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UK Education Newswire Archive

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3rd Annual Nottingham Human Rights Film Festival, 4th July - 20th July 2010

23-06-2010 12:46

The Human Rights Law Centre at the University of Nottingham is proud announce to the 3rd Annual Human Rights Film Festival on “Human Rights in the UK”, which will be shown at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham in July. The Festival seeks to highlight domestic human rights issues – from homelessness to counter-terrorism policies. Have you ever wondered how you could be impacted by the saturation of CCTV or been concerned about the decreasing professional integrity of the UK media? Human rights permeate the foundations of UK society and this festival aims to highlight these and other issues in the UK.

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Combat Stress: PTSD & the Family

20-06-2010 09:33

A public meeting on the affects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the impact it has upon the wider family unit.

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Demonstration to save Goldsmiths Nursery 9:30AM 21 June Deptford Town Hall SE14

19-06-2010 18:54

Demonstration to oppose the closure of the Goldsmiths Nursery, coinciding with a meeting of Goldsmiths Senior Management Team. Children are welcome.

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democracy village fair and peace weekend 19th to 20th June Parliament Square

18-06-2010 16:16

Democracy Village
Could we ask you to unite in support and join us this weekend, if you can't personally attend, please network this message so that you have some representatives present there, many thanks, PEACEfestUK

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Manchester College cuts off contact with UCU as staff vote for strike action

14-06-2010 15:11

Principal of The Manchester College (TMC) Peter Tavernor yesterday severed ties with the University and College Union (UCU), accusing the union of “underhand tactics” and trying to “agitate staff” in the row over contracts.

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University of Manchester falls again in Guardian rankings

10-06-2010 00:36

For the second consecutive year the University of Manchester has fallen in the Guardian’s league table of satisfaction levels among undergraduates.

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New contracts strictly imposed on Manchester College staff as principal raises o

09-06-2010 10:20

Staff at The Manchester College (TMC) are having new contracts imposed under little or no consultation, with significant changes to working conditions. Meanwhile, much criticised principal Peter Tavernor has awarded himself a 10 per cent pay rise and now earns more than the Prime Minister.

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The IMF and Afrika - the Double standars and hypocrisy

07-06-2010 14:35

The IMF claims that it has sent Afrika trillions of dollars in so-called aid only for the bulk of it to be squandered by so-called greedy Afrikan leaders. What this article seeks to do is to expose the double standard at play here and impart to White people and others whose media brainwashes them that far from so-called corrupt Afrikan leaders wasting the money in Swiss Bank accounts, the real corruption lies with the West and its corrupt institutions like the IMF.

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Community garden celebrates keeping chickens

07-06-2010 10:31

As keeping chickens increases in popularity, Barracks Lane Community Garden in Cowley/ East Oxford is holding a Chicken Day, this Saturday 12th June, with the aim to give local people information about keeping chickens on your allotment or at home in your garden.

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Stop The Mad Cycle

07-06-2010 10:12

Better Has come
“London’s Leading green event, featuring cutting edge green-audio stages, amazing science and art crossover entertainment, comprehensive healing area, eco-futures careers and education area... and the 10th anniversary of the BikeFest. All powered by the Sun, the Wind and the people. Be part of the experience.” London Independent Media

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Berlin court bans Islamic prayer in schools

06-06-2010 20:47

Students in Berlin are not to be allowed to perform Islamic prayers on school grounds. While the Christian religion is routinely taught at public schools and—according to a 1979 Constitutional Court ruling—Christian school prayers can even be spoken during normal lessons, Islamic students are not allowed to perform their ritual prayers, even if they do this outside of lessons and only once a day.

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sorting out our own problems :: freiden utopian

05-06-2010 18:12

"... militarism is very closely related with colonialism, tariff policies, and world politics as a whole

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Sounds on the Downs returns on June 9th!

31-05-2010 20:32

Nottingham's only 100% renewably powered greenfields festival returns on the 9th June from 1-9pm.

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The IMF and Afrika - the Double standards and hypocrisy

30-05-2010 14:22

Many in the West wrongly beleive that Afrika has squanderd billions in so-called developmental aid money due to the corruption of its leaders. However what the WEstern media fails to point out is the vile and greedy corrption of western multi-national conpanies and thier networks like the IMF - this article seeks to point out to Westerners and others who really benefits from so-called aid money to Afrika - and its not the corrupt leaders the Western media and politicians would have us believe.

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Rally against Middlesex Uni suspensions

26-05-2010 14:42

Middlesex University management have suspended four students and three staff members after student occupations in protest against the management's decision to close the philosophy department.

Come and show solidarity with students and staff suspended after the Middlesex University occupation. Rally tomorrow, Thursday, 27th May, from 4pm onwards at the Uni's Hendon Campus. There will be another rally the following day, Friday, 28th May, from 10am to 1pm while the hearings take place. NB. For those who came to the occupation, both rallies are at the Hendon campus (address below) and not at the campus where the occupation took place.

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Middlesex Uni reoccupied

21-05-2010 07:44

A new occupation at Trent Park

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Stop the Mad Cycle

18-05-2010 14:20

KTR PHOTOS: Pro bike and anti-car protestors co-exist during last years campaign
"The road ahead is long. Budget cuts, a mental health bill loophole, over estimated psychiatry, ignorance, neglect, arrogance, fear, professional control, and a lack of faith in an all powerful loving creator."

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Take Back Parliament, Rise of the Purple People, London - Pictures

16-05-2010 14:55

The Purple People.
A week after a coalition Government forms in the UK, and the incumbent and highly controversial Labour Government are retired to opposition, campaigners for reform of the British electoral system gather in London to call for a system of Proportional Representation (PR).
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