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UK Education Newswire Archive

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J30 - Medway education against strike action

16-06-2011 22:50

Medway Adult Learning's position on the strikes

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It’s No Walk In The Park For Benny Morris In London

16-06-2011 06:55

On Tuesday evening, June 14th, Palestinian rights campaigners in London produced a determined and visible show of opposition when Israeli historian Benny Morris came to the London School of Economics to expound his repugnant views of Arabs and his whitewashing of the Nakba.

An Opportunity Presents Itself

Earlier that evening, Palestinian rights campaigners sitting in a coffee shop near the LSE, spotted Benny Morris walking down Kingsway, a major street near Holborn Tube Station. This was too good an opportunity to miss; in a flash, campaigners gathered around him and took turns to put questions directly to Morris about his writings and statements on the necessity of ethnic cleansing, his call for the caging of Palestinians, and the racist overtones of his descriptions of Arabs. Morris ignored the questions and instead marched on. If he was hoping to get away with that he was mistaken. Campaigners simply followed him and continued to put questions to him loudly and asked for him to reply. This carried on for about 200 yards and created a spectacle for the public. Morris then bolted into the LSE building along with his rather confused and bewildered minders. Morris had muttered ‘right’ a couple of times and that was the sum total of his engagement; his demeanour throughout had been more like a criminal trying to hide from the spotlight rather than an academic confident of his ground and willing to take up the invite of open debate.

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Fear of Freedom:collectivist bill of rights reducing NZers to dependency.

14-06-2011 19:45

Australia could be landed with a dependent NZ if we become part of Australia. In my view, we will be like 'an anchor their your neck'. Our collectivist bill of rights, Australia is also seriously considering a bill of rights, is reducing the population to a state of dependency. I consider, if we join with Australia it should be a matter of mutual choice and not out of our desperation by our being reduced to 'third world status' and the 'begging bowl'. But I do think God is defending New Zealand so the people can have a choice.

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Grassroots journalism - National tour kicks off in Liverpool

14-06-2011 08:37

"The revolution is Online! Citizen TV from Arab Spring to UKUncut" at The Pilgrim 34 Pilgrim Street, Liverpool L19HB at 8pm.

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Peaceful protestors arrested. Cut the TSG!

14-06-2011 07:58

"Don't blog when angry" is probably first in a list of bloggers' ten commandments, hidden away in some geek tome somewhere. If so, I hereby break it.

I am livid, for one very simple reason: I have just watched four peaceful protestors be violently arrested by the Metropolitan Police. Countless others I watched get pushed, shoved, and punched. Subsequently another was arrested at a demo outside Holborn Police Station against the initial arrests. Several vans of TSG were deployed to this, again entirely peaceful, in front of a fortified police station to which a couple of dozen students and academics could pose no meaningful threat. A dog section was present, both at SOAS and outside the Police Station.

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Open letter: Grave concerns over NCAFC 5 June conference

08-06-2011 17:47

We have grave concerns about the recent Ncafc conference – both how it was organised and the outcome of the conference, which imposed a new set of structures that undermine the unity and inclusivity of the national organisation.

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NCAFC “reinvigoration meeting”: why we didn’t stand for the committee

08-06-2011 15:23

Many student activists will be wondering why we did not stand for, or vote, in the elections for a steering committee at the recent “reinvigoration” meeting of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts on 5 June. Here's why

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Local NGO People and Planet publish Green League

07-06-2011 12:09

The People & Planet Green League 2011 was published today exclusively in The Guardian newspaper, but is now available for all non-Guardian readers to see online. Their league table is the UK’s only comprehensive and independent ranking of universities’ environmental and ethical performance.

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ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) and the Bilderberg Conference

05-06-2011 05:13

Since the ARK charity's fundraiser is on June 9th (Ark has global influence), which will be Prince William's and Kate Middleton's first official engagement since their wedding (receiving global publicity) and the Bilderber Conference also commences on June 9th (and getting marketed by the main stream media), is it the case that the Bildergerber Conference is a distraction from what is going on with ARK?

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BarnCamp: Tech activism gathering next weekend.

03-06-2011 16:23

Brought to you by HacktionLab, BarnCamp 2011 will be three days of workshops on topics ranging from renewable energy to foraging for food to citizen journalism to using free software for activism, up to four nights of camping, open space sessions, evening entertainment, great food on a beautiful farm co-op high in the Wye Valley.

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Private Intelligence Networks Controlling our Schools

02-06-2011 20:27

Private Intelligence Networks Controlling our Schools: Below are three examples of direct influence or control which private intelligence has in our schools.

1) EIM Group
2) Hakluyt
3) Aecom

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KCL law student withdraws from conference in illegal West Bank settlement

31-05-2011 21:59

One of the two graduate students in the law department of King's College London who had planned to collude in an illegal act of Iraeli settlement on occupied Palestinian territory, says that he has not participated as planned.

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New School Curriculum is 'Anthropometry' (eugenics) now active in schools.

29-05-2011 12:38

The 'Opening Minds' school curriculum is eugenics, (anthropometry) devised by the Royal Society of the Arts, and now in schools in the UK, and elsewhere.

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Manchester students chase arms company off campus

29-05-2011 10:12

A presentation by arms manufacturer BAE Systems at the University of Manchester was abandoned last week following protests by staff and students angry at the company’s presence on campus.

Representatives of BAE were invited by the Mathematics Department to take part in an “industrial maths workshop” , intended to provide students with “experience in engaging with industry”. An email sent around the department also noted that another intention of the day was for the arms dealer “to fund a (sic) MSc project in which the supervisor will receive £500 to his/he r research budget”.

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KCL law students to collude in breaking international law

26-05-2011 02:35

Two graduate students in the law department of King's College, London, are planning to collude in an illegal act of Iraeli settlement on occupied Palestinian territory

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Report from Oxford Radical Forum 2011

25-05-2011 16:47

Wadham College
Oxford’s ivory tower may not often feel the tremors of a thousand students pushing through police lines to protest Vince Cable‘s (non) appearance at the Exam Schools in collusion with the marketisation of higher education in Britain. However, some students at Wadham College have, this past week, renewed a tradition (alive since 2008) of bringing radical ideas into the heart of the ‘dreaming spires’, with the aim of reviving that momentum experienced in the winter of 2010 against the cuts and the Tories’ wider programme of austerity and neoliberal reform.

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Confronting Condolezza Rice as a war criminal at Stanford University

20-05-2011 18:44

A brave woman stands up to a war criminal while American sheeple try to shout her down. This must happen every time someone from the Bush administration, and now the Obama administration is speaking in public! Stand up and walk the opposite way of the sheeple around you!

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BOBBY ROBERTS HEADS TO GOSFORTH (not if we can help it )

20-05-2011 15:05

bobby roberts and his sick show has been attracting protests all over the place
in whitburn bobby was demo'd loudley
in blaydon he was demo'd loudly and made the papers and tv
today bobby announces his next venue Gosforth race course

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The Animal Rights Zone Tom Regan Week.

16-05-2011 12:11

A week-long series of events have been organised (16 May - 21 May) to mark The ARZone Tom Regan Week, including the release of rare and exclusive questions and answers with the scholar/activist, a full transcript, and an ARZone member’s “workshop.”

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Liverpool school strikes over academy plans

15-05-2011 19:44

A Liverpool school was shut down by strikes yesterday over plans to turn it into an academy.
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