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UK Education Newswire Archive

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New Women's Publication to Be Launched

17-04-2006 09:23

The University of Nottingham Women's Campaign is searching for contributors to a new campus publication this term.

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Crest Nicholson Evicted Houseboat Family Good Friday Open Letter of Appeal

14-04-2006 14:45

So it 'comes to pass' that people change places and the companies change owners and names, but the fruits of their work continues. The Shalom Family evicted by Crest from their own Home, issues a second, Good Friday Open Appeal, to Crest Nicholson Directors. It's reproduced here.

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Multi-Skill Workshop

11-04-2006 15:03

Learning life time siklls can have many benefits and reward in communities, fundraising events, or for one's self confidence or rehabiltation. We will demonstrate different styles and tecniques using basic skills and simple tools. Oor aim is that each student will gain confidence and creativity during their time spent with us, and leave with a piece of hand-made jewellery.

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1 million people to donate 2p

11-04-2006 14:19

Educate for Life 2p pledge
Two university students who started a charity to build schools in neglected corners of the world are trying to get 1 million people to send in 2 p each.

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May Day Minus One

04-04-2006 22:34

Social gathering at Sumac Centre, with informal stalls, light entertainment and food by Veggies from 4pm.
(Sumac Cafe also open 11am - 3pm).

Films and live music from 7pm, with Sumac bar open until 10.30.

Info & stalls invited on the theme of action on climate change, as well as ranging associated issues for peace, cooperation and social justice.

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Closure of Clapham Pool

04-04-2006 14:54

Please help to fight closure of our swimming pool!

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Boomchucka circus and Arna's children in the West bank

02-04-2006 20:57

Boomchucka circus *aka circus2iraq* have just finished their tour of the west bank and occupied territories.

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Who Really Runs Leeds? Event

01-04-2006 20:56

A half day workshop for those interested in being part of a collaborative research project. Organised by the Urban Cultures and Consumption Research Group, School of Geography, University of Leeds, with The Common Place Social Centre.

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France: Almost 3 Million Take to Streets To Oppose CPE - Quick Report

29-03-2006 13:50

demo map - france 28th march 06
On Tuesday 28th March campaigners against the CPE employment contract in France claimed that nearly three million people joined in strikes and hundreds of demonstrations across the country.

Transport infrastructure including airports were also hit as were banks, schools and colleges, while all newspapers went unprinted for the day.

This was just the latest massive show of force in a month long student led campaign which has seen regular protests, occupations and direct action spreading across the country.

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Several satirical graphics relating to current protests in France

28-03-2006 16:59

Subvert of Thierry Henry car commercial
These graphics, produced by the SchNEWS lateral thinking department, are copyleft - free to use for not-for-profit purposes (like everything else on Indymedia).

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Oppose Savage Cuts in Adult Education Funding!

28-03-2006 16:08

Adult Education, in all it's forms, is the engine of Regeneration and Culture. Rather than agreeing with the Government cuts by remaining silent, we must all strive to preserve it and promote wider participation.

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40,000+ Students protest in Paris + More: Tues 21 March CPE Roundup

22-03-2006 09:41

Tuesday March 21st: summary of the days events from libcom below.

This thursday is also another student day of action ahead of next week's general strike.

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First Aid Training at Matilda, Sheffield 1/04

21-03-2006 12:34

The UK Action Medics will be running a one-day training on Saturday the 1st April at Matilda Social Centre, Sheffield.

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Sainsbury's discrimination against law abiding teenagers

20-03-2006 22:26

Sainsbury’s store in Oswestry, Shropshire, UK has taken the decision to put a blanket ban on all children wearing The Marches School uniform.

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When Corporations Come to Campus - george fox 6 in international conference

20-03-2006 15:00

When Corporations Come to Campus:
Can Academic Freedom Survive in a Corporate World?

Wednesday 22nd March, 5.30-8.30pm
Institute for Advanced Studies, Lancaster University or on web:

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2nd Renaissance -17

20-03-2006 00:46

Knowledge that is wrong
Education systems in free cities and regions must be very different to those of nation states. It is not just the methods of encouraging learning that will distinguish education in free cities from that of nation states, but the truth that the knowledge is rooted in. There is no point in swotting to pass examinations in subject knowledge that is wrong. Yet, that is exactly what young people in state education systems are doing. Neither they, or their parents, or their teachers realise this fact, but it remains the case.

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Tony Blair Too Afraid to Come to Brum

18-03-2006 23:17

About 100 protesters gathered in front of Mathew Boulton College on 16 March, 2006, to give Tony Blair a warm welcome. The Prime Minister was meant to visit the recently built College in Birmingham for its official opening. The visit, however, was cancelled at the last minute and the PM did not show up, presumably to avoid the embarrassment he had experienced at Nottingham University earlier this year. Or perhaps he was too shy to appear in public after the embarrassing education vote earlier this week. Apart from the college's few security guards, there was very little police presence: only one van!

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Rioting Breaks Out in France After CPE Demos (Paris)

18-03-2006 21:34

There was some trouble in Paris but so far isolated. At Le Place de la Nation police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of youths who fought with police. The clashes lasted for around two hours. Around 14 arrests reported. 12 protestors and 4 police injured. Later reports speak of 50+ arrests though this is unclear if it's Paris or a national total for today.

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Over One Million on Streets Protesting Against CPE In France!

18-03-2006 17:23

First major estimate's of today's massive french protests put the figure above one million. Le Figaro is reporting that unions believe well over a million are now demonstrating against the CPE labour reform on the streets of France.

The Agency France Presses is now quoting organisers as giving a figure of 1,145,000 people...
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