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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Save Sheffield Sure Start Children's Centres

10-02-2011 17:00

Sure Start Centres all over the country are under threat of closure and budget cuts. In Sheffield the Council may cut funding to all Sure Starts by 15%. Join the campaign to resist this cut.

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United in our heritage

07-02-2011 11:39

Hussein Al-alak is a journalist, campaigner and chairman of Iraq Solidarity UK.

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Interesting result at anti-fur demo in Birmingham

06-02-2011 12:07

"This is all the fur they have in the shop - take it, it's free, do what you want with it, destroy it if you wish" - PCSO!

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Shhhhh In at Sheffield Central Library #shh4sheflib

05-02-2011 16:31

There was a big turn out at the Shhhhh In at Sheffield's Central Library on Saturday 5th February, the details of the proposed cuts are due to be known on 16th February 2011.

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Pictures from the anti-cuts demonstrations in Sheffield on Saturday 29th Jan

03-02-2011 15:23

Sheffield 29thJan demo 1
About 450 people were gathered at Weston Park, Sheffield to demonstrate against the massive cuts to public service funding implemented by the coalition government.

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Edinburgh students shut down lecture by Israeli diplomat

03-02-2011 12:43

Edinburgh University Students for Justice in Palestine successfully shut down a lecture last night by Ishmael Khaldi, advisor to Israel's foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The event, hosted by the University's Jewish society and held in Lecture Theatre 1 of Appleton Tower, was re-arranged only the night before after the International Relations society refused to host Khaldi, due to the fact that Palestinian were living under “Apartheid”

The talk was scheduled to start at 5pm but was delayed until 5.30pm, with the organisers citing 'security concerns'. When it did eventually get under way, one SJP member interrupted immediately shouting “Where is the freedom of speech for the 1,500 massacred in Gaza? Where is the freedom of speech for the Palestinian students in Israeli dungeons?”

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Video of Occupation of Hetherington Research Club.

02-02-2011 14:55

Video of Occupation of Hetherington Research Club.

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OACA called Oxfordshire library read-ins - defend our libraries

31-01-2011 08:24

Authors, trade unioinsts, library and anti-cuts campaigners, councillors and members of local communities will unite in defence of Oxfordshire library service on 5th Feb in a series of read-ins that are part of the Camaign for the Book national day of action called by author Alan Gibbons.

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Celebratory Protest at Stroud Library, 5th Feb

31-01-2011 00:26

What: A celebratory protest against Gloucestershire County Council’s proposals for the Library Service
Where: Stroud Library, Lansdown
When: 12noon-4pm Saturday 5th February (1), followed by street protest from 4-5pm (see below for full – preliminary - timetable)

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Oxford Education Campaign meeting!

30-01-2011 16:54

Weekly consensus based campaign meetings @ Ruskin College, Walton St
Oxford OX1 2HE - 8pm Monday

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The Manchester protest against Aaron Porter was not anti-Semitic!

30-01-2011 15:54

Many people reading the news coverage of the TUC, UCU and NUS-organised demonstration in Manchester on 29 January must have felt disgusted with the student movement in this country. First students desecrated the Cenotaph in London last December (sic), and now they have apparently shouted vile racist abuse at NUS president Aaron Porter. The ‘story’ seems to have begun with an article on Daily Mail online, which refers briefly to a photographer, who apparently overheard a chant of ‘Tory Jew’ directed at the student leader. From that they constructed a headline reading ‘student leader faces barrage of anti-Jewish abuse at rally’. Then a story on the Telegraph website mentions unnamed ‘witnesses’ who heard the same ‘anti-Semitic insults’, and they add that other protesters responded with ‘no to racism, no to racism’. From there it goes viral with several online media outlets ‘reporting’ chants of ‘Tory Jew scum’ and ‘vile racist abuse’.

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Students face disciplinary action after protest

30-01-2011 13:46

Ten University of Birmingham students are facing disciplinary action that could lead to expulsion after a peaceful sit-in that ended with forceful eviction by university security and the police.
The University has seemingly singled out students who they perceive to be politically active in an attempt to victimise them. Twenty-five students participated in the occupation; ten students are facing disciplinary procedures including one who was not even involved. The hearings will take place on Wednesday, 2nd February.

please sign our petition we need your help:

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Hundreds of students chase Aaron Porter through Manchester

29-01-2011 16:42

National Union of Students President Aaron Porter was unable to speak at the rally of today’s NUS/UCU demonstration in Manchester, after hundreds of angry students chased him off the streets.

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Student Debt: the solution is non-payment

28-01-2011 14:10

As the government seeks to shackle the new generation of students with new levels of debt slavery, this personal account shows what happens if you Just Say No.

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Police plan huge operation to contain Manchester student protest on Saturday

27-01-2011 11:39

A massive police operation costing around £100,000 is being planned ahead of a protest by up to 14,000 students.

Greater Manchester Police have shared intelligence with other forces to identify potential troublemakers before the march in Manchester city centre on Saturday. Police fear extremists could hijack the protest over government education cuts.

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Recap-Remembering WHY we are here....

26-01-2011 21:30

A short recap as to what its all about-a reminder of how much the tory scum are laughing at us, and why we should carry on being FU*!ING ANGRY.

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Coach Oxford to London - 29 Jan - Anti-cuts, Save EMA

25-01-2011 18:25

There's a national protest against fees and funding / EMA cuts in London this Saturday - it was mentioned at the OEC meeting that Oxford Right To Work have organised a coach but will have to cancel it unless more people use it. People seemed very up for getting some good action done. Should be good in its own right, and it should give us food for thought re. tactics for March.
It's £5 waged, £10 unwaged, leaves St. Giles at 9.30 and leaves London (Malet St. area) at 4.30.

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Careers Group defends inclusion of arms company BAE Systems in careers events

25-01-2011 11:54

Protesters unite under the Ban BAE banner
The Careers Group (University of London) organises the Guardian Graduate Fair which last November exhibited numerous companies including BAE Systems (the worlds largest weapons producer. Students and campaigners protested in front of the BAE stall and at their presentation and an open letter signed by student representatives was presented to the Careers Group and The Guardian asking for the company to be excluded from future events. (To read open letter see We have received a vague response from the Careers Group defending the inclusion of the arms company at the event and we have responded with another letter, both of which are available to read here.

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Brighton: Anarchism and Education, Monday 24th Jan

24-01-2011 17:41

Booktalk by
Dr Judith Suissa
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Education
Institute of Education, University of London

Judith Suissa will be doing a talk (Free/Donation) at The Cowley Club about her book ‘Anarchism and Education: A Philosophical Perspective ’ at 7pm Mon 24th January .

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Interview with college students on education cuts and resistance

24-01-2011 10:27

Interview with a college student activist from Leeds, and testimony from others around the country, on the impact of government cuts, and the resistance to them.
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