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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Peter Mandelson to Attend Conference In Nottingham

04-02-2010 18:38

On Thursday 11 February 2010 the University of Nottingham will be hosting the free Lord Dearing Memorial Conference, on the Future of Higher Education. Speakers will include Lord Mandelson, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, and Sir Langlands, Chief of the HEFCE.

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Abbeydale Grange School’s closure agreed by Sheffield Council

01-02-2010 17:59

The following article is being circulated as part of an ongoing campaign by the Socialist Equality Party to oppose the Abbeydale Grange School closure.

Public Meeting: Stop Closure of Abbeydale Grange - Defend Public Education

Monday 8 February at 6.30pm

Meeting Room, Sharrow Old Junior School, South View Road, Sheffield S7 1DB

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the rise of the far right and anti-fascism: february 16th, sheffield

01-02-2010 12:52

Next meeting of Sheffield's communist discussion group.

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B and K RALLY report plus pic

01-02-2010 02:02

giving it to the animal abusers
demonstrators braced the freezing cold to tell b and k universal ltd to stop supplying animals for death

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Corruption in Ghana: Who is to Blame?

31-01-2010 14:10

The racist and anti-Afrikan Western media likes to publish to its readers that some how the Afrikan is innately corrupt and it is this trait in the Afrikan that is responsible for the chronic under development and impoverishment of the contnient.

This assertion is nothing more than a vile racial slur which my article will prove. What Westerners are not aware is that White governments and multi-national companies are at the root of this corruption enticing naive Afrikans to get what they want.

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Nottingham Radical History Group 'Peopleshistreh' idea-share Wed 3rd Feb @Sumac

29-01-2010 09:41

Nottingham Radical History Group 'Peopleshistreh' is holding an 'Idea Share' event at the Sumac Centre on Wednesday 3rd Feb at 7pm-9pm. Hope you can make it.

Read on after our event poster for details of event.

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Genocide education needs to be brought into the present

22-01-2010 11:26

Secondary education is comprehensive in teaching about the Holocaust and schools around the country will mark Holocaust Memorial Day with commemorative activities. Yet there are limited avenues for educators to translate commemoration into practical action against the racism and prejudice today. A small organisation of young people in the UK tries to make a difference.

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Iran: The teacher trade unionist still at risk of being executed

22-01-2010 10:53

Farzad Kamangar,
who is accused of acting against the security of the country, remains in Evin Prison, despite what his lawyer says is a total lack of evidence against him.

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Haiti: Cuban Medical Brigade

17-01-2010 19:54

Cuban Medical Brigade
Cuban Medical Brigade, Refused by Bush During Katrina, Treated Over 1,000 Haitians in 24 Hours, Including Dozens of Life-Saving Surgeries .... Cuban doctor with a Haitian man who is a recent graduate of Cuba’s Latin American School of Medicine providing much needed treatment to the people of Haiti.

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An Orwellian World for Big Brother

15-01-2010 12:10

Around the world, a near invisible network of RFID wireless tags is being put on almost every type of consumer item. Wireless tags and sensors are being produced in their billions and are capable of being connected to the Internet in an instant. Yet this network is being built with little public knowledge or consent.

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LSE Students Remember Gaza: One Year On.

15-01-2010 01:55

Press release: LSE students commemorate the attacks on Gaza last winter.

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Why is the University of Liverpool silencing blogs critical of Sir Howard Newby?

13-01-2010 13:36

On 5th January 2010 blog platform shut down a number of blogs it hosted after claims by the director of legal services at the University of Liverpool, Kevan Ryan, that posts on them defamed vice-chancellor Sir Howard.
At least three blogs were affected - The Bristol Blogger, EcoLogics and Sir Howard Newby Watch. The first two were brought back online after the posts in question (dating as far back as 2007) were hidden from public view. Sir Howard Newby Watch remains offline. The claims that the posts in question were defamatory have not been tested.

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Hands off Stonebridge City Farm

11-01-2010 14:14

Nottingham City Council want to take away part of the city farm to provide car parking space.

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The Skill Shares are Back!

09-01-2010 19:12

The Sumac Skill Share is back, and this time it’s three times a week.

In collaboration with the Nottingham Free School and the Sumac Skill Share collective is taking Skill Shares to the Square Centre, and adding a weekly idea share into the mix.

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University of Gloucestershire website launches new Student Information page.

06-01-2010 23:29

As the protest against job cuts grows at the University of Gloucestershire a new Student Information page is launched.

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Vegan Outreach in Bristol

29-12-2009 13:44

Just spotted this - looks really inspiring :)

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International education strike network-meeting Berlin of Januar 2010

27-12-2009 16:26

Becouse of the international Studentsprotest there is the first official international education strike network-meeting at th Humbold University Berlin from the unitil the of January 2010. In europe now there are more than 280 universities occupied and the students have claims to those respnsible wich are a must for a sensible education. Worldwide more then 580 universities are participating with the protestactivities

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Whistleblower Ex-Lecturer Convicted of Harassment Against British Knight

24-12-2009 14:36

Kingston Police Report on Content of Website,
On 22 December 2009, Dr Howard Fredrics, former Senior Lecturer of Music at Kingston University, London, was convicted in absentia of harassment against Sir George "Peter" Scott, Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University for having operated a website that revealed evidence of misconduct by the University. The conviction was handed down by the Kingston Magistrates Court despite a compelling police investigation report that indicated that there was no evidence that the site contained anything that could lead to such a charge.

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The Libertarian C.N.T. and the F.A.I. Supported Freedom of Religion in Spain

24-12-2009 07:06

“Could any other declaration be made? It is de rigueur (socially obligatory -ed) that in any programme type declaration we register our respect for religions…” 1. states the C.N.T. on May 10th, 1938 Circular No. 12.

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The Anarchist School: Education For Equality

19-12-2009 18:23

Josefa Martín Luengo (1945-2009)
* The following text, published in # 57 of El Libertario, Venezuela, condenses the vision of the theme of the author, who died in the middle of 2009, who thanks to the work developed in her Free School Paideia, in Mérida, Spain, was a contemporary exponent recognized for the practice and the theory of libertarian education.
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