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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Injustice against the women of Iraq

12-03-2014 12:54

The Iraqi women protesting in Baghdad over the Jaafari personal status draft law, which the cabinet approved, are linked to our situation as individuals in general and women in particular.

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Children Are Screaming To Be Heard

25-02-2014 14:53

The Children Screaming To Be Heard Conference The Annual Conference to find solutions in the legal field to give children parents and grandparents their rights back.

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Arrested, suspended, then banned from elections: my student experience

18-02-2014 10:38

An example of bail conditions
On Wednesday 29th January I made a decision which has defined my short-term, if not long-term, future. It was a decision that I made after being kettled in the pouring rain by police for three hours. The decision I made was not to give the police my name. Maybe it was naive, maybe it was stupid, and it was probably mostly stubborn. But I did so for one simple reason: I felt I had been treated unjustly along with all of the other kettled protesters. I knew of my right not to give the police my name as a condition to be released from a kettle, and of my right to not be arrested for it. I knew that I had done nothing wrong. I had not committed any criminal damage or assault, and so I had nothing to fear. Having experienced similar situations in London, but in the position of the observer, I expected to be brought to the police station, to be interviewed immediately and to be released within a few hours without any charges. But that is not what happened.

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Any Helpers at Student co-operation

13-02-2014 08:49

Chopping n Chuckling this weekend with leg-ends Veggies in Birmingham.

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Metropolitan Police lies "blown out of the water" + tips for #copsoffcampus

22-01-2014 00:46

After video footage emerged of a Metropolitan Police officer punching a student protestor on the 4th of Dec 2013, the "Our University Our Streets” demonstration takes place on Weds 22nd Jan 2014, at 1pm, outside the University of London Union, Malet Street, London... against the backdrop of malicious Metropolitan Police prosecutions being "blown out of the water" by photographic evidence, and of massive compensation pay-outs by the Met to victims of police violence.

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Preventing Heart Attacks, Strokes, Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Food Poisoning, Etc

15-01-2014 19:48

How insecticides, hormones, and intrinsic poisons in meat and fish cause disease

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War: "Academic" propaganda ... is a crime

10-01-2014 10:33

A war criminal: Professor Sir Hew Strachan
If media or academia really published a balanced "opinion" over war, they would always have to include, a genuine consideration

A particularly wretched self-serving Oxford "academic" called Professor Sir Hew Strachan, has been wheeled out by the British Establishment to front the link between World War One, and current British military..."thinking", which is...propaganda.

In the year 2014, the deliberate and cynical use, by academics, of ...propaganda, that leads to murder, must be legally challenged.

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Germany: CCC Event Weblog

29-12-2013 10:52

About the Congress and other CCC events ....... The 30C3 wiki is online: Travel, venue and accommodation information published Sunday, September 29th, 2013 - It’s getting colder outside, and the summer is long gone. There are only a few months left before the next congress starts. So for us, it is time for us to start preparing congress and for you it might be the time to start planning your trip. To assist you with your planning, there is the congress wiki!.

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Petition against exploitation of teachers in FEF

27-12-2013 01:34

We signed below and position against the exploitation of teachers from the Ferndale Education Foundation ( FEF ) who are with their wages , holidays and 13th month salary arrears ! This is not the fulfillment of rights won by workers and supported by the Federal Constitution and reject the non -compliance with these rights .

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2014 EDL Leaks - List of Far-right and EDL members in the North East of England

22-12-2013 12:08

A list of members and those involved and connected with the North East EDL and Far-right in the North East of England.

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ULU London - TV coverage takes #copsoffcampus message to hundreds of millions

11-12-2013 19:39

TV coverage takes #copsoffcampus / ULU London protest message to hundreds of millions of people -

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Riot police assembling near ULU now (Friday evening)

06-12-2013 17:13

Text received from mates on the ground, 16:50 Fri 6 Dec 2013 - 10 riot vans plus 1 squad car lurking in Russell Square, another riot van hiding round the corner in Store Street, Senate House surrounded by security, police helicopter circling overhead. Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU. Nearest tubes Euston Sq, Goodge St and Russell Sq. Get down there quick!

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9/11 in the Academic Community: How Professors Analyze 9/11 & "War on Terrorism"

02-12-2013 07:40

Coming this fall, “9/11 in the Academic Community,” a Winner of the University of Toronto Film Festival, is a unique film that documents academia’s treatment of critical perspectives on 9/11 by exploring the taboo that shields the American government’s narrative from scholarly examination.

Through a powerful reflection on intellectual courage and the purpose of academia, the film aims at changing intellectual discourse on 9/11 and the War on Terror.

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The Solidarity Collective: The beginning of dialogue

26-11-2013 02:54

The Solidarity Collective was been brought together in difficult circumstances, following what we believe to be attacks on freedom of speech, expression and association within wider activist networks.

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The Solidarity Collective

25-11-2013 16:44

Our first statement after forming on the 14th of November 2013

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List of events for Free School next week at 195 Mare Street!

16-11-2013 19:01

195 Free School: 18th-24th November
18th-24th November: 50+ events over 7 days now organised! 195 Mare Street, Hackney, London.

The week has been split as follows:

Mon 18th Resistance / Awareness
Tue 19th DIY / Cooking
Wed 20th Technology / Ecology
Thu 21st Housing / Benefits / Practical Squatting
Fri 22nd Queer and Feminist
Sat 23rd Arts / Music / Creative
Sun 24th Arts / Music / Creative

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195 Free School - Mon 18th - Sun 24th Nov. Hackney, London

12-11-2013 16:11

A week of presentations, discussions, practical workshops and more.

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President Martin Schulz Corruption, religious bias in selection for NGO funding

06-11-2013 11:49

The European Parliament is Biased and Bigoted. It favours the norms and that is still right wing religious bigots and criminals and now LGBT and Feminist bigot groups. Any attempt to get justice for the people who as children and including children of to day who were used as weapons in the war for inclusion and acceptance gets you nothing but excuses and a deaf ear. Shame on you all.

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Sheffield University Strike and Occupation

31-10-2013 18:40

Last night Sheffield Autonomous Students, Sheffield RevSoc and the Sheffield campaign for a Living Wage Now united to occupy the Richard Robert’s Building at University of Sheffield in solidarity with todays University workers strike. Following are some photos of the march through Sheffield City Centre and the occupation from the afternoon of 31st October 2013.

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Shropshire cruelty free christmas fair November 30th

28-10-2013 22:21

With corrected version of flyer
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