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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Meeting to discuss NUS democracy and way forward for the student left - Sunday

05-12-2007 20:23

A meeting open to all left student activists to discuss the way forward.

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Sussex students visit Occupied Paris Universities

04-12-2007 15:44

On Sunday 25th November, four Sussex University students travelled south to Paris to meet with the University students in Paris and to express their solidarity with those students occupying their Universities in the fight against the CPE laws and the threat of privatisation of their University education.

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Young People and the Media

04-12-2007 10:23

Britain’s youth is often dismissed as delinquent, riding roughshod over local communities, vandalising and victimising to its heart’s content. But by providing the opportunity to make their voices heard in the local community, Halton Access to Media (HAM) and its reACT media course is empowering them to become confident, articulate and productive individuals.

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Appeal for left unity in the NUS

03-12-2007 14:10

Left activists in the student movement have launched this appeal for a united left challenge to the National Union of Students leadership at next year's NUS conference. Please circulate, particularly to members of SWSS/Student Respect!

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The Student Climate Project prepares for summer tour of action ’08!

03-12-2007 10:57

The Student Climate Project’s Launch Gathering leads to exciting plans for action.

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School children are being fingerprinted without parental knowledge!

02-12-2007 21:30

Kiddy printing is an immoral invasion of privacy!
Many parents aren't even aware that their children have been fingerprinted at school. Some find out by chance, sometimes years later. If you're a parent, we strongly recommend you ask your children if it's happened to them. You may be shocked by what you discover.

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North West Vegan Festival - all welcome

02-12-2007 15:11

Sat 26th January 2008 10am-6pm, Sachas Hotel, Tib St, just off Piccadilly Gardens. A free event with loads of free info and food samples available, aimed at everyone who is exploring the vegan lifestyle as a positive way to reduce their environmental impact.

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Porkbolter exposes school plans

02-12-2007 11:48

THE LATEST issue of The Porkbolter has launched the Worthing newsletter into its second decade of south coast dirt-digging and rabble-rousing.

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Netherlands: VIDEO - kids try to free detained pupil; police violence.

30-11-2007 10:35

Netherlands. Watch this video and see whats going on in Netherlands since pupils from all over the country are on strike and protest against a new governments´ law on education. Police acts brutal against the kids. More information on:

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Netherlands: All high-schools on strike! Riots cops against pupils.

29-11-2007 22:36

The past few days have been exiting in the Netyerlands because suddenly the pupils of almost all (high)schools in the Netherlands walked out into the streets and started to create a big mess.

In Amsterdam riotcops on horses chased 13-year old kids over the Museumplein and applied the watercanon on them. 250 kids were arrested (in the whole of Holland). At many places small riots broke out, kids pelted buildings with egs and stones. One of the buildings attacked was that of the main media centre in Hilversum and that of the parliament in The Hague.

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Amazing high-school revolt in Holland

29-11-2007 15:55

Suddenly the tranquility of the Dutch polder is being disrupted because highschoolkids collectively decided to stop staying in their schools. They go into the streets and create mayhem...

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France: university strikes and occupations against the LRU continue

29-11-2007 03:22

Students across France have been voting on the next step in the ongoing struggle against the so-called reforms of the LRU law.

November 28th, 2007 by jef costello
Reposted from

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Student Climate Project Launch this weekend

27-11-2007 17:43

This weekend (the 30th November to the 2nd December) sees the launch of The Student Climate Project, whose aim is to bring together existing student activists from across the UK to find ways to build a mass student anti-climate change movement.

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News of the strike movements in Grenoble

24-11-2007 16:10

Riot Police block students, Grenoble
Renewed blocking at the occupied Stendhal university. The next AGs will be: Monday 26 for the personnel of the university, Wednesday 28 for the coeds. Every evening at 18h, Agora: the committee of mobilization.

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LSE Hypocrisy Continues Over Palestinian Right to Education

23-11-2007 19:16

The London School of Economics has backtracked on promises to students after a long-awaited meeting with Director Howard Davies, by refusing to publish a statement which acknowledged the Palestinian Right to Education. Despite explicit protests from students that he should not be in attendance, controversial LSE Council Chair, Lord Grabiner of Aldwych, insisted on being present at the meeting and stifled debate over the crucial issue.

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Fluoride Toxicity:

23-11-2007 11:31

Toxic Fluoride! Read aboutHexafluorosilicic Acid on the NPWA website.
Please read the article:

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Riot police attack the blockades at Nanterre University

21-11-2007 19:36

An account from one of those at the blockades, with a few minor edits and additions for clarity.

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Blackbird & The Blackhole

15-11-2007 14:56

During the Northern Rock bank run, the press were blamed by banking executives for scaring depositors. Since then public criticism has been scant, despite the massive taxpayer bail-out of 'Blackbird' ( the Rocks codename) -a patient that remains catatonic. Meanwhile, the broader 'subprime lending crisis' is likely to be exposed soon as the response to global mortgage fraud.

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Protest: UK Deports 14-Year-Old Kurdish Girl Via Germany

15-11-2007 10:23

Video Meltem Avcil Banner
Today, Thursday 15 November the UK government will deport Meltem Avcil, a Kurdish refugee who will turn 14-years-old on 21 November.

A protest was called yesterday by SOAS Detainee Support Group outside the German Embassy to call on German government to refuse entry to Meltem.

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France: updates on student strikes

13-11-2007 11:17

Updates and reports from AG, blockades and strikes across France.
This update is not comprehensive but it has most of the available information, additionally some universities are still on holiday and therefore no action can take place.
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