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UK Education Newswire Archive

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22-11-2005 06:14

Detail from painting by Behnam
One of our sixth form students, Behnam, his mother and younger brother, also a student at the school, are under threat of deportation to Iran where he faces prison, torture and possible death.

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book review: China’s Global Reach - Chinese multinationals

22-11-2005 04:48

book: China's Global Reach
How fast world is changing! What is next?

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Meeting called at uni after BNP article published in student paper

21-11-2005 20:04

After a provocative article entitled 'Why you should vote for the BNP' appeared in a student newspaper at the University of Nottingham, following increased BNP actitivy in the Nottinghamshire area (including a student at the University standing as a BNP candidate in the recent election), concerned students have organised an Anti-Fascist meeting:

On Wednesday 30th November, 7-9pm, room C50, Portland Building, Nottinghamshire University.

Claire Taylor from the School of History on talk on 'Why no platform for fascists'. Other talks will include: Pete Radcliff from Notts Socialist Green Unity Forum on 'What is fascism and Post WW2 fascism?' and someone from Notts Anti Fascist Alliance (NAFA) on present anti fascist campaigns in the Nottinghamshire area. The evening is organised by Nottingham University Peace Movement (NSPM) and the Lenton Anarchist Forum.

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Compartir es bueno llega al SIMO!!!

20-11-2005 02:47

​​​​LLega la campaña “Compartir es Bueno” al SIMO. Primero fue Bilbao,
luego Valencia, ahora Madrid, muy pronto Zaragoza… esto es imparable!!!

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Free International Development Campaigning Workshops in Exeter

18-11-2005 16:57

Leading international development campaigners, the World Development Movement (WDM), are hosting a free day of campaigning workshops and discussion in Exeter next weekend.

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Activist Legal Briefing at A-spire

17-11-2005 12:58

This will be an update on legal issues affecting activists, experience sharing of legal challenges, laws affecting polital actions from demonstrations to surveilence. It is open to all people who want to know their basic 'rights' through to examining more specific experiences such as squatting/site living or affinity group action with campaigns

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Vardy Taking in the Cash

16-11-2005 19:52

Reg Vardy in £244 million takeoverr by pendragon, could he be gathering in money for a big splash in the 'education market'?

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Debate on Academic Boycott Of Israel at Birmingham University

14-11-2005 21:41

In April this year, the Association of University Teachers voted at its annual Council meeting to boycott two Israeli universities: Bar-Ilan and Haifa. The AUT boycott was subsequently overturned at a Special Council meeting in May but it continues to be a hot topic.

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Bush Derangement Syndrome

14-11-2005 10:59

"The psychology of some of the Bush Haters is pretty cut and dried. They hate Bush because he stands between them and the implementation of their collectivist "utopian" vision."

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Scotland Indypendent Media CENTRE launch meeting

14-11-2005 10:55

Scotland Indymedian Public Meeting Thursday 17.11.2005:
Open a Free Internet Cafe and Free Software Lab in Edinburgh!
Films at 5pm in Forest Cafe, meeting upstairs in Church Hall at 7:30pm

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student opposition

12-11-2005 22:22

PROTESTED Council of Higher Education (YÖK)

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Oxford Arms Trade Investments Exposed

09-11-2005 15:40

Outside St Johns - A College with Almost £2,000,000 in the 6 Biggest Arms Firms
The Oxford University Socially Responsible Investment Campaign today took a walking tour of the top University Arms Trade Investors to expose the millions of pounds of University money invested in Arms...

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Surrey Police Called In By Crest Nicholson Plc as John Callcutt CEO Bows Out

07-11-2005 11:35

Crest House Home of Crest Nicholson Plc Weybridge England
October 31st 2005 John Callcutt CEO of Crest Nicholson Plc 'retired'. The Shalom Family from Wales, evicted and made Homeless by Crest Nicholson in a ‘corporate beauty show’, presented their Family’s good wishes. Indignantly, house-maker Home-breaker, Crest Nicholson, called Police.

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HBOS Edinburgh Appeal Evicted Family of 7 Requests Social Justice

06-11-2005 12:00

Bank of Scotland Corporate Blinded
October 28th 2005, a resolute Vincent Shalom from South Wales, made the extra effort to visit the Home of HBOS Plc in Edinburgh, Scotland. His Family cause for ‘social justice’ is directly linked to HBOS ethical investments, in Crest Nicholson Plc, the house-builder based in Surrey, England.

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George's X Chalkboard Social Centre opens in Glasgow's West End

05-11-2005 17:30

opening day

The new Social Centre in Glasgow's West End opened by the Glasgow Autonomous Project quietly a few weeks ago at the end of September. The George's X Chalkboard is open daily from 2-7 pm and just off the Kings Cross Underground Station near the city centre.

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05-11-2005 12:35

MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media
November 4, 2005

On October 31, the Guardian published an interview with Noam Chomsky by Emma Brockes, ‘The greatest intellectual?’ (The Guardian, October 31, 2005).

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Imagine the effects of a cluster bomb dropped on Covent Garden…

04-11-2005 16:56

Cluster bombs have been widely used during conflicts in countries such as Kosovo, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. The results are devastating…

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Lloyds TSB Call Surrey Police to One Man Peaceful Protest Weybridge

04-11-2005 16:25

LloydsTSB Bank Weybridge
31st October 2005, being totally peaceful and respectful of the rights of all others, Mr Vince Shalom, of the Shalom Family Campaign for Justice, still had to explain ‘good reason’ to Surrey Police, called by Lloyds TSB Bank Weybridge, for his one-man demonstration at the High Street.

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Lloyds TSB Group Plc Drop Shares in Crest Nicholson Plc

02-11-2005 19:10

Crest Nicholson Evicted Dad Edinburgh Appeal to Lloyds TSB Plc
Apparently ‘Shafted’ by Surrey-based house building firm, Crest Nicholson Plc, Mr. Vince Shalom stood alone on 27th October 2005 presenting a direct appeal for ‘help’, to Lloyds TSB Group Plc. His one-man demonstration in Edinburgh, Scotland may have gained a strong, Lloyds TSB response?

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Animal abuse

26-10-2005 14:21

protest on Wednesday night outside a circus over its use of animals and the UK's last performing bear.

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