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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Nottingham Students Get Strident

07-07-2007 11:21

A report on Nottingham students' involvement in the recent anti-Trident peace camp at Coulport.

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The Consequence of Electric Light: On Intelligent Design

06-07-2007 12:07

The creation idea is used to take away the sinister quality fromnature.. Faith is an attitude toward the world.. Faith is not a substitute for knowledge but a reflective relation with knowledge.. Faith begins from its own reasons. Where faith begins, thinking begins again.. God is not necessary because God is more than necessary, not less than necessary.

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The Camp for Climate Action Invites Everyone to Heathrow Airport

04-07-2007 15:20

Everyone is being asked to help send out invitations to attend the Camp for Climate Action near Heathrow Airport from 14 to 21 August 2007.

Here is the latest message from the Climate Camp networking crew:

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Lord Lieutenant of Surrey Presents Queen's Award - Evicted Family's Open Letter

30-06-2007 19:59

The Queen's Award for Enterprise
The Surrey based property developers, Crest Nicholson, acquired by Sir Tom Hunter’s Castle Bidco, with support from HBOS Bank Plc, have recently received the highly prestigious, Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Presented by Mrs. Sarah Goad JP, Lord Lieutenant of Surrey, the Shalom Family - callously evicted from their own Home by Crest, have written an open letter, which is reproduced below.

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Immigration Squad Raid Children In Swansea

30-06-2007 09:54

Three children under eleven suffer early morning raid in Swansea

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Hyson Green Voices

29-06-2007 10:15

Meetings held at Hyson Green library for the community.

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The historic revalue of Lima Norte, Peru

28-06-2007 16:10

"The Paradise" ceremonial center
North zone of Lima city, Perú. A group of scientists have compiled, after revealing investigations, a counter about historic places in there.

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University of the Lies London a.k.a. University of the Arts London

28-06-2007 10:57

Can it be true?

Is this University really going to expel Paulo Duarte for caring enough to discuss the Iraq war and the death of Jean Charles de Menezes in his homework?

Could there have possibly been any political interference in this decision by 10 Downing Street?

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Report: gay schoolkids at great risk of attacks

26-06-2007 15:39

Gay lobby group Stonewall today released a 24 page report which clearly shows the extent of homophobic bullying and attacks within UK schools.

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Report reveals UK youth abandoned by education system

25-06-2007 21:45

The Bow Group, a Conservative Party think tank, published a report on May 25 entitled Invisible Children. Using the government’s own statistics, albeit selectively, it paints a devastating picture of a whole generation of young people being abandoned by the current educational system.

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Secrets CANNOT be kept forever...

25-06-2007 16:19

9/11 Poster
Here's a preview of a poster that might be useful for local groups to put up around their neighborhood...

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troublesome culture, society, and people's choice over borderless economy, trade

25-06-2007 05:27

how to face great opportunities and challenges of globalized finance, business, labor, resources, wealth, democracy and people's freedom? Talk to 3 provocative thinkers Andre Gunder Frank, Chalmers Johnson, and George Zhibin Gu.

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Comix Activism : A Unique New Form Of Lobbying For Whatever Your Campaign

25-06-2007 00:15

'Read by / Best Before End Aug 07' takes its cue from those mass pre-printed lobbying cards that often show up. I thought, why not do a bunch of them in a booklet introduced by a page/page and a half each in comic book form ?

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Is Witness Intimidation Really Legal During Employment Tribunal Proceedings?

24-06-2007 21:05

The Crown Prosecution Service has taken up and immediately dropped a case of alleged witness intimidation against high level officials at Kingston University on the grounds that no crime had taken place, since the acts occurred in connection with Employment Tribunal proceedings. Can it really be the case that Witness Intimidation is, in effect, perfectly legal when it occurs against parties to an Employment Tribunal? Could Parliament really have meant for it to be that way when they wrote the Criminal Justice and Police Act of 2001?

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Education Workers Conference, 1st July, Manchester

23-06-2007 08:41

Manchester AF are hosting a conference for Education Workers on 1st July. Here are the details of the meeting.

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British university teachers’ union votes for boycott of Israeli academics

21-06-2007 17:16

Delegates at the first conference of the newly formed University and College Union (UCU) of Britain voted May 30 to recommend a boycott of Israeli universities and academics. In a 158 to 99 vote, the delegates passed a motion condemning the “complicity of Israeli academia” in the 40-year occupation of Palestinian land and backing a call by Palestinian unions for a “comprehensive and consistent international boycott of all Israeli institutions.”

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Support the Cuban People. Help Send Them a Bookmobile! and Books!

21-06-2007 11:27

The US embargo on trade with Cuba continues. This summer Pastors for Peace will again challenge the blockade with a friendship caravan. A fully stocked bookmobile will accompany it. Before the revolution there were only 32 libraries in Cuba. In 2002 there were 400 public libraries and 6000 school libraries. Cubans are avid readers and life long learners but Cuban librarians struggle to meet their needs under the blockade. We urge you join us in sending books to Cuba!

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Help Send Books and a Bookmobile to Cuba!

20-06-2007 11:15

The US embargo on trade with Cuba continues. This summer Pastors for Peace will again challenge the blockade with a friendship caravan. A fully stocked bookmobile will accompany it. Before the revolution there were only 32 libraries in Cuba. In 2002 there were 400 public libraries and 6000 school libraries. Cubans are avid readers and life long learners but Cuban librarians struggle to meet their needs under the blockade. We urge you join us in sending books to Cuba!

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Halton School Closures

18-06-2007 14:01

When in 1996 Tony Blair was asked what his three priorities were, he
gave the now famous quote "Education, education, education!" After
eighteen years of Tory education cuts, this must have been music to
the ears of teachers who had seen their workload increase as they pay

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Iraq's cultural heritage in ruins

16-06-2007 19:59

Iraq's archaeological and artistic culture is in danger of being wiped out due to a lack of protection and targeted assassinations, a group of archaeologists and artists have told Al Jazeera.
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