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UK Education Newswire Archive

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After the verdict, a poem!

14-12-2011 16:42

Poem performed on steps of court by a PROTESTER found NOT GUILTY OF VIOLENT DISORDER ON DEC 9TH 2010. Jury only took forty mins to clear him.

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One day strike over Primary School Academy plans

13-12-2011 21:54

Teachers, parents and community say No to forcing Montgomery Primary School to become an Academy

Today teachers in the NASUWT and NUT, together with GMB members, held a one-day strike. There was a picket line this morning and last Sunday 11 December at 1.30pm the local community held a public meeting against the Academy takeover at the Sparkbrook Community Centre, Sydenham Rd, Sparkbrook.

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Why Tanya and @OccupyLSX need to cut ties with Oasis.

10-12-2011 17:25

Audio v @HarpyMarx
I think that what a lot of the discussions that Occupy have brought up is the fact the dots are not necessarily being joined. There was a big banner outside Occupy London and it said “Capitalism is Crisis” and essentially I think that when I first started Occupy I didn’t look at it as, I looked at it as “Capitalism is IN Crisis” and the more I’ve learnt on this journey of being with Occupy, and the more research I’ve done, and the more I’ve talked to people, and discovered and read about what is going on with our economy, with the global economy, with the financial crisis, with the political instability in Europe, I mean, effectively there isn’t a day when you can’t open the paper and find something that really does directly link to capitalism being completely and utterly in crisis. One of the things that capitalism can’t do, is it can’t add value to our lives. You can’t buy your childrens joy. You can’t buy anything that gives you quality in life. And the idea that capitalism can just continue and continue and continue is just to simply, it is utterly the most unsustainable system that could ever have been created, because it relies on continual growth.

Tanya Paton – InterFaith coordinator at #OccupyLSX speaking at Ethical Capitalism? debate jointly organised by #OccupyLSX and Oasis.

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Course closures fund UoB VC David Eastwood’s pay rise

10-12-2011 15:49

In spite of course closures a rise in tuition fees and likely staff cuts the University of Birmingham can still find enough money to give Vice Chancellor David Eastwood a pay rise

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Birmingham students occupy corridor outside VC office in response to injunction

09-12-2011 12:10

The following is a statement of response to Occupy Birmingham’s press release in support for protesting Birmingham University Students.

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Occupy Birmingham University Press Release

08-12-2011 21:05

Hot on the heels of this story, Occupy Birmingham have released the following statement in support of protesting Birmingham Uni students to the national media.

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University of Birmingham gets injunction to stop occupation-style protests

08-12-2011 20:56

Police and security prevent food being passed through windows
The University of Birmingham has obtained a 12 month high court injunction to stop all occupation-style protests on its 250-acre campus

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School strike shatters Oasis’ calm after pupil protest over redundancies

06-12-2011 11:00

Teachers at the privately-run MediaCity Academy in Salford yesterday began two further days of strike action, with more planned before the end of term in a dispute which has seen students join their teachers in protest at the sacking of staff.

NUT and NASUWT members are striking in response to the academy operator, OASIS, attempting to rush through the redundancy of 12 teachers – 20% of the teaching staff.

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Sheffield University Occupation: Official Statement on the Court Injunction

03-12-2011 15:26

Sheffield University Occupation has been served with a court injunction which constitutes an attack on the right to protest. The injunction, obtained by the University management, has placed a one-year ban on all protests on University property (which could potentially include picket lines and campaign stalls) that have not been given written permission from the University. It is of course extremely unlikely that they would grant permission for any protest criticising the University over cuts, fees and education reform, hence this constitutes an effective ban on all protest at the University of which management does not approve. This will affect all groups and societies at the University, as well as lecturers and support staff picketing on days of strike action.

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Occupy Essex!

02-12-2011 15:12

Essex University is occupied!

Students at the University of Essex have occupied a lecture theatre, in solidarity with the millions of public sector workers on strike on N30. Over 70 individuals visited the occupation on the first night; 35 stayed until the early hours and 20 stayed the night.

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Sheffield Occupation Official Statement

01-12-2011 02:32

Sheffield Occupation have issued there official statement with demands to the University.

