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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Quay Marinas Ltd - "Meet Your Moral Responsibility Head On!”

12-11-2007 22:37

Penarth Marina in Cardiff Bay Wales is 20 years old. It is run by Quay Marina Ltd. The major directors are former Crest Nicholson staff. Saturday 10th November the company celebrated with a champagne dinner at Penarth Yacht and Rowing Club. Preceded by an open letter, the Shalom Family, evicted with their own houseboat home 4 years ago, on a jumped up charge of trespass, presented themselves too!

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Prospectus for Second Round of edu-factory discussion, 25Nov 2007 - 28 Feb 2008

12-11-2007 17:25

The first round of discussion on the edu-factory list showed that, despite the many differences between universities and countries, it is possible to identify a global trend and common experiences in the world of the university.

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"What is Choice?" A report from Pro Choice Oxford

12-11-2007 13:38

The stall, jam-packed with information!
On Saturday 10th November, the Pro Choice Oxford group held a one day conference asking: "What is Choice?". It featured: a talk from the Abortion Rights campaign group, a discussion on 'sexuality on display' by a pole dancer, a self-defence taster session, scrumptious vegan food, and a debate led by the wonderfully outspoken Kat Stark, NUS Women's Officer.

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Telling Starbucks to 'Buck off' at Nottingham Uni.

12-11-2007 10:01

Nottingham university students have been campaiging tirelessly over the last few weeks to get their University to get Starbucks off campus and stop them selling their unelthical beverages in our the Hallward Library.

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France: Report from Nanterre University Nov 9th

10-11-2007 20:43

Yesterday a general assembly (Assemblée générale, or AG) was held at Nanterre, at the beginning around 1200 students were present, numbers dropped as the meeting took two hours but the final vote was over 600 in favour, 199 against and around 100 abstentions. Students voted to begin a strike and a blockade and also to occupy the buildings.

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Eyewitness report: French students occupy as workers clash with government

07-11-2007 22:33

See the link for an eyewitness report of the ongoing French student and worker actions, from an Education Not for Sale supporter in Paris.

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IWW Manchester Branch Meeting

07-11-2007 22:07

The Industrial Workers of the World, Manchester.

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Academic Capitalism

05-11-2007 18:09

The academic world changes fundamentally when universities are understood as businesses. Rectors become CEOs and researchers and teachers become point-chasers through conditioning. A process of closure follows on the heels of the knowledge revolution.

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Bath Bomb Issue 4 out now!

04-11-2007 22:04

Bath Bomb page 1.......
here it is - the 4th edition of Baths premiere radical tabaliod - drop us an e-mail if you want to recieve BB monthly online - Enjoy!

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Corporate Kingdoms Invited To Blow Job – Crest Nicholson Evicted Boat Family

02-11-2007 16:54

Aberdeen Asset Management plc
28th October 2007 was the Shalom Family’s 4th, houseboat eviction anniversary. Property developer Crest Nicholson eradicated the Family from Penarth marina in Wales. M V Picton, their home of 14 years, was destroyed. All possessions still remain seized. Accidents, beauty show and legal process aside, the Shalom Family appealed to other Corporate minds, for a ‘blow job’ - to their ‘just cause’.

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Contracultura against new academicism in art and theory.

01-11-2007 21:20

Our art is nothing, but caviar for cultural distinction.

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01-11-2007 16:23

this weeks news from the california courtcase into the "automatic vote machine corporation" opens the taking away of the "trump cards" from minderbinder warbux - the over-easy machination of the USA - within each party - through the "primary" voting too - to cover for a dodgy, clumsy set of fraudulent scams - with the idea that they had the "back-up" of a tail-wag-dog hold over the administration

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Campaign for NUS democracy - launch meeting, London, 4 November

01-11-2007 15:03

The Blairite leadership of the National Union of Students are seeking to launch a series of major attacks on NUS democracy - to rule out future student revolts radicalising NUS, and make the student movement safe for Brown. Please come to the meeting on 4 November to launch a campaign against these changes, and for a democratic, fighting NUS.

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Lancaster student's anti-BAE halloween mischief

31-10-2007 17:30

Inside the careers fair
Students enter careers fair in order to protest the inclusion of arms manufacturer BAE Systems.

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LSE Students Occupy Board Meeting in Protest at Director's "Pro-Israeli" Stance

31-10-2007 12:26

Photographer: Pooja Kesvan/The Beaver
On Tuesday evening, over 20 LSE students silently occupied a meeting of LSE's governing body for over 30 minutes in protest at LSE Director Howard Davies' implicit support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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Free Bicycle Maintenance Workshop!

30-10-2007 18:51

Bring your bike to the Sumac this Saturday from 2-5pm and learn how to do basic maintenance, servicing and repair. Dr Bike, and Pedal's cyclists will be there to impart their skills.

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Diverse Communities Explore Climate Change At The Akashi Festival

29-10-2007 15:26

In the Foyer at the Junction
PRESS RELEASE: On Saturday 27th October, over 350 people from a diverse range of cultural and faith backgrounds attended the Akashi Festival at The Junction in Cambridge. The participants engaged in a range of activities, from conversation circles to creating art murals and henna painting, from Bollywood and hip hop dance workshops to measuring personal carbon footprints.

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New York Communities Together to Fight Gentrification

26-10-2007 21:15

Zapatismo in Spanish Harlem
The Movement for Justice in El Barrio, Inspired by the Zapatista Other Campaign, Brings New York Communities Together to Fight Gentrification

By R.J. Maccani
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

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Controlled buy

26-10-2007 08:42

A controlled marijuana buy in a sting operation.

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Video: Martin Bell - Media Censorship & War Criminals

25-10-2007 06:12

Martin Bell is a former television war correspondent and politician. Here he is speaking at Lancaster University on 18th October 2007.
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