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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Make a movie that matters

03-10-2006 15:42

NUFF Global is a worldwide call for young filmmakers everywhere to submit film ideas on Climate Change. An international committee of film and environmental specialists has already been assembled, and will the top ideas approx. 5,000 US dollars each in production funds. Completed films will be screened at NUFF 2007 ( For detailed information please check

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Royal Society of Arts Fellowship Concerns for John Callcutt CBE?

03-10-2006 08:37

John Callcutt CBE and Fellow of The RSA Not Squeaky Clean Say Family
The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, (RSA) Manufactures & Commerce hold their 252nd AGM today. One Family writes invitation and appeal to the Trustees, via Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Philip Bunt FCA. They express concern about the “moral appropriateness” of the institutions’ ‘Fellowship’ status, as it applies to one fellow, Mr. John Callcutt CBE, CEO of English Partnerships.

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Top British architect tells of terror 'arrest'

01-10-2006 10:02

Seth Stein is used to jetting around the world to create stylish holiday homes for wealthy clients. This means the hip architect is familiar with the irritations of heightened airline security post-9/11. But not even he could have imagined being mistaken for an Islamist terrorist and physically pinned to his seat while aboard an American Airlines flight - especially as he has Jewish origins.

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30-09-2006 09:58

One point that I have been making all along has left some naysayers, and even anti-war people, shaking their heads: Desert Storm’s main goal was not to remove Iraqi troops from Kuwait, but to stop at least one generation of Iraqis from becoming productive citizens.

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A spanner in the corpse machine (report on picket of London Soldier)

30-09-2006 01:24

the leaflet given out on the day
On Saturday 23rd September, some people went down London Soldier - "for three days only, Chelsea will be transformed into a hive of military activity, demonstrating the best the Army and the Reserve Forces have to offer" - armed with piles of State Of Emergency's "Join the army - be depressed" leaflets to offer potential recruits some information on the possible downsides to taking the Queen's Euro.

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Voice of the American Atheist Resistance—From Behind Enemy Lines

29-09-2006 07:13

I’ve been invited to give a lecture at Arizona State University (USA) this fall on evolutionary science and its uses in progressive activism. The version of the lecture I wanted to give turned out to be 4 hours long, so I recorded that version in 13 tracks and posted it on my website for free download at

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Pilger,Ali & Terry Jones at Folkestone Lit Fest (10-19 Nov)

28-09-2006 13:26

Award winning journo John Pilger, political commentator Tariq Ali, and Python's (and not friend of Bliar etc) Terry Jones are at this years Folkestone Lit Fest

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Chunga Chunga

27-09-2006 22:53

Fundraiser for the People and Planet network.
EOCC Sat 30th Sept. from 8.30pm

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Dear Toady, Sir shite and the warring Hilly-Billy: kiss my pretty pink bum!

26-09-2006 11:07

Knowing that the met and the government goons are avid readers of what I write (apparently, they must - chuckle, chuckle!), I thought a few tid-bits needed to be added here and there and everywhere so the muppets will have to re-read my statement against corruption and for God's people in its entirety, once again... My apologies to those who have already taken the time to read what I have previously written and I promise it will be worth your while to seek out the added bits. The b*stards are playing psych-ops with the protesters for peace, and so, at the very least... they should have to read and re-read and re-read again, over and over and over, their real crimes, as reported all over the internet!

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SCM autumn gathering 2006

25-09-2006 19:08

Busy between 24 and 26 November 2006? No? Come along to SCM's Autumn Gathering to hear Kathy Galloway speak, to join in dancing at a ceilidh, to catch up with old friends or meet new ones. Find out more and book your place at

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Stamp Out Homophobia Day - Film Now Downloadable at Schools Out

25-09-2006 18:29

A 270 foot, long petition of double sheets bearing thousands of footprints with the message “Stamp Out Homophobia in Our Schools” wound its way round Westminster on 7 December 2005.

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Radiation smoke detectors..

25-09-2006 09:00

radiation time bomb?
About the potential health risks of this devices:
See the link:

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DEMO focuses on Alternative Media!

24-09-2006 19:07

This Thursday night from 9'til late, join us for original music and eye-opening visual arts. 500 pennies on the door, proceeds will be split between Indymedia, Riseup and Positive News! Take your minds and your own alternative news.

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No political dissent please - We're British!

21-09-2006 11:32

Final draft of parts 1-4... part 5 is in the writing!
Lots of added tidbits of truth to make them squirm!

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National Housing Federation Conference Providing Shelter for Corporate Bully?

20-09-2006 02:13

Flashback Shalom Family Campaigner for Social Justice NHF Conference ICC 2006
Birmingham International Convention Centre…20th-22nd September 2006, “The Annual Conference and Social Housing Exhibition 2006 is the most important event in the housing calendar. It is a 'must attend' for everyone involved in social housing”. Too exhausted to attend but nevertheless with very good reason, one Family openly invites the Federation to resist associations with corporate bullies.

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Stirling Peace Rally to go ahead!

19-09-2006 13:25

Palestine ! Lebanon! Now is the Time for Peace and Justice!
Tuesday 19th September - 6.15pm - University of Stirling, Atrium

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July seventh truth campaign

19-09-2006 09:56

A Call for July 7th Truth & Justice
This site was set-up in the wake of the London bombings on July 7th 2005 with the aim of getting to the truth about what really happened on the day that 56 people were killed and over 700 injured on London transport.

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Bliar visit to St. John's Wood School

19-09-2006 03:21

On 7 September 2006 Tony Blair dropped in on Quinton Kynaston technology school in St John's Wood, North London.

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for those unable to roll to Manchester; Disabled Peoples, DAN and CAWRB lobby!!

16-09-2006 10:03

Disabled Peoples', DAN and CAWRB lobby, Manchester, Monday 25/9/06

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NHS accused as mental health patients die younger (in UK)

15-09-2006 16:37

The government could face a legal challenge over sub-standard treatment
given by the NHS to people with learning disabilities and long-term mental
health conditions, the Disability Rights Commission warns today.
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