:10

From Donegal and Clare, and Connaught and the Munster hills...... Your plea is remembered and we battle on, energised by your passion

Brian Anson (1934-2009) passed away over the weekend after being inflicted with a sudden illness, he was a Liverpudlian, who came to Ireland to do what he could to help..

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MMU set to axe support staff

21-11-2009 11:04

Manchester Metropolitan University has this week announced that it will be cutting 127 administrative and support staff roles.

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Fruit of the Loom Campaign VICTORY! - Honduran Union sign historic agreement

20-11-2009 10:39

Students take action
In the last few days Fruit of the Loom/Russell have agreed to meet People & Planet’s campaign demands to reopen the Honduran factory, re-hire all 1200 workers who have been without jobs for 10 months or more and make historic steps towards respecting union rights in the future. View details of the agreement
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