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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Racism Rife Against A Muslim Family Playing Chess For England

08-08-2012 01:26

From Right to left - Ibrahim, Yousuf & Ieysaa Bin-Suhayl pictured at their home
The father of 3 children playing chess for England in Austria has made an appeal for support due to racism encountered by his family at the hands of England's chess delegation team. ‘I would be grateful if you could find the time to email the Director of Junior Chess & Education of the ECF, ( Phil Ehr and support my contention that the Watleys & Weavers should be sent home.'

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Värde Investment Partners, Varde Global Investors, Crest Nicholson Group Appeal

27-07-2012 12:12

Home Sweet Home Cardiff Bay Wales UK M V Picton
Pirate Bay, Cardiff Bay, Wales United Kingdom. A home destroyed, possessions disposed of, a way of life decimated. Many years may have passed by but the Shalom family evicted by Varde's recently acquired, crest nicholson group, cannot forget. This appeal is from the family..

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Protection needed for Iraq's children

20-07-2012 08:35

The loss of tens of thousands of parents and caregivers from conflict has made children even more vulnerable

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Free Software Clinic at the Cowley Club, Brighton

04-07-2012 21:26

The Cowley Club library is offering free training on installing and using free software. Come along to learn about the wonders of free software and how to protect your privacy and anonymity online.

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Charity run by young people needs your votes for the Lottery Good Cauases awards

04-07-2012 16:00

The Young Pioneers Charity run by 16 year old Luke Lancaster has been shortlisted for the lottery good causes award 2012 and the nation has to vote. Our programme, Be Healthy has been shortlisted and needs votes. It is special becuase it is led by young people, for young people.

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Fareham's BNP Gran Issued ASBO for Being a Nasty Unhinged Racist!

04-07-2012 11:16

Fareham BNP Bigot Margaret Walker sent vile racist abuse to strangers through Royal Mail

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Ofsted chair Sally Morgan - husband with Liberty (NCCL)

12-06-2012 16:05

Ofsted chair Sally Morgan – husband John Lyons (barrister who specialises in criminal defence, in particular white collar crime – in other words defends the corporate elite) is with Liberty (NCCL) which is or was linked to PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) and PAL (Paedophile Action for Liberation)

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Students at Universities are being listed for political purposes and abuse

06-06-2012 10:35

According to Police Intelligence PET, Kivimäki would had named Danish Scientists, Experts and Talented Students to Russia Diplomats, which they (Russia) might recruit for agents. CIA financed Finnish SDP after II war. Did they financed Nazis instead and at what extend did this happen?

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Bilderberg 2012

29-05-2012 10:20

The annual Bilderberg meetings. For years the mainstream media wouldn't even admit to it's existence, and would slap anyone who talked of it with the conspiracy label. However, in present day they have been forced to become public, hence they even have a website now. -

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Bristol VegFest 26-27 May Ready to Kick Off!!!

25-05-2012 21:53

VON at Bristol VegFest 25-27 May

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Plainclothes Cops ID'd as Giles Dainty & Chris Healey

23-05-2012 00:35

During London's N9 protest on 9 Nov 2011, plain clothes cops from the Metropolitan Police's Territorial Support Group were filmed attacking and kidnapping members of the public. Two of these paid hit-men have been identified as Giles Dainty and Chris Healey –

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Occupy Brookes demo confronts Vice Chancellor

16-05-2012 21:59

An unexpected opportunity for action took place today when people on a demo at Occupy Brookes spotted the University VC leaving the building and decided to confront her...

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Portsmouth Green Summer Fair

16-05-2012 06:48

Food,music,films...all at PGSF

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Zero tolerance on Lewes Road Brighton??

12-05-2012 23:49

This is weird - just heard today about two mates who both had (separate) overly thorough searches on Lewes Road in Brighton. Thought it's worth posting to see if anyone else had the same experience or has a view on the leaglity of the searches. Seems to go beyond the normal definition of a stop and search.

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A visit to Occupy Brookes

03-05-2012 01:05

In mid-April 2012 a group of students from Oxford Brookes University in the UK started an occupy camp as part of a movement for free education and to demand that the University switch from fee waivers to bursaries.

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Finding out about the Armed Forces in Schools

30-04-2012 08:31

Over at ForcesWatch we're building up a picture of the way the Armed Forces engage with schools - to help us do this we've launch a survey for parents, teachers and school students.

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comparism between Arab and Jewish schools in Israel

26-04-2012 18:26

In Jerusalem, most schools are government funded, but that doesn’t mean all schools receive the same amount of money. The students of Arab descent and the students of Jewish decent do not attend the same schools. The state of Israel insists all schools are of comparable quality—both Arabic and Israeli—but that is not the case. A short comparison of a few schools in the Jerusalem area will show that how some students are disadvantaged over others.

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Free School day - Sat 28th April - @ Cowley Club in Brighton

26-04-2012 17:11

A mixture of people who love what they do and would like to talk about it for free. Free School aims to talk, share, discuss, inform, develop and more including the all important getting feedback!... There's something for everyone. It's not too late to add to it yourself having a space for random talks and there are lots of workshops and talks already confirmed on the website or in the Cowley itself. Check the Cowley Club or web site for more info:
x Free School x

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An Olympian Inspiration

25-04-2012 09:47

With the Olympic Games and Paralympics only months away, Hussein Al-Alak introduces some of the key competitors of the Paralympics.

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Day five at Occupy Brookes

24-04-2012 19:22

A summary of the fifth day of the Occupy Brookes Movement
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