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Sheffield University occupied

30-11-2011 17:47

Sheffield student occupation - initial statement

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St. Andrews N30

30-11-2011 14:42

Demonstrators listen to speeches
As pickets were out across Fife the student town of St. Andrews showed solidarity with a well attended demonstration arranged by the UCU and the Students Association

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Timeline for #N30 Day of Action

30-11-2011 08:55

Occupy at Liverpool Street Station

18:35 Attempt to stop coaches from taking away 20(?) arrestees from Panton Street. Coached have now left.

18:10 Reports that cops are demanding details under S50, that some have refused and been arrested and out on coaches.

17:50 Section 60 at Panton St. People being searched, filmed and having their details taken. Very slow to get out of kettle especially for women as few few cops to do searches. Empty coaches hired by the Met are parked nearby indicating that mass arrests are likely.

17:20 Reports of a new kettle in Haymarket.

16:40 There appears to be a separate kettle at Charing Cross.

16:20 Panton House target was Mick Davies, CEO of earth trashing corporation Xstrata. "Last year, when his companies had losses and the economy collapsed. He received £18,426,105 for his efforts".

16:00 Kettle in Panton Street following 'breach of the peace' when undercovers cops were spotted and challenged.

15:55 Reports that protestors have entered Panton House, Haymarket, believed to house offices of UKs highest paid CEO. A flare has been set off in the lobby and a banner hung from the roof. Police have entered the building and Haymarker is blocked off.(see pics below)

Scroll down past photos for earler events.

15:45Solidarity demo for Dalston arrestes announced: "STOKE NEWINGTON POLICE STN, 8PM TONITE: Solidarity with 40 pickets arrested in Dalston. Bring flyers, banners & noise"

15:40#OccupyLSX and samba now moving off from Piccadilly Circus.

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Occupy your university – Aberdeen chapter

28-11-2011 17:26

Aberdeen Defend Education Campaign have occupied the University management offices demanding that the university principal commit to the following three points:

• To do what he can to stop lecturers and staff losing their jobs. This should include issuing a public statement in opposition to changes to the USS pension scheme and arguing publicly and within Universities Scotland against any and all cuts to Further and Higher Education budgets.
• To refuse any raises or bonuses offered to him by court and to encourage all other members of the senior management team to do the same. Further, the principal must commit to donating the money the University paid on his behalf in rent and council tax last year to the student hardship fund.
• To publicly condemn the coalition government’s agenda of cuts and privatisation of Further and Higher Education institutions as counter-productive, damaging and fundamentally opposed to the idea of public education as a beacon of the progressive values that should underpin our society.

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Emergency Student Union meeting calls for the immediate release of Zenon Mitchell

28-11-2011 12:02

Students at the university of Sussex gave a strong show of support for fellow student Zenon at an emergency members meeting of the students union last week. The meeting was called in order to pass a motion of solidarity with Zenon Mitchell Kotsakis, a student at Sussex who has been sentenced to 15 months for taking part in the demonstration outside Millbank Tower last year.

Over 200 students attended the meeting and voted through the following motion with only two abstentions and no votes against:

“Thousands have been arrested for taking part in student demonstrations since last year. Our fellow student, Zenon Mitchell Kotsakis was recently sentenced to 15 months in prison on charges of ‘violent disorder’. We demand his immediate release and stand in solidarity with Zenon and all other students facing similar charges and sentences.”

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Video: University of Birmingham occupation

27-11-2011 23:04

A short video from the N23 occupation when student protesters squatted an empty gatehouse at the University of Birmingham.

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Northgate occupation ends, New Occupation Tomorrow

25-11-2011 02:38

The occupation of Northgate house ends but the occupation of a new location begins tomorrow

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'No platform for filth, whilst students sit in prison'

24-11-2011 18:39

Sir Ian Blair, ex Commissioner of the Met Police was meant to give a talk at Sussex university last night, but students disrupted it - see the report below.

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Occupy - Just Do It

24-11-2011 18:07

Time 25 November · 09:30 - 12:30
Location north gate University of Birmingham.

Solidarity action in support of the Northgate occupation at the University of Birmingham
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